A Post About Nothing

It really has little to do with what’s happening (or not happening) in Chicago. (Yes, I’ve moved out of Michigan).

It doesn’t even really have anything to do with being sleep-deprived. (Only a little anyway, despite miscellaneous silliness last night. Oh, entertainment on tax payer dollars, how I’ve missed you).

It doesn’t even have to do with having had the same cough for seventeen months now. Yes, besides having grandma killed (as Sarah Palin predicted) I haven’t had healthcare since I left Minneapolis. Of course, if I’d stayed much longer, I’d probably have had serious need of it.

Quick preamble because like Pavlov’s dog, we are all programmed to assume when someone attacks the Democratic Party it must mean you love the other one (what a stupid f—ing notion. I swear, there are people just as brainwashed by DNC as they were by CIA): Republicans suck more. But diarrhea soup vs. s— sandwich isn’t much to brag about.

It’s just pointing out the pesky truth. It does have an ugly head. Just look at it.

See, the true spook, the real professional who excels at it and gets corporate jobs or political party positions running black ops, smear campaigns, political hit jobs on third parties, people who rock the boat (Howard Dean in 2004, but beaten into slavelike submission since, comes to mind), they are not idealists. No. They are people who just enjoy ruining someone else’s day and getting paid for it. Whether they do so on behalf of Boehner or Pelosi is largely irrelevant. That they always do so for power is not.

And that’s what occurred to me (again) recently. The fact is that I am trying to put an end to not only the use of dirty tricks by the government itself, wealthy powerful individuals, and multinational corporations, but the political parties as well. (Hilariously, ending “mind control” also means there is no way in hell I’ll ever be loved 1/10th as much as I love someone else, but I digress, “hill of beans in this world”, “when you ain’t got nothin’, you got nothin’ to lose”. Yes, I realized this years ago.)

And that is the obstacle. That is the problem. The people who actually carry these things out, regardless of who they do it for, enjoy doing it. They don’t want it to end. They are as selfish inside as those they do the ops for, as much as the opposition. It’s like everyone has joined the “me” generation. What, as much as an out of work former vice president, would a field operative do if there were no strife, if it were revealed how this broken, unbelievably corrupt system we euphemistically still refer to as democracy, were exposed for the sham it has become? Go fishing? Not likely.

And that’s also how at last I know who it is is going to kill me. I don’t know when. I don’t even know how, except I know it’ll be from a safe distance because they don’t ever really risk themselves. It’ll also (like grandma and the cough that has survived two rounds of antibiotics) be made to look like it was the other guys. This Ghost let something slip. (FYI: it’s not T).

Everyone is tied up in their own private b.s. and they don’t see how they are actually expediting whatever it is they are trying to prevent. Everyone is Oedipus and running smack into their own worst nightmares. Koch, for example, couldn’t be setting this country on a better course for a communist revolution if they were actually trying. Teethed on the John Birch Society thinking, you’d expect they’d have more sense.

They are not alone in being blinded to their own action-effect dynamic, not by a long shot. It’s practically mythological how nobody listens and history repeats itself.

Now go back to lying to yourselves.


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