Notes on Sinking Towards the Bottom

It’s been one of those days. Good for fiction writing (first two chapters of Inthrallis are up), not so good for the nonfiction.

Was thinking about how really, really simple it would be to move us away from dytopia. It would not put us at utopia, mind you, but might seem a more familiar place and there might be less nastiness.

This thought in turn lead to why it is that, at the very least, those two articles on acoustic psycho-correction don’t seem to have any significant follow-up. The answer is obvious, they wanted to study it.

Now, of course, it’s about using that tech and similar ones (plus the more mundane tricks of the deception trade) to shape, alter the way a few powerful groups want it.

Which is kind of the point. A lot of this could be halted by those who know it is indeed being used as I’ve suggested. They could expose it, force legislation, talk about it for years, it’d be a self-generating news topic that would never get tired.

But that doesn’t and very likely won’t happen. Why?

The image is that of a pirate hanging on to a bag of gold. Refusing to let go, he sinks. He drowns. His belief that that bag is all he needs and not air is like trying to figure out why CEOs (who also eat and enjoy fish) lobby for being able to dump more mercury ppb in lakes and rivers.

There is a delusion and a selfishness working together there towards their own doom.

So it is that fools think hiding V2K is wise.


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