Wicked Game Note – 21st Century Bookburning

The Minneapolis author whom I wrote in Wicked Game had a similar experience in a bar (“chance” meeting with book promotion types, weird experience there with some mysterious fellow who made introductions) has just had one of his books in a trilogy (over the top parody, MiBs, space aliens, UFOs, etc.) put to audio as Peter Watts’ Blindsight had been done by a former actor acquaintance of mine from the Ford Foundation-backed New Jersey Shakespeare Festival. (Author Terry Faust).

In Terry’s case it’s a retired US Army Captain (Vietnam) turned Silicon Valley salesman, and now voiceover actor and producer. (Mike Vendetti).

Are CIA/DoD promoting work that tends to push supernatural- and space alien-related narratives? As possible disinfo, cover for things like population reduction (their answer to climate change) via perpetual war, etc. and to throw targets of PSYOPs another phony trail to follow?

The current glut of really, really bad ghost and alien shows on “educational” TV would seem to support this idea. MOCKINGBIRD as carrier of disinfo. This is of course why so many politicians support fancy-free spending on intel, security and defense but not education: an ignorant electorate is a pliable one.

Goodbye, American pie. Hello, fascism.

PS: A beer for anyone who can guess the significance of Merlin’s Rest beyond this.


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