Told You So

A week ago.

Since then, killing of a WWII veteran and an Australian athlete. (Note: Rightwing radio is calling the former Obama’s new scandal).

What did they have in common? Half looks like “revenge” for Trayvon Martin.

Also, some people talking about preparing for a race war.

These absolutely are black ops involving NLWs. Voice-to-skull. Read again about the Russian version and tell me how you know that that isn’t what it is. Prove me wrong. You can’t. You can’t because waves don’t leave evidence and the subliminal suggestions may have come hours, days, before the incident.

Exists, has existed since the 70s, likely field operational in the early 80s. And yet not a goddam peep about it today anywhere.

None of this stuff is regulated (except in Michigan and Massachusetts, under state law. We’re talking federal government. Think they care about state laws anyway?)

This is apparently all the FBI is good for (and “dysfunctional informant program”; I’ll say). (See also Defense Electronics, July 1993 again. Especially the quote in the end note #4 from Wicked Game chapter 19).

See also MKULTRA subprojects 123 & 124, both listed as “African Attitudes Study.”

At least Hayden didn’t disappoint. He went straight for Obama as promised.


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