Nuthin’ But a G-Neural Thang

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The Carlyle Group, which as I stated in Wicked Game was close to being a client of my firm’s back in 2000-something. It owns Booz Allen, which I also noted in Wicked Game because I had two employees of that intelligence community contractor in my life, one a D&D player, the other lived in my condo building, didn’t really know her.

Carlyle is known for having both George H.W. Bush at one time on its board and for having been invested in by the relatives of a maybe dead/maybe not (as Sy Hersh seems to be saying now) terrorist named Osama bin Laden.

Booz Allen Hamilton, according to David Sirota, bankrolls both the Democratic and Republican Parties *. It was also NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s former employer.

Got all that so far? Good.

Now, let’s step back and think, reminisce, about some of the topics covered here.

First, there’s voice-to-skull. According to the US Army, it has two modes: projecting consciously discernable sound into the heads of mammals including human beings and a subliminal mode where it can project sounds that only the unconscious mind are aware of.

The fact is, subliminal audio can be sent out, audibly without the need for sending it into the skull via V2K, using any device capable of sending out sound. In other words, your kids could be watching cartoons about anything at all while the subliminals are telling them, drink more soda, make mommy and daddy buy you toys, trust the priest he’s just teaching you about the birds and the bees, whatever.

Next let’s recall that the CIA’s MKULTRA project included many subprojects, including #123 and #124: “African[-American] attitudes” studies. In other words, the CIA, not having many at all black people employed, decided to find out what makes black people tick. We don’t know what they discovered, because of course the criminal motherf—ers destroyed all the evidence that they could.

(Note: g-neural was apparently what science fiction writer Philip K. Dick called what he thought would one day come: electronic methods of controlling human beings).

I’ve also been thinking about how the Ford Foundation (also ass-deep in CIA shenanigans) helped to fund the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival where I interned in 1989 and 1990 (again, see Wicked Game for details).

Finally, having I believe shown homework that is almost completely in the public domain, we have the Carlyle Group’s decision to invest $500M in a new headphone set being marketed by Dr. Dre:

Headline Grabber

Several articles there as I write this. I don’t currently know why Abu Dhabi in particular is a big owner of Carlyle (and therefore Booz Allen, and therefore the two major parties…).

That’s it. Enjoy the fireworks, because I sure as s— seem to be fighting uphill, alone, with one broken leg trying to get the false-flag V2K terror stuff even into the public eye much less to get those whose job it should be to shut that s— down.

C’est la vie. C’est la guerre.

(Also, CIA has a biolab in Kazakhstan that was/is poised to release false-flag pandemics, but I took care of that on Twitter. You’re welcome.)

* So stop being a chickenhead for either major party. Bought and sold.


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