It’s Never What You Think

Limited time, so I’m keeping this short. These beginning notes have already been mentioned here and/or on Twitter (@kanyslupin), so I’m not relinking them. See BoilingFrogsPost and the Corbett Report for GLADIO and NATO’s role as shadow government in most of the world at this point. See VeteransToday for some of the chemical attack information.

We have reports that the sarin nerve gas attack was the work of the UK, Israel, and top Pentagon officials. What’s the common denominator there? NATO.

What has NATO been called out for? Operation Gladio. The running of all terrorist organizations and radical and even non-radical groups (if they don’t found them, they infiltrate, take over, and turn them militant) including Britain’s IRA and Italy’s Red Brigade.

Meanwhile, NATO officials are saying that they don’t want to attack Syria. This is of course how I know that they do. In the same way they use those groups as proxies, they are using the US, UK, Israeli, French, and Canadian proxies to push for it. They can sit back and let them all take the blame when it unsurprisingly turns bad.

My larger point in this post, though, relates to one of the Barrett Brown quotes in the previous post, and how I’ve said time and time again (examples, Heath Ledger, Dem nephew who fell asleep in Afghanistan and committed suicide, see “16-Knockout Pill” tag, and more) we ask the wrong questions.

Voice-to-skull and related technologies are the game changer. Now, the real culprits can sit back and do whatever they damn well please while someone else (usually an enemy) takes the fall for it.

For example, the video allegedly given to Wikileaks by Chelsea Manning. Even Stephen Colbert called Julian Assange out on the fact that some of those killed were carrying rocket launchers.

What’s missing? Why they were carrying rocket launchers and further why the Department of Defense lied through it’s teeth (see Brown’s True/Slant discussion on this, especially here starting with “Update: The Weekly Standard Makes a Hilarious Mistake”) when their official report said that this occurred in the middle of a fire fight.

There was no fire fight. The pilots can be heard going out on a search and destroy mission.

What about the reporters? First, were they interviewing some people who had rocket launchers? Does that make them fair game for being murdered? Second, maybe the items were part of a story. Maybe they were moving them (finding them left behind) away from an area where there were children. Maybe V2K was used on them first so that better judgement would not be applied, just has it was in my case many, many times, that of Barrett Brown and the YouTube video, Peter Watts and Officer Beaudry at the Port Huron-Sarnia border, and countless others I’ve suggested that this might be the case.

This is the holy grail of fascists, this technology. They can plant ideas in your head without you even realizing that they did so. Shouldn’t that be considered the most serious threat to civilization imaginable? Isn’t it? Truly?

Here again is Defense Electronics, “DoD, Intel Agencies Look at Russian Mind Control”, Mark Tapscott, July 1993:

In a series of closed meetings…FBI officials were briefed on the decade-long research on a computerized acoustic device allegedly capable of implanting thoughts in a person’s mind without that person being aware of the thought.

The similar Defense News article is at top.

It is impossible to prove me wrong. It is very, very likely that what I am suggesting is correct. Microwaves and radiowaves don’t leave a trace. Perfect assassination tool. Perfect political fix-it tool. Perfect revenge tool.

It’s a threat to everything. I don’t care what your philosophy is (unless of course it’s fascism, in which case you’re getting what you want) this is a threat to it.

I got nothing else.


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