Empty Wheel, NSA Break-Ins and Why I’m Blogging About It

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A recent post discusses the ins and outs of the recent revelations regarding NSA’s “break-ins” at Yahoo and Google (what happened to Apple and others? Was fairly certain they were also on the “direct server access” list?).

The analysis is good based on the facts we’ve been given. I don’t have issue with it at all and I recommend Marcy’s site along with Sibel Edmond’s (especially for understanding what’s happening globally–don’t know where else you can get such complex issues explained so simply, quickly, with an understanding of the players and their real objectives) and History Commons for the news as it was reported at the time it happened and what came later as well as the most comprehensive 9/11 timeline there is. (They probably need some help adding in the criminal activities of many Democrats, but that’s so difficult to separate from disinfo due to two or three issues to begin with.)

Side note, About page mentions the Duke Cunningham scandal. That one is a favorite of mine for several reasons, some merely due to poetic memes.

Right. Marcy is doing good journalistic work. Not knocking it. Love it. The way most things are done and made acceptable as fact by reasonable people (we do still have those, correct?).

My issues are with the story in general. Similar to focusing on Angela Merkel’s precious cellphone being tapped distracts from the millions of private citizens it is done to, focusing on NSA “breaking in” to Google servers distracts from the big picture reality.

Google regularly hands over data to NSA. The break-in story, to the busy American who doesn’t have time to seek the details of everything that is happening, will assume that only NSA is to blame here and ignore corporate America’s role in subjugating American citizens. Google is a NSA subcontractor. Anyone who thinks a company like that doesn’t also have its share of CIA agents doesn’t understand how the intelligence community operates. Google was and likely still is a partner in aiding the government spy on US and foreign citizens.

Where I was attempting to go with my line of questioning on Twitter was, “What is the value of this ‘stolen’ data over that obtained through the ‘legal’ channels provided by the FISA court already?” I was doing this in order to disprove my hypothesis that, in addition to this appearing to be the government attempting to protect Google’s reputation, so that we will continue to use them and their very attractive free services, that maybe real intelligence operations are not planned, approved, and carried out on Post-It™ notes:


It’s a different perspective. It is more skeptical in that it examines the “metaquestions” like where the information came from, why we might be focusing on it, and why that might be a problem. It looks at the known goals of the players, their psychology, likely adaptations of historical deceptions, and asks if there is an alternate explanation as to why this is before us.

A side note. It very damn well may be that Google resisted and simply had no choice. I don’t doubt that as a possibility.

In 2010, when my ex-partner (who worked at Google at the time) came to visit me in Minneapolis, he discussed a couple of accidents (one was a sailing accident) involving Google employees. The other was I think in California. Then there was, close on the heels of the boat death, the stabbing death of an Irish national who had just interviewed with Google earlier in the day.

He of course was merely making conversation, meant nothing sinister at all by relating that.

That happens to me all the time.

After he went back to New York, I looked it up. Some other blogger had already found those deaths and several previous to 2010, had done the statistics and found that the Google employee death rate was higher than that of the Canadian Army.

Since then, I’ve been unable to “google” that site. One of many things I read, I apparently did not bookmark it. Further searching for the separate articles on those deaths (much like how the articles on the December 2009 fire disappeared) likewise came up with nothing.

You may think you’re cynical about what I say, write. If so, I may think you’re not cynical or skeptical enough of power.

A person in my situation cannot rely on things like FOIA (can’t afford it and even that system is regularly thwarted in various ways, see Jason Leopold and TruthOut on the topic) nor the Inspectors General (as long as they can feed the RUMINT machine they can label me a person of interest and state essentially that I don’t have rights). Add to that the indicators (no credit rating, treated like on burn notice which is often less kind than TV might make you think) and choices become very limited.

This is survival for me. Waiting for power to admit it’s worst dirty deeds all on its own? Takes fifty years, sometimes longer.

The worse they behave the less likely it will be exposed because politicians fear what the reaction will be to the really, really bad stuff (think Michael Hastings and rape with broken bottles and then tell me why we’re so up in arms over PRISM in the first place when there is so much worse going on. Not all of it is overseas nor directed strictly towards foreign intelligence and the best interests of American citizens).

Feinstein and others don’t want to know what they do. Neither does the President. Knowing makes them accessories to illegal activities. As long as the cash flows, the machine will ignore the cries of the abused. There’s no advantage in helping people as long as you can just appear to be doing so, is the way power works and therefore subsequently the world.

Big money. Big lies.

In Defense of Monsanto

(Not really, but you’ll see what I mean.)

“A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself.” –Ferris Bueller

If you’ve read much at all of this blog then you know what I know. Most of what we are seeing is because of population. The 1% of the top 1% are afraid. They’re afraid of what a significant portion of the rest of the world is going to do as scarcity, like climate change, becomes impossible to hide any more.

They are of course not alone. You’ve got a sizable portion of the planet who thinks that these are the end days. There is every conceivable conspiracy theory as to which group is responsible and why.

One of those problems then, is what to do when food becomes scarce. One of (or the only?) tangibly offered solutions is to make it cheap and in bulk. Enter Monsanto. Further, the connections to the Defense industry (as, for example, manufacturer of agent orange) further puts what they have to say at the front of the line. Humans are good at killing other humans. They are good at telling stories about saving other humans. They are not so good at making those stories a reality.

Who is offering alternatives? Who could offer alternatives? Someone really smart, I suppose.

Our last three presidents all have IQs in the 140s (yes, even that one. While I’d be one to lean toward cheating as well, watch the speech segment in Farenheit 9/11 given to what he calls his base. Largely an act that draws fire and ire from the left without actually getting to the root of the neocon policies drawinf upon his strength as an entertainer and class clown. Brilliant Peter Sellers impression really). When I’m at my best, mine scores in that range as well (sometimes down in the 130s).

But someone with a 168? Scary to most of us. Practically alien in terms of thought to most of us. Undoubtedly an incredible memory accompanies a brain like that and already has some dazzling ideas that are in reality practical.

But that person is also viewed as a threat by those who have already made up their minds (largely because they view his message as “give up all your money”; they didn’t listen to the big J, why would they listen to a little J?). In order to avoid some of what they believe are future uprisings, they will offer free/cheap food that, while not the healthiest, is viewed as better than nothing at all, providing pacification (it’ll likely also be drugged) and at least the appearance of helping. The point of modifying the food is to make it grow faster, better, etc. There is always a trade off when you do that, in this case illness-causing side-effects. Takes humans 10,000 years to adapt to major changes in diets.

But the point is twofold: why we need people that smart out of prison and working on big problems and why he cannot be allowed to be a slave to the intelligence community. We are slitting our own throats by allowing either.

I’m a capitalist, believe it or not. But I also believe in something approaching equilibrium, checks and balances. That’s what this country was founded on and it is currently very, very imbalanced.

Free Jeremy Hammond and save the world:


Help his friends get to New York next month since we don’t know how it’s going to turn out:


(And they are all going to be on their best behavior in the courtroom, aren’t they? I did it being zapped, drugged, PSYOPed, and ruined. Surely you can manage.)

Triple Threat Times Two

Right. Three data points generally creates a trend. While that doesn’t prove anything, doesn’t even make for a theory, it does afford a hypothesis.

1) Aaron Alexis – directed anguish due to belief that he was being tortured electronically and remotely, outward. September 16, 2013.

2) Miriam Carey – sought some kind of relief by (perhaps) turning to the White House for help or maybe just made a wrong turn. Shooters in that case (also very likely subject to voice-to-skull, subliminal audio, whatever it actually is being used to accomplish this stuff) shot her. October 3, 2013.

3) Josh Marks – very similar to both Alexis (had a run-in with UIC police in a “manic state”) and Carey (was under psychological care), directed his anquish inward and, apparently, shot himself in the head. October 11, 2013.


There’s set one. Three African-Americans dead, all under failed (?) psychological care (I mean why should we believe that the mental health industry has the answers with three blatant failures in a row?).

Note that there is absolutely zero indication that any were physically held and tortured in order to do these things (in other words, MONARCH is disinformation just as I said a few posts below, the Manchurian candidate style physical torture is not required, just FBI informant style harassment and PSYOPs coupled with drugs and ranged electronics).

See again, MKULTRA subprojects 123, 124, “African[-American] attitudes” studies.

Next, middle schoolers.

1) Sparks, Nevada School Shooting by a 12 year old boy – teacher among those killed. October 21, 2013.

2) Fenway Park, Boston, MA – knifing death of 24 year old Danvers HS teacher by 14 year old boy with box cutter. October 22-23, 2013.

3) Vancouver, WA – Prevented shooting after 11 year old brought gun, knives, 400 rounds of ammo to school. October 24, 2013.

That’s three more. Again note, highly unlikely they were held in cages and brainwashed. Not necessary. Works on anyone.

See MKULTRA subprojects 102 “Adolescent Gangs”, 103 regarding studying children’s Summer camps.

All pertinent information destroyed by order of the director to avoid destruction of the CIA.

Don’t be afraid. Be pissed. Be pissed at the worse-than-useless Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and those who are just as interested in murdering the “mentally ill”…


…as they criticize the other party at the same time for cutting funding.


The great double Democrat hypocrisy.

Then be angry at the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Defense, and companies like Carlyle Group’s Booz Allen Hamilton. Because that’s who is ultimately responsible. NSA helps, of course, with psychological profiles of the targets from surveillance and locating them.

MKULTRA thrown in a blender with COINTELPRO. Why do they hate us? For our freedom and for taking up the precious space that the world’s oligarch’s think they own. We are all Native American tribes in their eyes now, and headed for the Trail of Tears and extinction if people don’t wake up and soon.

What’s Wrong with the Labor Movement?

This is really about just one thing that I noted in one place. Despite that, I expect it is common enough to matter. There are of course several (one being it’s already largely been dismantled by the Federal and state governments), but what is one reason that it might have trouble recovering?


As I write this, I can’t recall any other behind-the-scenes instance of gangstalking that I ran across. Unconscious seems to be saying that’s wrong, but it hasn’t reminded me of the others.

At one plant I worked at, a female union member was concerned about her vehicle. She made this comment a few times during my shift, so I eventually made her stop and explain it. I also note that my supervisor thought that she was paranoid, crazy, didn’t believe her.

Anyway, the pecking order kind of works like this. Seniority (time with the union) means you get top preference when a job opens up. Someone else retires, they create a new position, or there’s a temporary opening due to a long term illness of some sort with the expectation that the sick worker will eventually return to work.

This is fine as long as it’s a man. When it’s a woman, though they abide by the rules usually (there is a time limit if she believes she’s been treated unfairly to file a grievance) there is a disrespect that sometimes accompanies that seniority that I didn’t see when it was a man. It’s as if they think it’s a bit of a joke.

She said that after she got a position that someone with less seniority wanted, they did things like follow her home, let air out of her tires, etc.

Additionally, at this plant, they work 24-hours, three 8-hour shifts. The least favorite for most people is the midnight shift, but it’s typically two weeks until everyone shifts to the next slot anyway.

In that case, they wanted her to trade with someone else, a man. She refused. She complained to the union rep who listened intently, told her not to worry about it, and then started asking her if it would be possible to switch shifts.

(Note that many of these people are related. Nephews, cousins, all work together. There is often also a strong old-school military mindset wjth many having served).

The pranks pulled on her were, given my experience, rather tame in comparison. But it does show the process, the good ol’ boy network in action, and how, when it comes to dealing with the bigger, more important issues of being essentially neutered, the union mentality may actually be hurting its own cause.

(It’s like actually usually allowing me to say whatever I want but wreaking havoc on my life for having done so. It’s still illegal and still a violation of the 1st amendment.)

Additionally, I’m not certain that, despite some very public disputes between labor and management, that some labor leaders might actually be siding with management over those they are charged to protect when it really matters.

A commitment to the workers and the side-issues like women’s rights, would make the movement stronger, more effective. Without unity, it’s all subject to divide-and-conquer.

That’s pretty much it. She generally handled it pretty well, actually. They once laid a razor blade on her work chair but panicked once they realized she had collected it as evidence. These are misguided, often sweet, but none too bright, men.

I suggested if they followed her home again to pull over and get out of the car and walk towards them. There is nothing quite like a p.o.’ed woman to snap some men into obedience. (I’ve answered the phone when their wives call. They tend to snap to.)

Except maybe–maybethe goddam Batman.

Stratforgate, PRISMgate

Yet another piece of the puzzle falls into place.

In order to make any sense of this at all and to curb accusations of being this or that, I’m going to have to explain some things about my politics. I’m an issues guy.

I support socialized medicine because it works in the vast majority of countries that call themselves US allies. None of those countries have met with the kind of doom that has preceded the rollout of so-called Obamacare. I say so-called because it is essentially the same legislation that Willard Mitt Romney signed into law in Massachusetts when he was governor. While I don’t know for a fact that as-is it’s going to be a net positive, what we typically do (that is, pre-we-all-lost-our-minds) is to try out laws and see where they can be improved.

Second, I suupport gay marriage. I consider the Obama administration a late comer to that (they only supported civil unions back in ’08), though so did I for different reasons (I figured if we left the word ‘marriage’ out of it but gave the same rights, it might not seem like an attack on religion to those terribly uncomfortable with their own sexuality).

So, score two for the Obama administration and to some extent the Democrats, despite the strange death of my grandmother (done to provoke violence, a “joke” about Sarah Palin’s comments about it being a plot to kill grandma) and finding out that my ex got married on 11/11/11 on Facebook after the most horrendous treatment at the hands of people who work for the President (after working for OFA in ’10!), who also destroyed that relationship in the first place. Principles are principles, even if I will be purposely left out in the cold due to concerns over highly illegal covert operations being made public.

But then there is that. Who seems more apt to fight against surveillance (tip of the covert iceberg really)? Not the Republicans. Not the Democrats either who have defended attacks on civil liberties. Who then?

The Tea Party of all people. Libertarians like Ron Paul. They don’t like it, consider it…well, whatever reasons they give, they still oppose it.

Then why aren’t I a libertarian/tea partier? Because along with the freedom to not be spied upon by the Federal government, they also want the freedom to discriminate (at the very least, think more allow hate crimes) against any group they don’t happen to like. That may include “courtesans” (I get the impression that escorts are moving toward that term), gays, atheists, Muslims, the poor, racial minorities, and immigrants and foreigners. That’s not acceptable. This country was labeled the Great Melting Pot for a reason. An advantage, we can learn important things from other cultures so that we don’t stagnate as a society (which is in part exactly what’s happened).

To my eye, however, it appears as though the Federal government is, rather than protect people from hate crimes, actually engaging in them. This means that it isn’t functioning properly, but removal of the capability to fight radical hatred would leave people at the mercy of some groups that would jump at the chance to get some free hits in against anyone they fear.

Having said that, there’s even one * thing I agree with that dinosaur of a party on, the GOP. We spend too much.

What I don’t agree on, is what. Our defense, intelligence, and security spending is out of control and seeks to devour us from within. Compared with education, which constructively creates a better America, it is towering in size. The GOP constantly complains about it, gets education shrunk, and we get dumber with nothing to show for it except Technicolor™ explosions on CNN.

Because none of these three, two, or single parties (depending on how you define it) is doing a single thing about climate change (apart from tricking damn near everyone into killing each other), the single largest issue the entire human race faces (and believe me, there are some members of the conservative elite who believe it, in fact it scares the s— out of them) plus the cloak-and-dagger nonsense, I voted Green Party in 2012. Thankfully, it was for Jill Stein and not Roseanne Barr (different issue, but she’s been sucked in this week by MONARCH disinformationists and is likely doing more harm than good. But we have the CIA, the Carlyle Group, our elected officials, and, I’m sorry, but the silence of those who know better to blame. Essentially, people like me will now be considered terrorists for whistleblowing on the CIA’s behavioral modification and false flag programs because people would rather attack victims than bullies, generally out of fear).

I say all of that so you know that when I defend Edward Snowden, it’s because he should be defended for what he did for his country regardless who he voted for or supported. Further, it’s easy to see why he was a Ron Paul supporter. Paul speaks my language, uses the right words, it’s just that they don’t mean the same thing to him and his constituency that they do to me. What is freedom but the ability to think that you can do whatever it is you want without being stopped or punished for it? I disagree that discrimination should be a freedom; that’s stepping beyond personal and into affecting others. We have to get along and it’s (supposed to be) Johnny Law’s job to see that peace is kept (as opposed to hoping for war and even false-flagging them into being, which is what many are now doing).

Right. Back to Stratforgate.

9/11 happens. Private spook corporations look for ways to expand, exploit that. Three of them, Stratfor, HB Gary Federal, and Palantir (owned by Ron Paul’s biggest supporter, a billionaire) band together because they are smaller than, for example, the oldest: Booz Allen Hamilton. BAH is owned by the Carlyle Group, which as I’ve said already on the blog, included George H.W. Bush as a board member for a while and subsidiary BAH had former CIA director and neoconservative Jim Woolsey on their board for a while. All in all, we’re talking defense and intelligence being performed and invested in by the same big company. BAH was founded in 1917. Waaaay before 9/11, yes?

Others who have gone over to BAH have included democrats. It’s not just a republican spook group. It’s big.

Team Themis, meanwhile, at least one libertarian among them, Paul’s top donor.

How to swat Team Themis out of the way? Competitor. Opposing political views. Hm, BAH, thinks. Need to embarass them.

What else do we need to do? Here’s an investigative reporter, Barrett Brown. He’s not afraid to point out the lies. Whether they come from the Pentagon, the White House, Congress, FOX News or the New York Times, he will write what’s on his mind. Crap, he even knows his history:


He’s gotta go, they think. We are deep into that same playbook right now, BAH says to itself. But how?

We’re always (the big pieces of the intelligence community and its private partners) looking for talent. Here’s someone who might just be the world’s greatest hacker. He’s got an IQ of 168! He’s also one of those activist types. Would be great to tame him if possible, make him ours, or at least neutralize him for a time.

Bingo! We trick the hacker (using voice-to-skull and probably a phony anon) into taking data from part of Team Themis, and get him to give the data to the reporter. Everyone gets screwed except us because we’re working it covertly.

And so Barrett Brown faces up to 105 years in prison, Jeremy Hamond plead guilty to avoid spending the rest of his life bouncing from state to state prison awaiting what would amount to double, treble, quintuple, etc. jeopardy.

Incidentally, they also charged Barrett Brown’s mother and she’s plead guilty (how they got Brown upset enough so that voice-to-skull would get him to make the angry video). Also, both Jeremy Hammond’s brother and father have been set up. All of this is that power that Ron Paul supporters rightly fear: the ability to get anyone to do whatever you want through coercion, blackmail, (and behavioral modification technology and techniques.) Slavery really.

Having finally realized that they got screwed, Team Themis seeks revenge by getting Edward Snowden to embarass NSA, Booz Allen and the federal government in general using the same sort of behavioral modification stuff used on me, Bradley Manning, Aaron Alexis, Miriam Carey, Aaron Scwartz, etc. (Also, suspect Clint Eastwood’s talking to himself at Romney event wasn’t in fact the act of a knowing liberal inftrator, but hey if you guys love this Frey effect/subliminal stuff so much, best of luck next time).

As you can see, there are many uses for voice-to-skull and subliminal audio beyond making people shoot each other (c’mon, Roseanne).

That’s basically it, except for a complete explanation as to how I seem to end up where I do: in the middle of it.

* Okay, two. 2nd amendment even though I don’t own, won’t own a gun myself.

MONARCH (Updated)

This is my opinion, based on my experience. I could be wrong, but I really don’t think so. The point of this post is to try to separate fact from fiction, and to help the layman better understand how it actually works. The reasons for that are to alleviate fear (the real danger we face, the erosion of civilization through paranoia) and to help people understand how they can stop it if they have the opportunity.

MONARCH, whether it was an actual program or not (I have my doubts that it was serious and effective if it was real) was the so-called programmed assassin program. While I kind of do wonder about Sirhan Sirhan (somehow the sight of a green dress may have served as a psychological trigger for him), I also point out again that there may have been–in my opinion likely were–additional shooters. A truly insane, delusional and paranoid schizophrenic is not likely to be a good shot nor are they likely to even clearly perceive their surroundings properly to go after whomever it was they were “programmed” to attack. They are, my opinion, the scapegoat, the camouflage, cover, and get-out-of-jail free card for the real, professional assassins and for those who ordered the covert operation.

Instead, the disinformation out there (try googling Project Monarch) makes it sound like there are robots out there sleeping, waiting to pounce at any given moment. While it may be possible, there are a thousand things that could go wrong and such a person would likely have to perform their task soon after being released from weeks of torture and brainwashing. The ability to hide that that had been done to them would also be problematic, in my opinion. They would likely exhibit signs of mental illness, fear of noises and lights, etc. (Which is not to say that everyone with extreme phobias is a programmed assassin).

(Dr. Alfred McCoy–no relation–seems to think it was all phony, but I think he’s referring to MONARCH, not the tricks that I am which he may never have considered).

Rather, what is important in the way these ops really work, in my opinion, is to lay the groundwork for being able to paint the patsy as mentally ill and to ensure that they are at the right place at the right time. Like a Hollywood film using stunt doubles and special effects, a team of field agents can handle the rest followed by a tidal wave of lies from those helping to cover up the truth (again, careerism, choosing the right people for the job–aka “casting”–and a very well-founded fear of refusal will tend to keep discipline in those ranks).

Whether the target is drugged or had some form of microwave hearing used on them in order to behave erratically is unknown to me. Easier to drug them and cover it up or use electronics that don’t leave any such trace? Don’t know. To my knowledge, no such op has ever been truly exposed to the point we can know step-by-step what occurred.

Without the advantage of actual custody, that is complete control of the patsy by having them holed up, they have to rely on PSYOPs and electronics, covert harassment, to get the target agitated enough to exhibit violent behavior in order to make the frame-up convincing. This usually takes the form of isolation.

By first altering the mood, thinking, personality of the target, they convince those closest to them that the target has gone insane. The target knows, despite actually now having some brain malfunction due to what has been done to them, that their harassment is very real, though even those few events witnessed by others seem tame to someone who isn’t having them done to them several times a day and has not been drugged perhaps with something like mefloquine or another alkaloid that can cause schizoohreniclike symptoms. Those close to the target are not seeing what’s happening as harassment, but rather a new, suddenly strange and frightening sensitivity to everything around them. Most of us, not being at all schooled in how to deal with that in a friend or family member, immediately want psychological help for the target. The target, knowing–correctly and without a doubt that something sinister is afoot–becomes angry at the suggestion that it is all in their head. The truth is of course it’s a mix of both. They’ve been altered (usually temporarily) but also there is a real group behind what’s happening.

Once they are isolated due to the rift caused by the misunderstanding, the PSYOPs team is free to go to town on the target. From that point forward, anyone that the target meets will assume that the target has always been a little strange and view literally everything they say through a filter of doubt due to some of the more incredible things they’ve already heard from them.

The stage is being set for what happens later. Now you’ve got “witnesses.”

Note: I haven’t even mentioned the use of voice-to-skull and subliminal audio messages on both the target and the witnesses yet. That makes it even more effective. You can literally start arguments with that by pushing the right buttons. It’s not just the patsy who is targeted, it’s also some of the people that they have come into contact with.

Now most people (me included until it happened so much that I had to accept it as possible and the only logical explanation) don’t really think that they can be hypnotized, that subliminals would be effective on them. We are an arrogant species. I include myself in that.

The reason for this is that we are truly delusionally ignorant about how our brains work in the first place. We don’t, as individuals, understand much at all about what’s happening in our unconscious recesses of our heads. We only know what consciousness says, believes, and it is clear from neurobiological research that consciousness is a pathological liar.

(This may not actually be a bad thing. Is being positive about the day ahead when you wake up delusional? You don’t actually know the answer to that until evening rolls around. If the day was bad, then you were delusional about it, weren’t you? But it might have been worse if consciousness had said “Today’s gonna suck” and you didn’t make the best of a bad situation.)

To quickly sum up the rest, they trick the target into being where they want them however they can. As stated over in Wicked Game, I visited the state capitol in Minnesota one day in order to try to deliver a letter. That it happened to coincide with a war of words between an author I like and a state Tea Party rep who insulted him publicly struck me as a funny coincidence at the time, perhaps a little disturbing in retrospect. I could have been set up if they had decided to do so.

But, there you go. I had what I thought were my reasons for being there (a few people had also suggested seeing it, so it was also part tourism).

The point, these targets think they have reasons for what they do. There is a logic even if that logic did not actually originate with them and if it can be twisted by the people who set them up.

This is very, very different than pressing a button and remote controlling a human being (though that day is surely coming, especially if we don’t look into this topic in a very serious and effective way and before it is too late).

What could stop it? As corny as it may sound, love. Unconditional love might have prevented the isolation. It might also divert the course from where the patsy is supposed to be, completely ruining those sinister plans to destroy the middle class (the real goal here) in order to more easily reduce population without a resisting force to speak of. * You’d be surprised just how far a little act of kindness will go with a person in that desperate state of mind. They are looking for a way out of the trap, the Hell, that someone else created for them. You can help.

These principles and techniques do not just apply to violence. For example, a large, old corporation could easily trick a hacker into targeting a few newer, smaller competitors who think they can muscle their way in and take some of those contracts that the older, bigger company believes it will take, thankyouverymuch, while ensuring that there is financial data in the hoard in order to remove a “PITA” truth-telling gadfly and coerce the world’s greatest hacker into slavery.

And that’s what I meant about Miles Copeland, Jr. pointing out that the Watergate burglars had been tricked by CIA into the break-in. Same pattern, different targets, parties, goals, and methods

And the larger point, it doesn’t matter how intelligent you are. That subliminal stuff may actually work better on somebody who is smart because they have a broader world view and therefore a wider range of behaviors they would consider normal. Such people tend to be more open-minded. That might make it easier to persuade them to do what is desired. It’s once you get outside the range of internally acceptable behaviors that hypnosis starts to fall apart.

Awareness that this is actually done and that, pinch yourself, it may really be happening to you or someone you know, is also part of stopping disgusting, un-American, destructive, illegal, immoral, unethical, operations like these.

Of course these subliminals can also be used to make “PITA” truth-telling gadflies smoke like chimneys. I don’t actually have a solution for that. Yet. (But “dead at 30 anyway,” BB? You fell for that old trick?).

Further reading:

“Bioeffects of Microwave Radiation”




And of course the note I left under Dr. Lin’s door about the Carlyle Group investment in Dr. Dre’s headphones. Oh, wait. You can’t read that one.


* Mr. Casey was wrong. Someone did figure it out.

America’s Free Radicals

Step One:


See page 1 on how to weaponize a microwave oven.

Step Two:

Recall the botched investigation into the plane crash of opponent to the invasion of Iraq and environmentally active US senator Paul Wellstone (which included interrogations of neonazis who were aiming or shooting something at the plane).

Step Three:

Use your imagination.

The device from step one, a homemade microwave weapon–very similar in concept to the homemade laser I’ve noted several times used to set fire to the Conway condo building–is how American fascists murdered both Christopher Hitchens and Senator Edward “Teddy” Kennedy.

As the pattern reveals, you can forget America’s “top cops” looking into any of those things and taking any action because they, like their counterparts at CIA, are all jockeying for comfy jobs at Booz Allen Hamilton and the like.

There is no Department of Justice in the United States. There is only the Department of Cosmetic Surgery and Opportunism. In case you still harbor any faith at all in our elected leaders to look into any of these kinds of things, I beg you to read Sirota’s article at Salon again:

Salon, “How Cash Secretly Rules Surveillance Policy”, David Sirota, June 18, 2013:


It’s not just surveillance. There are active covert operations on US soil funded by various powerful business interests.

This is where we are. Fascism is here. It is excused, swept under the rug, and pervades all aspects of life.

Finally, a photo taken today. Note that the vast majority of the expiration dates are in 1993:



YouTube, “Clinton Apologizes for MKULTRA”


I think not.