BBD – A Note

I have mostly–mostly!–taken the stance that the more these kinds of things are discussed, the more times I say, for example, so-and-so is a target, a victim of illegal black ops performed by some entity or entities within the US government and/or its NATO allies, the safer it is for everyone, especially so-and-so.

There are two problems with that. First, these people of course anticipate that, and do their best to “disprove” that, to disavow me of that idea. They are of course wrong.

But what else that shows is just how desperate they are. Why go to this much trouble? Because if you control the “mind control” (I hate that cheesy phrase) then you control pretty much everything. It can provide endless income and those dreams of avarice. They don’t want it exposed.

But I cannot make that choice for other people. There is a very real danger. As I wrote somewhere in Wicked Game, they sometimes just continue because it makes it seem even more implausible. Because why continue after being exposed? It’s a form of reverse psychology.

Well, it’s not exposed yet, is it? We’re talking about Syria and not so much about how NSA and other members of the intelligence community are hurting the economy, for example, and breaking the highest laws of the land for no reasons other than profit and power.

We are not talking about the obvious, but so painful, so unthinkable, truth that much of today’s domestic and foreign strife is false-flag. It is. (We cannot know percentages since those whose job it is to find the truth are such liars, and reforms, true reforms, have yet to be enacted).

You’ve had b.s. shoved into your head about the mindset of people different from you for so long, that you can’t see it. Not yet.

So, while I believe being as open and honest as possible about things is the best course of action (black ops require secrecy to work properly), I can’t make that call for someone else. Would they, even if they agree, or especially if they agree, think it would be safer to say so? Even after being on the wrong end of things themselves?

But then that’s the other point: divide and conquer. Build a wall between natural allies and they will never, the crooks think, mount an effective offensive nor even a decent defense.

I don’t have a choice. Lots of reasons why that is so. The book elaborates on most of them. Not a war of my choosing, but I can’t back away because they’ve left me no alternatives.

Others may not be in quite that same boat. Therefore, they gotta decide for themselves.


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