BBD – A Janus-Puzzle Piece

Going to begin by pointing out some very strange coincidences. Last night, I came across the story of the Hactivist Jeremy Hammond. Believe me, that was no coincidence.

Jeremy Hammond (now 28, born twenty years and five days after me, which puts the age about right) has been arrested several times and, as of February 2013, as I understand it, is awaiting trial for hacking Top Secret America douchebag contractor Stratfor’s server as part of Anonymous. Here’s one of the things that earned Stratfor (originally Strategic Forecasting) the well-deserved douchebag title:

In an email from Dec 6 last year, [Stratfor CEO] Mr Friedman advised an analyst called Reva Bhalla on how to deal with an Israeli intelligence informant providing information on the medical condition of Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president.

“You have to take control of him. Control means financial, sexual or psychological control,” he wrote.

(Covered here and here back in February 2012. My other favorite quote about Stratfor is The Nation/Atlantic “It’s just The Economist a week later and a hundred times more expensive.”)

As you can see, the US government is involved in COINTELPRO activities. It’s right there in black and white. Barack Obama, for all his talk of opportunity in America, his background as a Constitutional scholar, his affirmation that the US intelligence community behaves responsibly, is full of shit. His administration has been the toughest on whistleblowers in history, and there is clearly a deep and wide swath of corruption that his administration actively protects.

But let’s look at Jeremy Hammond’s other arrests:

1) 2004 RNC in New York City. One of the largest protests in Big Apple history. Many New Yorkers marched because they felt that the Republican Party was trying to exploit 9/11 (a failure of the Bush administration to prevent, we thought then; a false-flag attack I now know).

I was there along with a couple of friends from a D&D game. The photos seem to be currently lost (old Picasa doesn’t seem to have survived new Picasa; lost also 2006 Paris photos) along with so many other things in the wake of the US government’s illegal (conspiracy against rights combining the worst of COINTELPRO and MKULTRA and of course utilizing PRISM) effort against me. Attacking me for writing The Wisp must surely be part of it (a violation of the First Amendment), though it appears that that may have been someone else’s trap (using me the way they did, a violation of the Fourteenth Amendment on that side of it).

At the same protest march. Hammond was arrested during a drum beating protest.

2) Gay Pride altercation with anti-gay bullies. Hello?

3) Occupy Wicker Park 2005 (didn’t even know that Occupy existed back then, bet most of you didn’t either). Supported Occupy more recently. They’re one of the only voices out there for the middle class that actually seeks to do what they say (unlike the Democrats).

4) Protesting Nazis, December 10, 2005. Read Wicked Game. Read my short stories. Read this blog.

5) On December 7, 2006, Hammond was arrested for hacking an anti-protestor site, ProtestWarrior. ProtestWarrior was started by two kids in Texas who were pro-Iraq invasion. These guys (though I’ve said similar of Anonymous) are undoubtedly puppets of the Department of Defense whether they know it or not. The irony of the picture currently on their front page (“War Never Solved Anything: Except Slavery, Nazism,” etc.) is so strong that it breaks out of the world of concept and takes on physical form. “Zombies” promoting “zombism”, fascism, etc. It is obvious (to me).

What is even sadder–and proof positive that this country is f—ed on a permanent basis, is that among the things he stole were credit card numbers of the people who sent donations to the site. He did not use the numbers, did not give them out.

And yet the US government prosecutors “assigned” a monetary value ($500) to each of the 5,000 credit cards as though he had done what any Washington DC politician would do, go on a spending spree of hookers and crack cocaine.

(This is an evil, evil place. I’m sold on that now, thanks, US government. You can call it what you want, but both parties, top to bottom, are in the thrall of hatred and their only thought is who they can kill, maim, torture, or otherwise make miserable. That’s all they do. State governments and local governments are no different. We a capital f F—ED. Mounds of dead bodies in the street in our future. Guaranteed. God couldn’t stop it at this point. *)

You see it’s not about the law, it’s about using the law for your own petty, often criminal, self-serving purposes. Ending COINTELPRO 2.0 is not in their best interests because they like being able to hurt people they perceive as a threat to their power. Witness the Syria debate (abusing the meaning of the term) and how it comes down to someone making fun of the US. Apparently words hurt the Senate and the President to the point that covert ops designed to destroy Americans who disagree with their backwards, sometimes treasonous, policies are employed.

6) March 25, 2010: Protesting a Holocaust denier. Says it all, doesn’t it? You can’t even protest people who deny what HITLER DID!!! No, we can’t think about that because we’re borrowing so many pages from the Nazi playbook. (Of course, a small masked black-clad people stormed the stage, turned over chairs. I’m thinking the irony was lost on most people.)

7) March 5, 2012 was the Stratfor arrest.

Similar thinking politically, similar concerns about where the US government (and others) are headed. Different methods though.

(Also note that the case’s judge’s husband was somehow connected to Stratfor…)

Now let’s take a closer look at Jeremy Hammond’s reading wish list on Amazon. I’ll do the hard part for you:


Again. Cory Doctorow. In a way it doesn’t mean that much. Doctorow believes in a free internet.

(Whatever misgivings I once had about that are now gone thanks to the Obama administration and self-dealing neocon Michael Hayden. There is nothing worse, no greater threat, than an out of control defense / security / intelligence / police sector and there never could be. Their corruption alone makes us less safe because you don’t get a good picture of reality and the effect of making so many people miserable means that the US is going to be vilified world round, not to mention treating innocent people like criminals. We are actually more likely to suffer a huge, horrible, deadly terror attack because of these people, not in spite of them).

Then there’s the photo at Huffington Post and on the support site. This, apart from my old Parisian friend’s face plastered over it is pretty damn close. Hair (closer to Jason’s, see below), ears, height, build.

But it’s not him. Voice is wrong. Neither is it his twin, Jason.

I’ve not ever covered on this blog previously. February or so of 2010, I first saw the mention on Twitter of a novel similar to The Girl Who… series where the female protagonist or victim had a twin–then!–later the same day, came home after my jog and my then partner was reading that same book. I’ve forgotten the name of the book and I’m too something to email my ex to ask him about it.

In my drugged state in 2010, I applied that twin meme to Janus (you know, the mythical god with two faces). I had set that and so many other “silly” ideas aside because since getting some of my wits back, I’ve been trying to go with the facts as best I can get at them. How was A likely done, why was B done, who did C?

But there it is. Twins (fraternal, not identical) with similar politics to mine.

Of course, before all this I was far less passionate about it and far more trusting of the federal government and the system. Since seeing just how bad it is, being on the front lines of it, how government agents can do anything they damn well please without even the Inspectors General having a say in it when it happens here, says it all.

Not Jason either. The point?

To try to connect me to Anonymous (as they had with the January 2010 Wikileaks donation and therefore Chelsea Manning) and to set me on the warpath against Cory, EFF, Anonymous, maybe even to stalk Jason or Jeremy Hammond. Pit your targets against each other and you can concentrate on doing the same to someone else.

The cat was clawing out of the bag where voice-to-skull is concerned. Too many psychopaths enjoying the use of that and similar technology to allow, for example, my partner and I to take a short Toronto vacation and for me to sit down with a Canadian scifi writer to talk about scifi. Likely, that’s all that would have happened. Maybe we would have found a strange coincidence that a former fellow actor at the NJSF had voiced over one of Peter Watts’ novels and maybe we wouldn’t. Probably wouldn’t, but these people are control freaks and tax wasters. Getting to do both is fun for them.

In any case, after seeing clearly just how corrupt our government truly is, that they break the law every day and don’t care that they do, that they have murdered many people for many reasons none of them good, I am not left with any viable options but to support the opposition, am I?

As Julian said:


Jason, your brother has my full support. Feel free to contact me with any questions any time. You were set up as was I.

Having said that, as far as people to be brainwashed over, if it had been you, I could do far worse. Thanks for fighting for our rights.

Read my book and this blog where these methods and tricks are concerned and be careful. We are in a proxy war that, like all other wars, protects the powerful while people like us (and even ProtestWarrior) are thrown into the line of fire. It’s true. I agree with my convictions, they are generally “mine”, but they are being pushed to an extreme coupled with V2K sent solutions that are not mine at all. As you may have read or will read, it’s very, very likely that this was the case with Chelsea Manning as well. The signs of having been brainhacked are all there, as they are with me. I suspect you two as well. (See also MEDUSA, owned by Top Secret America Sierra Nevada Corporation after they bought WaveBand.)

The pattern here seems to be repeating something out of The Wisp and that did not turn out so well for the hactivist character in that story (who was warned just as I’m warning you now, “HOSS is dangerous, leave them alone” or similar).

If you start feeling the slightest bit in despair, know it probably is V2K and it will pass. Don’t let these criminals “Aaron Swartz” or even “Tony Scott” you or Jeremy. They did it to five or six young gay men in 2011 as well. Noted on this blog some time in 2012 because I could not process it emotionally when they initially told me that in Minneapolis via V2K.

Violence. This is a goal for them because they love nazis, hate freedom, and they think they can drive me to violence by hurting people like you. Sorry for you that this is the case.

You should also read Watts’ books. Your brother as well. See especially the end notes of Blindsight for what it was got him into trouble. The Rifters Trilogy gives an idea of one of our possible futures brought to us by our sell-out representatives.

(And of course, will the real Janus, please stand up? For something. For anything.

Careerism, peer pressure, nationalism, fear, whatever it is, not a valid excuse. It’s your decision but it’s also the world you’re going to have to live in long after I’m gone. You are making that world, my man. This was always about you, not me. I’m just the one trying, for even ten seconds, to snap you out of your zombism. I’ve paid the price for the privilege. When are you going to do something constructive?)

* Worth a try. You know, “…couldn’t sink the Titanic.”

Wake up, it’s much too late…


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