BBD – Things Go Weirder with Koch

As I’ve mentioned before, I work part of one day a week at a facility owned by Koch. I started there in February ’13 after beginning a job with primary assignment elsewhere in September of 2012 (which, I discovered months later, had been previously owned by Koch). I was transfered there because the employee who was covering that shift, a young man named Tyrell Kelly, started behaving strangely paranoid and quit his job. He was hired in the same day that I was.

I had planned to wait before posting this or anything like it until after my last day (the 30th of this month). I gave my employer three weeks’ notice on Monday 9 September 2013.

Further, as you’ll see, I’m not happy about doing this at all. In the category of making friends and influencing people, this is about as far “are you f—ing stupid?” as I can imagine. But then I’ve committed myself to standing on principle and, even though this division of a corporation is not a human being, it is owned by human beings and human beings work there. (Really, I didn’t see a single person with horns or lizard skin). Plus, it’s not like there are people knocking my door to down to be pals at this point. (Though there is the hilarious surge of friend requests on Facebook due to a high school reunion this weekend which I am obviously not attending. Maybe I should change my listed profession to “zombie”).

As I noted below, at my primary assignment, there was a fire a little after 5am on September 11. This was after my shift ended at Midnight.

Also, on or about Wednesday the 11th 8th or 9th, at the Koch plant at which I work on Fridays, there was a problem. Though one man said that he and others had seen clogs similar to this one, this was the largest and they had no idea what happened.

Let me explain. They make plastic there. The entire reactor (the size of a room) was filled with solid plastic. It took ten days and I don’t know how much money to unclog it and get it back into operation. They had to bring in cranes at a moment’s notice and pay for them. They had to bring in a team or two of workers and consultants to dig it out. I don’t know what the incidental costs are for being delayed in delivering the product for ten days was. All in all, you’ve got to figure that Koch, at least for now, lost a chunk of change over that.

I suggested that petroleum eating bacteria might be useful to clear it up.

As amusing in some ways something like that might be, after all there were no injuries (they reportedly oppose all kinds of employee benefits and yet this is a union plant located inside the United States, has not been moved to Mexico or China; they are reportedly attempting to create yet another news conglomerate to control the narrative to their own purposes), they will likely simply continue on course and, over time, make their losses back somehow. I recall reading that, for example, Exxon actually made money off of the Valdez oil spill, and suspect that that is the case with most such accidents. Though there are costs on the one side, they anticipate them and hedge against such problems, find ways to turn it around.

Such it is with the powerful elite.

Also, I can hardly complain about the covert ops aimed at me if I don’t also when it happens to someone whose politics I happen to disagree with.

Oh, yeah. I definitely think it was.

Maybe that’s the point. That this cloak and dagger nonsense is a waste of time and energy. That it is unproductive. That it in the end creates more problems than it solves.


All I can say are two things. First, I didn’t have anything to do with it, had no foreknowledge of it (nor the fire at the other site), and don’t know how it was done.

The other thing, well, I’d just as soon not mention because I’m not entirely clear why this is the case…but there was one man there who sure seemed familiar to me. Coincidence maybe. Attempt at a “doppelgänger” PSYOP to discredit maybe. I just don’t know. It was weird, that’s for sure. Confronted with the impossible, my brain just tries to tell me I’m imagining it, can’t be…

I don’t know what else to say. I think I’m operating with a knowledge gap on something here otherwise. Does Koch (or by proxy through a contractor) engage in using V2K to stir up trouble? Certainly, the irrationality of some of the Tea Party over healthcare reform (which we need, rate among the lowest in the developed world and Britain, Canada and the EU haven’t fallen into the Abyss over socialized medicine) certainly seemed bizarre enough to make me think it possible. Was this a warning, revenge, a demonstration?

Why was I there? It’s not like anyone in this equation is doing me any favors that I can see.

I don’t really have much of a bow to tie this all up apart from I don’t like covert ops directed at me. Can understand why others don’t either. Even people I’d just as soon not work for. And next month, I won’t.

Can you do without plastic? Paper? If you can, you are likely someone pretty interesting. However, you are likely also someone treated like a crazy person by a majority of others.

Much like people who mention proven-to-exist technologies like voice-to-skull. 😉




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