Trump and the Truth

Telegraph – Trump Sued by NY AG

Don’t really find any of that surprising. In many ways, Trump is indicative of what was wrong with old style conservatism and what’s wrong with modern day elites across the spectrum.

First, his (as far as I can tell) only real money making projects involve running as front and face man for the Chinese government. They currently own a great deal of Manhattan property (not necessarily a bad thing, they must believe in a future recovery). But it shows that it’s his reputation (ultimately based on his father’s before him) that most of what he does is based on. Can a viable economic model be based on that alone?

As for construction contractors and consultants, he was notorious for being slow to pay if at all and coming into meetings and arbitrarily choosing one to berate in front of the others. The smart consultants got out or steered clear to begin with.

Trump University sounds like a low-budget, “live action,” expansion/spin-off of The Apprentice that he slapped his name on and again hoped that reputation would keep it afloat. That it got, according to his attorney, 98% positive surveys from former students is not surprising since the perception is that he could blackball or make them after they left.

He is or was an old-fashioned NY conservative, though, so I rarely had issues with his social policy comments until he got it into his head that he needed to court the Tea Party hate. Don’t know if he’s still doing that or not.

It is interesting how people like this tend to contribute to both of the front runners in a race. I don’t know if they expect immunity and favors or just to be able to say things like “this is political” should they get caught scammin’.

That’s it. Funny how the perception from being on one’s own TV show differs from reality, isn’t it? Well covered Bones and 24 yesterday. Same principle.


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