Google and the S-Bag

(Who’s got the fan?)

This is pretty incredible:

Google employees were doing things overseas that CIA could not. It got ugly. By Julian Assange.

I ran across a blogger a couple of years ago who was tracking Google employee deaths. Besides that (what I perceived as) my ex’s near suicidal episode in January of 2010, he later told me about a boating accident death in New York and a man who was knifed to death in San Francisco just after interviewing. He didn’t think anything of it, of course, other than bad luck, but it stuck in my mind. That would have been later in ’10, I think.

Is that how CIA and DoD maintain discipline among contractors who know about the surveillance abuse and worse? Looks like it to me. Doesn’t surprise me at all. Fits with my Booz Allen experiences snugly.

If the glove doth fit, you must admit.


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