SOCom, DIA Spied on American Citizens

Tampa Bay Times, “Analyst says he was asked by special ops HQ to collect intel on U.S. citizen“, William R. Levesque, August 27, 2013:

A former government intelligence analyst says U.S. Special Operations Command collected intelligence on American citizens without providing required legal authorization and retaliated against him after he raised concerns.

The singular and plural interchange was because this guy refused the first and last request he got in January of 2009 (hm…after the garbage theft but just before the pre-Squidgate events…nah! Can’t be therefore it isn’t) but was aware that it was common practice around the office to provide the military brass with this information without legal authorization.

The hilarity stems from the denial from DoD that it happened at all coupled with recommendations that were implemented that specialists be retrained on the law and legal process.

Note that this might fall under the May 17, 2012 DoD Info Memo for a “Civil Liberties Officer” now, who has essentially replaced the Inspector General on cases involving civil liberties. The CLO reports into the normal chain of command. This without any act of Congress (or even a Presidential Directive) that I am aware of.

Vermont Law School professor Stephen Dycus, an expert on national security law, said if Stroncheck’s allegations are true they raise troubling questions.

“I think it’s very disturbing not only because an agent of the government is being tasked to do something like this, but also and maybe especially because it is military that is doing it,” Dycus said.

It is…oh, silly me…was illegal for this to happen at all prior to whenever it was that the law became a fiction. This is akin to the military occupying areas of the US. It’s a no-no.

Oh, there I go again thinking of how things used to be. We are occupied now.


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