Part of You Ripped Away

I know what that’s like. In fact, not just once, not just the normal kind of way. Then there are the near constant reminders so you can relive trauma over and over again.

Some people say that things happen for a reason. A reason.

I’m more of the mind that they happen for two or more reasons. It’s up to us to decide which prevails, which wins.

The only way to lose is to be taken out of the equation. Whether that’s because you give up (which can include going to jail, if that isn’t because you were set up or simply telling the system what it doesn’t want to hear) or let someone else decide for you what isn’t possible. That can include listening to that inner voice that might itself be compromised. These days, it’s not just lies and bad experiences that can do that.

Maybe things aren’t always what they seem. Maybe that’s not always a bad thing.

Take a chance. Get the facts. Don’t despair. Try some trust.

Gotta stop there. Battery needs charging.


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