Miriam Carey

Below is an email I sent in response to this article:

Philly, “The Other First Responders”, Ronnie Polaneczky, October 5, 2013


I actually had linked it within the email, but GMail sent a recent draft rather than the final one. Also, I realized that I inadvertently CCed, rather than BCCed some folks on it. Oops.

There’s also an error. The WPA is the World Psychiatric Association, not “Worldwide.” I must have been thinking of the GOP’s attempts to use torture on Western world youth to try to make them conservative or fullblown Manchurian candidates, the WWASP (see Reason, “Romney, Torture, and Teens” about George H.W. Bush and Wilard Mitt Romney campaign man funding these “schools” all over the place in order to make teens live in cages and eat their own vomit. It’s a hoot from the people who took away food assistance. “Party of God”.).

Finally, I left out MKULTRA subprojects 123 and 124 which were “African attitudes” studies. The CIA has not, to my knowledge, explained that. I don’t think it adequately can beyond having taken in so many Nazi scientists under PAPERCLIP.

Note that it was actually a different article explaining that Miriam Carey believed her life was being filmed for TV or similar.


Wanted to thank you, but also add something important to the discussion regarding your article of October 5, 2013 regarding Miriam Carey.

Yes, we should be treating brain maladies like other bodily injuries. No question about that. It is stigma, not unlike superstition (the way future generations will view us) that we look back on through history with smug self-satisfaction that we have “progressed” beyond.

It is, however, this very knowledge gap that the less scrupulous in government and private businesses are exploiting and I have reason to believe that Ms. Carey is an example of it.

First, there has been a rash of cases in recent years of so-called Truman’s syndrome. This has resulted in numerous people going to FBI and local law enforcement and asking for the “reality show” to be canceled. You can find one such article on this mysterious malady on Huffington Post.

Now, what are some possible  elements that might lead one to the conclusion that “all the world’s a stage”? I’ll give you my personal experience with this same phenomenon and when it began and the circumstances that lead up to it and a few possible (one of them being the truth, by the way) explanations.

In November of 2009, investigative reporter Amy Goodman of Democracy Now was stopped on the way out of Canada by the Canadian border patrol. She said that they seemed very paranoid. They interrogated her for some time and eventually she came to believe that they were concerned about negative reporting on the Olympics.

Two weeks later, a Canadian biologist turned science fiction writer named Peter Watts was stopped in a supposedly random search on the way back to Canada on the bridge connecting Port Huron, Michigan with Sarnia, Ontario. He and a grad student from the University of Toronto had helped a professor from that school move to his new job in the US. They were supposed to cross back over on December 6, 2009, but the rental car broke down and they had to wait for a second, delaying them until the 7th. On the 7th, the second rental car broke down and they got delayed until the 8th. The stop occurred on the 8th.

Also on the 8th, the Open Government Directive was released. This was the Obama administration’s attempt to alter the perception by many that the government is too secretive. In fact, Dick Cheney went to a great deal of effort to re-classify documents that were already in the public domain. Some of these documents dated back to the 19th century, to give you an idea just how extensive that effort was. Additionally, the NSA, recently under fire for not only spying on Americans, abusing that power for things like checking on potential paramours and single-handedly wrecking entire IT sectors such as cloud computing, released a report during the previous administration stating that the Gulf of Tonkin incident, long accepted to have been reported in error at best, a false-flag attack at worst, actually did happen. This report flew in the face of now decades of historical research and the accepted accounting of what happened.

I’m getting there. Please bear with me.

Peter Watts’ work includes notes in the back of his books. He includes those because some of the strangest things he writes about are based on real-world research being conducted in Colleges and Universities all over the world. This is not classified research, but, given history, it is highly likely that one or more of the items he has written about are funded by the Department of Defense and/the Central Intelligence Agency. There is a long history of this and it includes the program that the US Senate held hearings on, MK-ULTRA, referred to by them as a behavioral modification research.

Of course at the time, late 2009, early 2010, I was blissfully unaware of the extent and dark depths of this and similar barbaric experiments. For example, the very first president of the Worldwide Psychiatric Association, Ewen Cameron, performed experiments on people at the Allen Memorial Institute at McGill University in Montreal. This included using electrodes on one young woman who was reduced to sucking her thumb and an inability to recognize her parents. This was done on behalf of the CIA, paid for by them, and it took that woman’s family half a century to see their day in court.

You will find, in the appendix of the Senate report on MKULTRA, a draft memo containing some of the program’s goals. The very first regards making people behave irrationally in public. It is dated May, 5, 1955.

The reason we do not have more dicuments is because they were ordered destroyed by the Director because he feared the CIA would not survive public scrutiny of what all they did.

There is worse. I’m giving you a very capsulized version.

On the bridge on December 8, 2009, same day that the OGD was released, ordering more openness, Peter Watts wound up being beaten, pepper-sprayed, and arrested. He faced up to two or three years in prison for resisting an officer. The situation was chaotic to say the least.

Clearly someone was sending a message, their unhappy reaction to the OGD and used Watts as an example due to the nature of his writing (think Jules Verne but where hacking the brain is concerned instead of submarines).

I started writing letters on Watts’ behalf mostly attempting to get the charges dropped. The US government did drop theirs. The State of Michigan pushed towards a trial.

By the time the trial happened, I was “feeling” as though I were in a film or on TV. The thought of a TV show occurred to me, but that thought typically just threw me into hysterics. It wasn’t until I read about two things that I put together what actually happened.

First, there was reporting by TruthOut and later others that the US Navy and the CIA dosed detainees at Guantanamo Bay with five times the recommended dose of an anti-malarial drug called mefloquine, also known as Lariam. This drug and others like it frequently cause schizophreniclike symptoms. The Inspector General report for the Navy was made public. The CIA Inspector General report has not. The only reason I can see for doing that (apart from possible kickbacks from the drug manufacturers) is to illicit false confessions from the detainees in order to provide false intelligence to Congress to justify more spending, wars, private contracts, etc.

The second thing I read was the previously mentioned HuffPo article on Truman’s syndrome.

While it may not be mefloquine, the idea that certain government agencies have tested it on American citizens should come as no surprise. They did that with LSD extensively as part of those same programs like MKULTRA.

The symptoms I experienced after attempting to help Peter Watts, that is, using my rights to free speech and addressing grievances with my government, were that lights seemed brighter, sounds seemed louder, people seemed more dramatic, and their faces seemed a little fuzzy. They seemed like caricatures, archtypes, not “normal” people. Ergo, this must be TV.

As I said, that thought usually made me laugh, but the thought that I had been drugged did likewise not occur to me for some time.

I also note in passing that I was also let go from my job, as Ms. Carey had been, except it was actially my boss who became overly hostile, not me. One of the calmest people I ever knew suddenly became so angry all the time that he was shaking with rage.

This was a setup, the situation too closely matches mine as well as people who say that they are victims of Organized Stalking, which bears a great deal of similarity to Truman’s in some ways. The results, well there’s intimidation and making the police, Secret Service, and by extension the White House seem paranoid (and they might be).

We have an out of control national and private intelligence, security and defense sector. If you want to bottomline it, think of Eisenhower’s military-industrial-congressional complex expanding domestically.

Thank you for reading.

Chris Knall
Chicago, Illinois



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