BBD – Why and Who’s Barrett Brown?

First, I’m going to lay out a bit more of the who-and-why where my persecution by the US government is concerned. I have recently been commenting here and there about some of the why’s and they sound contradictory. I don’t think they are, they merely have a structure or hierarchy.

By way of example, if someone sets vicious dogs upon you because they didn’t like something you said, do you think the dogs have the same motive for attacking you? No. The dogs do so because they have been beaten to be vicious, obedient, and s— rolls down hill.

The biggest portion is of course that every powerful organization is using voice-to-skull and similar technology combined with other methods for varied purposes, most of which boil down to making money and covering up past crimes committed in order to make money.

The elephant in the room, of course, may be 9/11. Presence of military, CIA, and corporate special interests in Afghanistan from the 80s and through the 90s gave them opportunity. The technology (publicly acknowledged as existing in the US since 1993, where they try to make it sound as if the Russians invented it and the US was clueless with the Defense News and Defense Electronics articles I’m fond of pointing out to people) is the weapon, along with of course the more mundane things like PSYOPs and the good old double-cross in order to make sure that they are so pissed off that they will, somehow, somewhere, definitely attack the US and her interests abroad.

This is the same methodology employed domestically now against individuals and groups. I know, they exploded my life (and tried to make it seem as though it was over support of a defendant in a court case).

We’re going to assign that to CIA/DoD.

Next, we have the writing of The Wisp. For all it’s silliness and over-the-top story, it still at the heart of it had some points to be made about the privatization of the military, the intelligence community, police, and fire departments. I did not know about Top Secret America at the time. I knew about Blackwater, of course, but that was supposed to be a response to 9/11. There was of course more to it than that (Erik Prince’s partner left the company because he believed Prince was more focused on profits than quality of service; the company began as a police shooting training company).

But the idea that a comic book written by someone with a few tenuous but not necessarily impossible to use connections in the entertainment industry, or a film based on the same might point out that this whole privatization thing could be bad for America? Well, now that the strong-arming going on in Hollywood over war history is more clear and the subsequent attacks on other writers and now journalists, I think that quite possible.

Additionally, and this had been to my mind a last minute plot twist, not even something I thought was true (but possible in a narrative given the psychology of such men), that there might be brokers who were playing both the terrorists and the mercenaries. And that the mercenaries might even be aware of that. That wasn’t explicit in the story, but the same character supplies King with a tactical nuke and the terror cell towards the end with the explosive van.

Then there was torture. There were of course stories in the news about waterboarding by then but I’m thinking they didn’t want to see a main protagonist character be the one having it done to him.

That kind of thing (“good” torture) is reserved in Hollywood for the Muslims, of course, or criminals in action movies. That is, until it becomes vogue to do it to whomever else the growing fascist movement in the US can get away with doing it to, eg, Mexicans, LGBT, atheists, journalists, intellectuals, scientists, and anyone else who’s smarter than a nazi thug.

That also probably wasn’t fitting the bill for the people running today’s MOCKINGBIRD machine (speaking of which, must be linked).

Now you have a second level but this time targeting the private security and paramilitary firm.

Given their name popping up twice in my old personal life, I’m going to go with Booz Allen on this second-tier series of attacks. It is not impossible that the first issue was what lead to this one. Pitting people against each other is how the game is played and so there could be issues between BA and a competitor or a government entity.

Then, after all of that, there came the Wikileaks connection (via a donation in January 2010, before the Manning story hit and Cablegate happened), and by extension, to Manning and Anonymous, and therefore Barrett Brown and the brothers Hammond.

I’m going to go with this being how CIA, DoD, BA and/or whoever else decided to let FBI loose on me did so, or how FBI, knowing about either the first issue, the second, or both, decided to fake their way towards an arrest. Now that that has failed, it’s all about the drive to suicide.

To summarize:

CIA/DoD – MKULTRA coverup
Top Secret America’s Booz Allen and/or Team Themis, etc. – MOCKINGBIRD control of entertainment esp. as related to outsourcing
FBI – COINTELPRO activities to coverup something above or duped into believing it was about something other than what it actually was

(And of course they are all NSA “clients”, can ask for information and get it.)

Let’s look at this again. Some serious possibilities where exposing not only 9/11 as a false-flag attack, but possibly any number of other violent or strange acts that have occurred that have lead us and continue to lead us to a political climate not unlike 1930s Germany.

Now, out of all this mess, who do you think they really want to nail? Whose whistle would actually blow the loudest? Whose story would make the most waves?

Which brings me to what else I didn’t know.

Barrett Brown is a journalist. He is:

1) Not only been incarcerated for a year over a trap…

(That’s what it was. Someone made sure that the credit card information came along with the Stratfor emails so it would look like a financial crime and not simply whistleblowing journalism. Recall what I’m talking about here, didn’t have to be intentional on the part of anyone but the trappers. As a friend of Brown’s said: “If the Pentagon Papers included credit-card info, then would The New York Times have been barred from researching them?” They, like Brown’s commenters he once compared to the sharks in Deep Blue Sea, learn. They learn from the past and try not to repeat it by making it seem like the past pattern, but actually being a staged, controlled situation. Kinda makes you wonder who f—ed Straftor, though doesn’t it?).

2) …not only faces 105 years in prison…

(This is more time than serial child rapist-murderers and people who sold secrets to the USSR. Which should come as no surprise since the US government regularly murders children with drones and pretty much f—s everyone whenever it can regardless of age, and selectively prosecutes traitors–which I call treason after the fact.)

3) …but also is forbidden from speaking to the media about his case.

(This is not a terrorism case where that old excuse of “code words” to trigger terror attacks is used to prevent the legal process from being examined by the people for which it supposedly works. They just don’t want the truth to come out.)

Ergo, we lock up journalists when we don’t like what they write, when they get too close to the truth just like a banana republic or the former Soviet Union.

That truth is that there is a corporatist (aka fascist) conspiracy on behalf of certain large corporations to prevent these same entities from being held responsible for breaking the law; protecting them from damages resulting from harm they have caused; to create conditions such that cheap labor is the norm thereby gutting the middle class and ultimately reducing benefits either in quantity or quality; to increase industries’ stranglehold on the political process while reducing that of the citizen; to achieve some other political goals that may help in future endeavors; and–you really had better wrap your head around this one–population reduction. That is their solution to climate change which they themselves (the Defense Department and many industries) have caused.

That’s why Barrett Brown is in prison. They finally got him because the FBI threatened his mother with prison and Brown lost his cool, threatened the FBI officer in charge.

Does that remind you at all of Jonathan Rhys Meyers at the airport? Does me. Yes. Why not? They don’t have to use the law as their limit, they are the Department of Justice. Zap Brown with MEDUSA or V2K, provoke him by threatening his mother, provide the ideas for the video subliminally, and then you go arrest him because some CEO doesn’t like where he’s poked his nose.

This is not a government for, by, nor of the people. It’s a kleptocracy just like Russia.

Why Jeremy Hammond is in prison is because he, he has now plead guilty to it, was the one who downloaded the data from the Stratfor servers. He plead guilty because they threatened him with more years and the double jeopardy loophole of just taking him from state to state until someone found him guilty.

This is our federal government. Under Barack Obama.

But then comes the question as to why, in July of this year, Jason Hammond, Jeremy’s fraternal twin, was arrested. He is accused of attacking (along with nearly twenty others) a group of people dining. He was held with a $100,000 bail (and could not get out by raising the 10% bond that most of us are used to thinking of as the number, he had to have the whole $100,000).

Of course I knew next to none of this until he was released just recently. I can’t help thinking there’s a reason for that.

Similarly, the Hammond brothers’ father was busted under similar circumstances to those that I have detailed here and in Wicked Game regarding WMD expert and Iraq war critic Scott Ritter.

The pattern is so strong I can’t believe I’m the only one talking about it.

Though I should note that there is talk about emails containing kiddie porn being sent to journalists and attorneys, which would serve to embarrass, discredit, perhaps ruin if it were found during a border crossing or other search. It might even push some people (read=authoritarians) towards Michael Hayden’s whining for a digital Blackwater so he and his cronies can make money and prevent you from reading things like this at the same time. (That man has a dream. It just happens to look more like Mein Kampf meets The Great Train Robbery every day).

The circumstances of Jason’s arrest are odd. He was supposedly at a completely different protest at the time of the diner attack (on white supremacists or some hereditary society gathering to eat). Five men, all from Indiana, were arrested almost immediately. Jason was arrested a year later. His friends claim he could not have been there and that the kind of thing that went down was not in any case the kind of activity he engages in (the record would seem to support that; he and Jeremy tore up Rahm’s paper sign to try to get the Olympics to Chicago; they did not hit supporters of the Olympics, of which their father is one, with hammer and batons).

There’s also talk that this might have been a massive set up. Suppose most of the people in those black uniforms were FBI. They can accuse whoever they want, arrest and hold them for as long as they want, pressure false confessions out of them, and just keep doing it until they run out of suspects. Then do it again somewhere else.

This is not in the realm of the impossible. This is what these people have shown me that they are capable of. This is what this country is really like behind the cable TV screen.

And that in turn reminds me of the “Great Werewolf Robbery of Port Huron.” One person, in that case, a young man, committed a robbery. Police were more interested in getting revenge (it seemed) for the Squidgate trial and so talked the robber into stating that the Squidgate juror who wrote a letter on behalf of the convicted did it. It was bizarre.

Same pattern here. Use one crime to frame someone else because you want them put away but don’t actually have anything to arrest them for.

Congratulations, Barack Obama. You’ve been de-elevated to despot.

So, why? What did they want from Jason?

The Janus deception (there you go, Ludlum, have at it) was designed to trigger the connection between these two and whoever it was I saw. They waited until now.

Jeremy Hammond’s trial is set for November and the judge in the case did not recuse herself even though her husband’s email and password were among those hacked.

Trippety, trappety…

While I can’t say that the coverup is worse than 9/11, it sure is nasty.

Here’s a good roundup of Barrett Brown’s situation. These are the 20 articles that the government used as examples for the judge to show why protecting a criminal corporate intelligence community was so important to protect over the public’s right to know.

I have to also point out the similarity (though he is much smarter, better educated, and ten times the writer I am) between Brown’s sense of humor where poking fun at CNN and the MSM goes, interest in this cabal of fascist private spook companies, and being gay while also having spent time in the South.

Brown about CNN:

The word “Russia” does not appear on the main page of, and in fact if one searches this most telling of websites for that term, one will not find anything on these nationwide demonstrations – although one will indeed have the opportunity to learn that a Moscow fire chief died, reasonably enough, in a fire, fires being among those occurrences which our nation’s less ethical news producers have determined to be of perpetual interest to their respective audiences. Perhaps the protesters should have started their own fire. I’m kidding, of course; they should have abducted a small Caucasian girl and thus gained de facto control of Fox News for a month, a tactic more easily executed than actually seizing control of a domestic television station in the traditional manner.

On the value of Wikileaks:

It would have been a fine thing for the public to have learned of MKULTRA, Tuskagee, COINTELPRO, Operation Ajax, and other state-sanctioned acts of malevolence early enough to have put an end to them, rather than years later and by way of such things as the Church Commission or delayed declassification.

On the lack of value of the mainstream media:

Despite having recently finished an entire book on the deficits of the U.S. media, I can say that the extraordinary failure of the major outlets to cover the Wikileaks/DoD cover-up story as of this writing constitutes perhaps the best evidence I have yet to see that the American mainstream news media is absolutely broken and that most of those working as editors and producers within this system are guilty of such cowardice and negligence that one must wonder how quickly this nation would collapse if any actual bravery were required to prevent it by way of reportage.

Brown on what was happening with Stratfor, Booz Allen, NSA, etc., the big picture:

This is the world that we accept if we continue to avert our eyes. And it promises to get much worse.


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