The Science of Stacking

More of a brain-storming exercise by way of using simpler to imagine scenarios to attempt to explain throufh-the-wall use of energy, waves, to create or emulate the microwave hearing effect.

Part One – The Shooter’s Dilemma

Imagine you are a sniper. You need to hit a particular target. The problem: the target never goes outside and is only partially accessible during lunch when he opens the bulletproof shutters to his villa. Partially, because he does not open the window which is made of bulletproof glass.

That last part is not really a problem for you because you have a gun capable of firing rounds that can penetrate bulletproof glass. The problem there, those bullets are not also good for one-shot kills and as soon as the glass is broken, the shutters automatically slam down.

You have tested using a partner but have found that there’s no reliable way to make certain that you fire in succession, the correct order, and at the same time so close together that you can be certain of success.

No matter. You solve the problem. You create a new weapon that fires a special round that emulates what two humans cannot reliably do together. The tool, the weapon, solves your dilemma.

Part Two – Passing Through Matter

As you likely already know, water, for.example, bends light. When you look into a pool at particular angles, objects may seem closer, further, or distorted from where they actually are and how they appear out of the water.

Now let’s alter those two things and throw in RADAR as the general locator of our target:

LA Times, ” NASA uses radar to find human heartbeats in collapsed buildings”, Amina Khan, September 25, 2013:,0,1598085.story

Instead of bulletproof glass, we’re going to be shooting through drywall. We already know the general location of our target because we have a layout of the space in 3D CAD and our nifty RADAR motion detector that tells us where his heart is.

Passing through the drywall may require altering the frequency (similar to how light distorts passing through water) so that the desired frequency is what comes out of the other side of the wall. We don’t care what it is coming out of our voice-to-skull device, so long as it is the correct one once it passes through the medium. Passing through concrete may require some other initial frequency to get the same effect. Passing through both, yet another. Obviously we aren’t actually blowing a hole in the wall, merely passing through it as waves do.

It should also be noted, depending on what exactly we are trying to accomplish, that human beings at least partially hear through their skin:

BBC, “Humans ‘hear’ through their skin”, November 26, 2009:

Since this is so, we may not even need to aim for the head. The heart will do nicely. Thanks again to that RADAR motion detector.

If we do need to aim for the head, then maybe we have a “shotgun” V2K device that hits all the best guesses based on what the motion detector can tell us about the target’s physical orientation.

Now comes what is perhaps a more difficult concept. Because our desired frequency may be, like the bulletproof glass round, not what we desire for actually making the target hear voices or receive a subliminal audio message, we may need to emulate or piggyback that lower frequency on top of the one that penetrates the wall.

Think of it this way:

. is a wall penetrating wave
| is a wave that gets the results we want

It’s mostly a matter of math:

Global Research, “Crimes of the Surveillance State: A Victim’s Story
How a brilliant Vermont mathematician became an early target of government harassment”, Greg Guma, September 12, 2013:

Getting the “tinier” wave to become the bigger one. In fact, quantum mechanics in recent years explained the losses of some freighter ships and reports of (Newtonian) “impossibly” large waves. The reason? The Newtonian model didn’t take into account the “stacking” effect of three waves converging to emulate one larger one. The quantum model did.

So by firing off multiple little …., ….., …., in the right order with the math behind it might be able to emulate ||||.

Those are just some thoughts on one of the hurdles towards belief that these weapons are operational: how did they overcome the barrier problem? Of course, it could be that I don’t really understand much of what I just wrote.

You figure it out. 😉

Thank You (Updated)


First, I want to thank you wholeheartedly for your article at Wired, “Conspiracy Theories Abound After Navy Yard Shooting”, September 20, 2013:

The fact that there is any attention at all and any serious look at the possibility of there being more to the Navy Yard shooting than we have been told, is a very welcome thing in my eyes.

I lean (truly an understatement) toward it being the use of psychological operations and harassment coupled with the use of voice-to-skull or similar technology. There are several reasons for this.

First, I am a targeted individual. You can read the first portion of my story over here. It’s only the beginning and is in draft form. One story that you will not see there because I haven’t reached it yet chronologically is how, while I was walking in Minneapolis to go to a pawn shop to sell some belongings in order to be able to eat, I heard, I believe via voice-to-skull, “Wouldn’t it be fun to go learn to shoot?” as I was passing a large shooting range. I did not (and by the way, do not own a gun).

Second, due to getting “slammed” so hard by which ever entities were and are involved in various ways, I discovered that there was a great deal more to MKULTRA. MKULTRA was the referred to by the US Senate as “CIA’s Program of Research in Behavioral Modification” on the cover of their report. Wondering what was going on with me, I started doing research.

What I had recalled before that research about MKUKTRA was watching 60 Minutes as a young person and asking my dad what it was they were talking about. “The CIA gave LSD to some prostitutes and johns,” was his reply.

This was, of course, referring to George Hunter White (who also worked for FBI and a precursor to DEA) slipping people LSD at safe houses. This is one of the few pieces we actually know some significant history about.

When the project started receiving press or getting close to it, the Director of CIA ordered all associated documents destroyed. We don’t know the extent of what was done due to that. We have hints from some of the surviving documents. Some appear at the top of this page. We know CIA (and the Department of Defense was involved to some extent, on and off, a fact that got largely ignored during the Senate hearings) studied, for example, “African attitudes.” Clearly, there was some xenophobia somewhere, and they did that for a reason.

Much of the research was related to interrogation. Could they create a truth serum?

But there was also the fear that the Russians, Koreans, and/or the Chinese had created so-called Manchurian candidates. As seems to have been the case, they basically used the same old physical methods that everyone knew worked: sleep deprivation, torture, programming, etc. They did not have a “magic potion” to make people do what was desired nor make forgetful assassins, spies, and couriers.

There is of course a lot more to this history. I’m skipping much of that in favor of responding to your last paragraph about the odds being in favor of mental illness and keeping this brief.

First, those two things, mental illness and hearing voices via a microwave device, are not mutually exclusive, are they? In fact, if someone is already hearing voices due to schizophrenia, it seems to me that they might be more responsive to hearing voices via some device than someone who does not.

Side issue, also note that V2K has a subliminal mode, that it can cause the unconscious to hear a message and the conscious mind be completely unaware of it. Yes. This is the scary part, the part which may be used on anyone at any time without their knowledge. The only way to know is if the users of the device make a mistake (the message becomes audible or gives itself away via a tingling or other sensation) or to know yourself well enough to recognize the foreign thought.

That being said, that schizophrenics may actually be easier to manipulate using voices projected via the Frey effect, the fact is that the vast majority of people suffering from real mental illness are not violent. One thing that may well get out of control from fallout over this and similar stories is the fact that most of the time people get their peception of reality from entertainment, whether that’s mainstream packaged news or movies and crime shows about serial killers. These shows sensationalize and cherrypick in order to be entertaining. It’s like movies about Wall Street focusing on the partying and deals, not the nitty-gritty economics which would bore the average viewer. There’s a chance of a dangerous backlash against people suffering from schizophrenia or other mental illnesses out of ignorance and fear.

Next, let’s take a look at who some of the targeted individuals are. Julianne McKinney: former military intelligence. Derrick Robinson: former NSA. Lynnae Williams: former CIA and DIA. And sort of Russell Tice: former NSA (he was accused of being mentally unstable, not actually claiming to be otherwise targeted) and Dakota Meyer: former marine who won the Congressional Medal of Honor, but criticized weapons manufacturer BAE Systems; the Pentagon then said to a prospective employer that he was a mentally unstable alcoholic, spread stories via McClatchy news service that he was undeserving of his medal, and thus prevented him from working in the defense sector.

Then there’s Mark from NSA subcontractor Technodyne. I met him personally in Minneapolis and heard his story. He reported some billing discrepancies to his superiors and later lost his job and became a target. They ruined his life and that of one of the company’s partners. He eventually brought evidence to the Washington Post, but the editors decided not to run it at the last minute.

These people are not traitors. If anything, it’s the fact that they have scruples that landed them in hot water with a corrupt kleptocracy.

Moving back a bit in history, you also have Martha Mitchell at the heart of Watergate, where White House officials had her committed. More recently overseas, a similar situation called the “Mollath Affair” in Germany over a banking scandal.

One surviving piece of MKULTRA, the 1955 draft memo also at top (5-5-55). See items 1 and 5, making someone appear mentally ill and faking known diseases, respectively.

That should change the scale a little.

Next, you have the psychological profile of these entities. You can read Thomas Drake’s descriptions of what happened at work to him and others and about how greed ruled the day at NSA. You likely already know about the plethora of lies given with regards to NSA spying on Americans (and maybe you also know that started before 9/11 under other program names).

But it gets worse than that.

Both the US Navy and the CIA dosed detainees at Guantanamo Bay with five times the recommended dose of an anti-malarial drug called mefloquine. The drug is known to cause schizophrenic like symptoms.

Next, related to that, you have torture. The only reason I can see for dosing those people that way (apart from possible kickbacks from the providers of the drugs) is to make the prisoners so crazy that they will confess to anything. That, in turn, allows you to go to Congress with (faulty) intelligence and get funding. Probably you can get anything you ask for if the false confession is scary enough.

You can also find the story of a former British ambassador who describes the torture that CIA engaged in (sometimes just standing by while others did it) that included things like having a man watch his wife being raped with a broken bottle or watching his children be tortured. If that doesn’t get people to see that something is very, very wrong, what will?

And yet John Kiriakou is in prison for talking about torture, not those who engaged in the worst of it for what must likewise be false confessions. Torture does not get the truth. Torture gets the target of it to say whatever makes the pain stop. This is why it is so popular among despots: they could get their victims to admit to being foreign spies or whatever, to distract their own people from the given country’s internal problems.

We also built a gigantic private intelligence sector in 2004 and 2005 likely too large to deal with the problem and certainly too large for meaningful oversight by Congress. The Washington Post called it, “Top Secret America” in their expose. Some members of that group have taken to targeting journalists (by the way, first hand witness of that for Jeremy Scahill), such as Palantir, owned by Ron Paul’s biggest backer in the last election, targeting Glen Greenwald and his family. Then you have other members of “Team Themis” targeting peaceful protesters, and people that companies like Dow Chemical were afraid might sue them. There was also Blackwater working for Monsanto against protesters. This is complete collusion between private corporations and entities within the US government against US and other citizens who pose no threat whatsoever to national security.

And yet journalist Barrett Brown faces 105 years in prison for exposing that, and Jeremy Hammond faces 10 through a coercive plea deal. Not the executives of these companies who declared war on the American middle class, poor and the Constitution itself.

Next, the FBI stated internally that it was prepared to assassinate leaders of the Occupy movement. WhoWhatWhere, the place where the late investigative reporter Michael Hastings worked, has the supporting documents. These are peaceful protesters (though expect both infiltrating agents provocateur and, again, the use of things like MEDUSA to alter that). Therefore, the only logical conclusion to draw is that the US government has likewise declared war on the American people. How else do you parse that? Murdering people for using their First Amendment rights.

And of course we have the national roll-out of drones. Though there have been haphazard excuses (tracking radiation and some other things) these devices are built for surveillance and killing people. Every US air port must be ready to accommodate them by next year.

And then there are the NDAA prisons. No access to attorneys or the system, no reprieve, just indefinite detention on the say-so of the Department of Defense.

I don’t know how else to say it. We have, as Dick Cheney said he wanted to happen after 9/11, taken a long walk on the dark side.

It didn’t start then, but it certainly got a lot worse after. As I said, there’s more. Nazis brought in after PAPERCLIP to work on these projects out of fear of the former Soviet Union, for example. Chemical and biological weapons research, including a very little explored Japanese program that mirrored the German one except in many ways it’s even more terrifying.

Over-reacting sometimes makes things worse than under-reacting would have.

Aaron Alexis is not the only person turned mass shooter by one of the entities named, in my opinion. Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, for example, seems a likely case. Dr. E. Fuller Torre told the Times that he was “classic schizophrenic.” And yet Torre, who once worked at a hotbed for MKULTRA activity, St. Elizabeth’s in DC, where the Department of Justice had to step in in recent years due to frequent fights between patients there, is also a believer in schizophrenia having a pathologic cause. That is, it is possible to “catch” it or be given it. A strange statement coming from someone who knows so much about the disease.

Lloyd Woodson is another worth taking a look at. New Jersey, January of 2010, I think it was.

But know that most TIs have been targeted for a lot longer than the past few years. They did not become violent, the vast majority of them. They have, however, waited a long time for something to happen, for the truth to come out. Many of them were, as far as I can tell, practice and training targets for the “real” covert ops, most of which have come more recently.

That’s all for now.


BBD – Things Go Weirder with Koch

As I’ve mentioned before, I work part of one day a week at a facility owned by Koch. I started there in February ’13 after beginning a job with primary assignment elsewhere in September of 2012 (which, I discovered months later, had been previously owned by Koch). I was transfered there because the employee who was covering that shift, a young man named Tyrell Kelly, started behaving strangely paranoid and quit his job. He was hired in the same day that I was.

I had planned to wait before posting this or anything like it until after my last day (the 30th of this month). I gave my employer three weeks’ notice on Monday 9 September 2013.

Further, as you’ll see, I’m not happy about doing this at all. In the category of making friends and influencing people, this is about as far “are you f—ing stupid?” as I can imagine. But then I’ve committed myself to standing on principle and, even though this division of a corporation is not a human being, it is owned by human beings and human beings work there. (Really, I didn’t see a single person with horns or lizard skin). Plus, it’s not like there are people knocking my door to down to be pals at this point. (Though there is the hilarious surge of friend requests on Facebook due to a high school reunion this weekend which I am obviously not attending. Maybe I should change my listed profession to “zombie”).

As I noted below, at my primary assignment, there was a fire a little after 5am on September 11. This was after my shift ended at Midnight.

Also, on or about Wednesday the 11th 8th or 9th, at the Koch plant at which I work on Fridays, there was a problem. Though one man said that he and others had seen clogs similar to this one, this was the largest and they had no idea what happened.

Let me explain. They make plastic there. The entire reactor (the size of a room) was filled with solid plastic. It took ten days and I don’t know how much money to unclog it and get it back into operation. They had to bring in cranes at a moment’s notice and pay for them. They had to bring in a team or two of workers and consultants to dig it out. I don’t know what the incidental costs are for being delayed in delivering the product for ten days was. All in all, you’ve got to figure that Koch, at least for now, lost a chunk of change over that.

I suggested that petroleum eating bacteria might be useful to clear it up.

As amusing in some ways something like that might be, after all there were no injuries (they reportedly oppose all kinds of employee benefits and yet this is a union plant located inside the United States, has not been moved to Mexico or China; they are reportedly attempting to create yet another news conglomerate to control the narrative to their own purposes), they will likely simply continue on course and, over time, make their losses back somehow. I recall reading that, for example, Exxon actually made money off of the Valdez oil spill, and suspect that that is the case with most such accidents. Though there are costs on the one side, they anticipate them and hedge against such problems, find ways to turn it around.

Such it is with the powerful elite.

Also, I can hardly complain about the covert ops aimed at me if I don’t also when it happens to someone whose politics I happen to disagree with.

Oh, yeah. I definitely think it was.

Maybe that’s the point. That this cloak and dagger nonsense is a waste of time and energy. That it is unproductive. That it in the end creates more problems than it solves.


All I can say are two things. First, I didn’t have anything to do with it, had no foreknowledge of it (nor the fire at the other site), and don’t know how it was done.

The other thing, well, I’d just as soon not mention because I’m not entirely clear why this is the case…but there was one man there who sure seemed familiar to me. Coincidence maybe. Attempt at a “doppelgänger” PSYOP to discredit maybe. I just don’t know. It was weird, that’s for sure. Confronted with the impossible, my brain just tries to tell me I’m imagining it, can’t be…

I don’t know what else to say. I think I’m operating with a knowledge gap on something here otherwise. Does Koch (or by proxy through a contractor) engage in using V2K to stir up trouble? Certainly, the irrationality of some of the Tea Party over healthcare reform (which we need, rate among the lowest in the developed world and Britain, Canada and the EU haven’t fallen into the Abyss over socialized medicine) certainly seemed bizarre enough to make me think it possible. Was this a warning, revenge, a demonstration?

Why was I there? It’s not like anyone in this equation is doing me any favors that I can see.

I don’t really have much of a bow to tie this all up apart from I don’t like covert ops directed at me. Can understand why others don’t either. Even people I’d just as soon not work for. And next month, I won’t.

Can you do without plastic? Paper? If you can, you are likely someone pretty interesting. However, you are likely also someone treated like a crazy person by a majority of others.

Much like people who mention proven-to-exist technologies like voice-to-skull. 😉


Navy Yard Shooter

ABC, ” Navy Yard Shooter Aaron Alexis Heard Voices, Experienced Paranoia, Police Report Shows”, Colleen Curry, September 17, 2013:

(Note: there is no mobile version of this article, you get forwarded to the main page.)

Alexis called police in Newport, R.I., on Aug. 7 after he switched hotels three times because he heard voices in the walls and ceilings talking to him, trying to keep him awake, and he wanted to file a harassment report, according to police documents.

Alexis told police that he heard voices that he feared were “sending vibrations through his body” and were out to harm him, noting that he had gotten into an argument on a plane to Rhode Island and he was convinced the person he argued with had sent three people to follow him.

Alexis “stated that the individuals are using ‘some sort of microwave machine’ to send vibrations through the ceiling, penetrating his body so he cannot fall asleep,” officers wrote in the police report.

Police questioned Alexis about whether he had any prior mental issues or episodes and any family history of mental illness, but Alexis said he did not. They then notified the Navy police and faxed a copy of the report to the Navy about Alexis’s complaints.

And potentially this one (can’t confirm because it’s behind a subscription wall):

Long Island News 12, “R.I. Police: Navy Yard Gunman Said He Heard Voices”, September 17, 2013:

NEWPORT, R.I. – (AP) — The man who gunned down 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard called police in a Rhode Island city last month to complain that voices were harassing him through a wall at his hotel and that he worried they might harm him. Police said Tuesday they alerted the Navy that day that Aaron Alexis was hearing voices.

According to a police report, two Newport police officers were called to a Marriott in town around 6 a.m. Aug. 7. Alexis told them he was in town as a naval contractor. Newport is the site of Naval Station Newport, the Naval War College and several military contractors.

Alexis, 34, a defense contractor employee, fired inside a building at the Washington naval installation Monday and killed 12, the FBI said. He was killed in a gunbattle with police.

READ MORE: Long Island Top Stories

In Rhode Island, Alexis told the officers he had gotten in an argument while boarding a flight in Virginia, and he believed the person he argued with sent three people to follow him. He said he never saw the people but believed they were using a microwave machine to send vibrations into his body so he could not fall asleep. He said he checked into two hotels previously, one on the Navy base, and could not get away from them. He would not tell officers what the voices were saying. But he also told them he did not have a history of mental illness in his family and had never had any similar episodes, the report said.

“He was concerned for his own safety,” Newport Police Lt. William Fitzgerald said Tuesday.

Later that day, Newport police alerted police at the naval station and sent them a copy of the police report because Alexis said he was a contractor, Fitzgerald said.

“What he was claiming didn’t sound right,” he said. A spokeswoman for the station referred calls to the FBI.

Fitzgerald said Alexis did not call police again, and it was the only contact his department had with him.

This reminds me of the time in Minneapolis in 2010, when walking to a pawn shop to sell my stuff so I could eat, someone used voice-to-skull to say, “Wouldn’t it be fun to learn to shoot?” as I was passing a shooting range. I decided immediately that it would in fact not be fun.

It also reminds me of the many, many times I have been sleep deprived. Too many to recount.

It also reminds me of all the private spook company employees and their agency counterparts I ran across who mercilessly harassed me and can’t seem to stop a single goddam domestic shooting or terror attack. But then that’s the idea: more chaos gets more money out of Congress.

And all of that reminds me of how, just when the nonsense began in December of 2009, I wrote FBI and Secret Service (part of the Department of Homeland Security after 9/11 changes) and here we are, almost four years later with still more corpses.

Just sayin’.

I expect this is some sort of trap, but I’ve yet to discern what kind just yet. So let me explain again how it works.

1) They drug you to make you paranoid and affect judgment. Works on anyone.

2) They sleep deprive you various ways, including noise, adrenaline related to the paranoia, and something like what the shooter described. Works on anyone.

3) They couple all that with PSYOPs, harassment, and other covert ops that, to anyone who still has their head so far up their own ass they can’t actually see, appears to be a string of bad luck. This usually results in loss of employment, home, relationships, belongings, etc. Also works on anyone.

4) At long last, they’ve driven you so insane, so over the edge, have filled you so full of rage that you will find some way to strike back, lash out. Could work on most people.

I guess I’m just the lucky one. The most amazing experience, still, was just watching someone buy kitty litter. Isn’t that strange?


Added link to another MKULTRA draft memo that survived the destruction order. See the MKULTRA tab at top, “Subproject 119 – Telecontrol – Texas Christian [University]”.

Speaking of Christians, this group over here was the source for that and they have a few other docs here. Of special note, the new Technological Simulation of Hallucination paper. Not being a scientist nor a medical professional, I’m not entirely sure but it looks like the psychiatric profession got served:

Objective: Evidence for technologies capable of remote sound or voice transmission isolated to individuals is surveyed along with target tracking capacity that can maintain apparent psychosis. Method: Examination of government reports, engineering databases, the patent database post 1976, PubMed, and the Internet for available pertinent authentic sources. Results: Ultrasound and radio frequency methods are described to remotely isolate voice to individuals. Accounts of ultrasound and radio frequency energy forms used on people also exist. Conclusion: Evidence indicates development of technologies capable of remotely isolating sound and voice to an individual. Covert misuse of such technologies would result in simulated hallucination, which has no diagnostic recognition.

Yeah, I’m thinking that’s how the brainy trash talk each other.

There’s a linking problem at the site (at least in my antiquated Apple mobile browser, leaves out the domain name for some links so I have to cut and paste) but as you can see, the secretary of the Christians Against Mental Slavery group has the same sort of letter writing impulse that I do: his response to the New Scientist article on MEDUSA. I wonder if he sends CNN and FOX news corespondents, US Senators, and others tweets with links to things that show them to be deceptive like I do as well. (Twitter finger itchin’.)

Also added links to Free Barrett Brown (speaking of atheists) and Free Jeremy Hammond sites at right. Hammond’s sentencing hearing in NYC is in November (letters are being collected to give to the judge, deadline for that approaching), and Brown’s trial in Texas will probably be in the Spring.

The real reason for Brown’s media gag order is apparently that the Federal government is concerned that he might raise enough money to mount a defense. It’s in there along with all the Orwellian stuff that they would never f—ing dream of trying to pull on Monsanto, who’s immune to prosecution in the US because they supply us with carcinogens like the tobacco industry, Blackwater, whose founder is still building a mercenary army in the UAE at last report, or even HB Gary Federal who spied or planned to spy and run operations on US citizens for scummy corporations which is why Brown is in jail in the first place. And Jeremy Hammond. Brown’s case is already so goddam far out there that it’s unbelievable that the ACLU hasn’t stepped in. (Twitter…)

Also added the Amazon Barnes & Noble link for Valerie Plame’s and Sarah Lovett’s new fiction book due out October 1st: Blowback. That’s over at the fiction writing site.

New Piece of Old Mind Control History

Global Research, ” Crimes of the Surveillance State: A Victim’s Story
How a brilliant Vermont mathematician became an early target of government harassment”, Greg Guma, September 12, 2013:

A bit harder to accept at the time was his claim that “organized sociology” and “applied psychology” were being mobilized to manipulate reputations, attack the mental reliability of government critics, and conduct systematic psychological harassment. “There were fearsome new ways to attack the mental health, the very sanity, of their victims,” he said ominously.

It gets worse. Another professor at OSU got committed for 90 days by RFK, then Pierce himself got called on the carpet. He had experiences like Martha Mitchell and others.

The issue with getting the Frey effect to work was math. They knew from the clicks that those noises caused by radio waves noted during RADAR research would have to be modulated in order to turn it into speech. Pierce noted that such research was being done in the early 1960’s. This is well before the Russians revealed their microwave version in 1993.

Government agencies have repeatedly denied having documents related to Pierce. Yet, there’s that letter quoted in the article where Dulles’ wishes are passed on to Pierce regarding his proposal for “electronic mental telepathy” as he called it. That was 1960.

You’ll note that all of this happened before 9/11. In fact, depending on when the math was done, it’s before JFK was assassinated as well.

The sublminal mode of voice-to-skull can be used to plant ideas in a target’s head. Couple that with other means and methods, and you can have a rampaging maniac, a suicidal witness or whistleblower, or a journalist who makes ranty YouTube videos or who crashes his car into a tree at 35 mph just before it explodes in a ball of flame.

We are living with a high-tech, well-trained secret police force whose sole purpose is to protect large corporations, crooked government officials, and powerful private individuals from being held responsible for what they do, that steals homes and 401Ks, and murders–sometimes figuratively sometimes literally–people who question, notice, report, or otherwise get close to that truth.

Similarly, it must be noted again: Chelsea Manning, Barrett Brown, Glenn Greenwald, and I: all LGBT. This country may not be as bad as Russia, but it is purposely involving such people in these affairs in order to paint the group as a whole as un-American. This is how the Catholic Church escaped scrutiny for it’s many scandals (strawmanning gays instead of its pedophiles and Bishops who just shifted them around), another group that the nazis murdered in order to unite around a permanent and public supported state of war and suspicion, and really I am nonplussed by the Democrats when it comes to being much more than a few steps to the left of the Republicans on LGBT issues (and most others). Not the only group so targeted but one of them.

Back to voice-to-skull, another implementation I’ve had on the backburner for a while now, Top Secret America contractor Sierra Nevada Corp.’s / WaveBand’s MEDUSA:

And those “other uses” hinted at above? Try subliminal advertising; or suggestive subconscious comments that you don’t really “hear” but can influence decision-making anyway. Or, alternatively, the beam can be ramped up to 11 and just kill you outright. WIN!

The device – dubbed MEDUSA (Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio) – exploits the microwave audio effect, in which short microwave pulses rapidly heat tissue, causing a shockwave inside the skull that can be detected by the ears. A series of pulses can be transmitted to produce recognisable sounds.

And again, the Department of Defense released two information memos on the same day last year. One to define damage from nonlethal weapons (as having to be physical and permanent) and another creating a “Civil Liberties” officer who reports into the normal chain of command and forces the Inspector General to do likewise where civil rights investigations are concerned.

See also this page and Wicked Game.

BBD – Playing with Fire

Tuesday evening, an employee on the way out jokes, “I’m ready to burn the building down.” The reference to Milton/Office Space was apparently lost on that employee, but that was the first thing that popped into my head.

Another points out though there is a current safety initiative, there are a number of ignored safety issues that cost money to address.

Five or six hours after my shift ended, there was a fire. Fire extinguisher didn’t work. Person following me on shift failed to respond to calls to turn on alarm, call 9-1-1. Got fired ( Building didn’t even come close to burning down, but people were scared, obviously.

A mini replay of what’s possible with voice-to-skull, ensuring that everything that can go wrong will. Covering up the fact that this and similar tech can be used–and quite frankly is being used–for these kinds of purposes is going to be our undoing. Pull your cranium out of your pelvis.

9/11, 9/11, 9/11…