Right. Let’s go over this again. The situation.

First, you’ve got NATO doing basically it’s own thing. Acting somewhat unilaterally. It runs black ops in nearly every country in the world. It holds no particular loyalty to the countries that make it up.

Next, you’ve got Dick Cheney and his seven or eight neocon top joint chiefs. Obama tried to rein them in and failed. That’s kind of on him, but it’s also a long, festering problem that Rick Perry, while running for President suggested solving by just letting it do its own thing (like NATO). No civilian control of the military. Got that? Someone who might have been Commander-in-Chief suggested that. That should have been really big news, but as many have pointed out, we also have an imminently corrupt mainstream media.

(Note: this, a partial military coup, is the thing that so many people sense in their gut but don’t know the cause of. The “something’s very, very, wrong” thing? That’s it.)

Then you have CIA, NSA, and FBI all vying for fortune and glory. Contracts just on the other side of that revolving door to the private sector, cushy corporate security jobs via selling out your country for the benefit of some CEO, and, of course, the lure of Hollywood. Guarantee there’s a glut of FBI agents headed that way just like we saw of CIA before. Expect the b.s. to only get worse (a la pro-torture, surveillance state, and these masculine false heroes becoming legends in their own minds and on HBO). They don’t give a single s— about any of those things that the American public thinks they do, merely serving loyally their masters in the corporate world and Congress to get their personal reward on the other side at the expense of the American citizen. This takes many forms, including assassination of reporters and politicians who don’t play along.

Then there are those private intelligence firms who receive better protection from those entirely (yes, entirely *) corrupt institutions mentioned above than people who attend movies, fly in planes, watch marathons, and whatever else it is people like to do that these creeps want to make terrifying enough for you to hand over whatever is left of your 401K to their multinational corporate banking sponsors. They have no oversight to speak of and work for multiple members of the IC and private corporations at the same time.

Then there’s both Congress and the Supreme Court. They are bought and paid for. Forget it.

A common thread through all of this (probably sitting in the second, though maybe the first or both, paragraph) is population. All of these layers to one degree or other want to reduce it. War is one way. Bigotry another. Still another playing groups off against each other and stoking the hate.

In connection to that last part, there is–at the very same time–the desire to take away guns and to start what amounts to a civil war or multiple uprisings. Though, yes, it is a Democratic issue to repeal, amend, or limit the Secobd Amendment, there are also Republicans (like Pete King of NY) who want to take guns away. In reality, I believe it is the military who wants to do this in order to make crowd control less troublesome. The militia, for example, concerns them, but the state-of-the-art “mind control” tech may mean they actually run it (as NATO does nearly all terror organizations worldwide since WWII–the Russians and Chinese must have some, they aren’t stupid) or can use it to suit their purposes anyway.

They undoubtedly describe this as preparing for possible fallout from some kind of economic downturn.

But what doesn’t make any sense is that the economy is controlled by the world banking system and they must surely know who to go after if, for example, the hoarding of cash (in the trillions) by large banks worsens.

So, I reject that as the reason, merely another “disaster” excuse to make the final power grabs.

All of that was to get to the real point. Population. Someone has to go, they think. May as well be people who can’t stop it happening and Karl Rove’s genius at figuring out what gets the right percentages to agree comes into play.

So, you have Miriam Carey (and there already is a Brit paper cover story stating that 1,200 people have been murdered by the mentally ill–a figure fudged for fearmongering various ways) as the “dangerous” poster girl for why, if someone has to go, it may as well be “the crazies.” Aaron Alexis gets more suspicion thrown at war vets (again, see Lloyd Woodson and others, late 2009, early 2010). And both were African-American. See again MKULTRA subprojects 123 and 124.

Minorities and foreigners because xenophobia is easy to stir up. Gays, atheists and Muslims because religious zealotry is easy to stir up. The mentally ill because brain malfunctions scare people and Hollywood has managed to get the serial killer meme into everyone’s head as representative of all mental illness while simultaneously painting real world sociopaths as saints (there are exceptions to both, of course).

The real problem here is getting that message out. What might the reaction be if it’s believed? Exactly what they want. Homegrown terrorism, retribution, preeminent strikes. That will give them the excuse to crack down.

Do nothing and they false-flag their way to the same ending. They will fake it if these groups refuse to play along, take the bait.

Therefore, the only viable solution is to know and reveal the truth and do so peacefully. That is the only winning combo.

Strange, isn’t it, how close that comes to Jesus, Ghandi, MLK, isn’t it? Why that is, I don’t quite know.

* If they actually gave a damn, they’d have marched in groups and blown whistles en masse. Silence is consent.


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