Michael Hastings’ Autopsy

First, a reminder that Hastings was the reporter whose story forced some officers to resign after it was revealed just how much they disliked and disrespected leaders in Washington.

He crashed his car into a tree and died. Someone happened to capture the resulting explosion on video. A so-called reporter has been running around spouting stories that sound like they came off of Mannix reruns (with the exception of hacking the car’s computer). The old, tired, 20th century ways of assassination that are no longer viable except for really stupid people who want to get caught.

Below is what my experiences say is possible.

The actual report is here.

Page 1:


Page 2:

“Upon inquiry, [redacted] believed decedent was currently using DMT (hallucinogenic)…”

Explaining where page 1 got the information, from a friend or family member.

Page 15:

“Outside Test * ND”

Page 16 (explaining that from 15):

“* Dimethyltriptamine (DMT)”

“Legend: … ND Not Detected”

None detected. And yet they thought he was having hallucinations.

Page 17, the outside report, has two things to note. First, there was a small level of DMT. However, the body produces it naturally (it’s a neurotransmitter) and they believe he had herbal tea hours earlier as the source.

The second thing, there are other substances that can interfere with the test.

However, assuming that page 17 was accurate and no interfering chemicals…

Why might the brother(s) think he’d been taking hallucinogens?

There’s that EMFs have been known to cause people to see ghosts and space aliens (like DMT does when ingested in sufficient quantities according to its Wikipedia entry, also strange sexual experiences, which makes it sound a lot like December 2009 to me…).

But then there is this patent by SONY when you need a specific hallucination. It projects sensory data right into the brain wirelessly. It was in fact the inspiration for this short story from my Minneapolis days. As you can see, even though it is potentially a “nonlethal” weapon, it has some serious potential offensive capabilities. Driving, flying are two places you don’t want to have ultrasound induced hallucinations.

And in case it’s still not clear, see the Washington Post article link at right under Tech & Psych Articles, “When Seeing (and Hearing) Isn’t Believing”. The applications are enormous.

The problem is, we don’t know what Michael Hastings reported, told his family he was seeing that brought his brothers over to CA from NY. If it’s the former kind of thing, it might be EMFs. If specific, and different, it might be ultrasound.

I’ve been ignoring my single suspected ultrasound experience (it belonged in Wicked Game chronologically the same day as the doctor’s appointment and extreme noise except earlier in the day, 4am or so) because, well, I didn’t think folks would believe it. There are references to it here on the blog though.

Saw two clouds in the sky over that building where I had that night terror about the devil living there just after moving in. One was a shark leaping back into the water. The other was a mushroom cloud. They looked CGI-like, kind of phony. They were not “if you turn your head this way” clouds either, they were what you’d expect in a Hollywood movie except the coloring was bad and it was noticeably computer graphics. I decided then that they had dosed me with LSD.

But later I wondered why I saw clouds instead of an actual shark and a “real” mushroom cloud. And why the bad color? And why no sound?

That device or one like it. That patent is years old and based on even older ones.

(Note: I’ve never tried any mood/mind-altering drugs other than marijuana and that only twice since the 80s. I’ve nothing to compare any of this to.)


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