Added link to another MKULTRA draft memo that survived the destruction order. See the MKULTRA tab at top, “Subproject 119 – Telecontrol – Texas Christian [University]”.

Speaking of Christians, this group over here was the source for that and they have a few other docs here. Of special note, the new Technological Simulation of Hallucination paper. Not being a scientist nor a medical professional, I’m not entirely sure but it looks like the psychiatric profession got served:

Objective: Evidence for technologies capable of remote sound or voice transmission isolated to individuals is surveyed along with target tracking capacity that can maintain apparent psychosis. Method: Examination of government reports, engineering databases, the patent database post 1976, PubMed, and the Internet for available pertinent authentic sources. Results: Ultrasound and radio frequency methods are described to remotely isolate voice to individuals. Accounts of ultrasound and radio frequency energy forms used on people also exist. Conclusion: Evidence indicates development of technologies capable of remotely isolating sound and voice to an individual. Covert misuse of such technologies would result in simulated hallucination, which has no diagnostic recognition.

Yeah, I’m thinking that’s how the brainy trash talk each other.

There’s a linking problem at the site (at least in my antiquated Apple mobile browser, leaves out the domain name for some links so I have to cut and paste) but as you can see, the secretary of the Christians Against Mental Slavery group has the same sort of letter writing impulse that I do: his response to the New Scientist article on MEDUSA. I wonder if he sends CNN and FOX news corespondents, US Senators, and others tweets with links to things that show them to be deceptive like I do as well. (Twitter finger itchin’.)

Also added links to Free Barrett Brown (speaking of atheists) and Free Jeremy Hammond sites at right. Hammond’s sentencing hearing in NYC is in November (letters are being collected to give to the judge, deadline for that approaching), and Brown’s trial in Texas will probably be in the Spring.

The real reason for Brown’s media gag order is apparently that the Federal government is concerned that he might raise enough money to mount a defense. It’s in there along with all the Orwellian stuff that they would never f—ing dream of trying to pull on Monsanto, who’s immune to prosecution in the US because they supply us with carcinogens like the tobacco industry, Blackwater, whose founder is still building a mercenary army in the UAE at last report, or even HB Gary Federal who spied or planned to spy and run operations on US citizens for scummy corporations which is why Brown is in jail in the first place. And Jeremy Hammond. Brown’s case is already so goddam far out there that it’s unbelievable that the ACLU hasn’t stepped in. (Twitter…)

Also added the Amazon Barnes & Noble link for Valerie Plame’s and Sarah Lovett’s new fiction book due out October 1st: Blowback. That’s over at the fiction writing site.


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