BBD – Divide, Discredit, Box-In, Conquer

We can’t go on together, with suspicious minds.


Of course I use that quote at top ironically. What I’m about to describe is why the organic food protesters are losing and are going to continue to lose. And it will to those who have not yet caught on that they are on the endangered species list yet, sound overly suspicious, paranoid. It’s not. I write this from a place of calm assuredness that the worst will come to pass anyway.

Further, I’m going to suggest that to a large extent, be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

This is not personal, at least not with the very well-intentioned folks who organized today’s March Against Monsanto in Chicago. They mean well. My criticism echoes the same criticism I aimed once or twice at Jeremy Scahill and that man may not even know just how much I admire his bravery and his work. In fact, there are times I worry that I do him more harm than good mentioning that seeing as this blog might appear at first glance as a run-of-the-mill conspiracy theory website.

It isn’t. There are several reasons why that is. One, I’ve experienced a good deal of what I discuss firsthand and have been fortunate enough to find the right public sources to explain much of it (and grew up reading books on stage magic to explain most of the rest).

Then there is the very real yet little known history of things like COINTELPRO and MKULTRA. Most people have heard of one or both but safely tuck them into niches like “50s racism against civil rights leaders, thank goodness we’ve moved on from that ignorance” and “CIA slipped LSD to some prostitutes and their clientele, who cares about those people anyway if we have to experiment on humans may as well be them.”

This attitude also echoes what I would have said to Scahill if I could. There is a wonderful, gives-you-hope segment of the US population who understands that human rights must be protected even when violated against the “lowest” in society, or against mostly innocent foreigners who our government and its gynormous industrial-Congressional-military complex (which includes private spook companies like Booz Allen, Stratfor, Palantir, HB Gary Federal) remove permanently from the face of the Earth because it makes someone money when we do so. There are people who care about that.

But the majority of Americans, or a significant portion of a minority of Americans, don’t. They buy into every lie they are told provided it comes from which ever half of the one-party system (funded by Booz Allen and the like) they have decided to side with says it. They don’t care about brown people overseas because they are too worried about their own kin and skin and what’s happening domestically.

In the same vein, people know that processed (and logically GMO) foods are bad for them. They already largley believe that they cause cancer.

But they also believe that everything causes cancer. They’ve been told that by the mainstream news media over and over.

“What difference does it make?” Hillary Clinton taken out of context. There’s a chance we can and will all get cancer anyway, they think. Why bother fighting food corporations who are making one more of a thousand ways to die that already exist?

And that is the goddam box that the FBI has left these people in. They are preaching to the choir. What they are preaching is a truth, but it’s not all of it.

Back to the FBI and how it serves two basic functions. First, to destroy any chance whatsoever that the American people can determine anything whatsoever.

The labor moment, destroyed by the FBI. Now we approach a replay of the Great Depression because Americans cannot afford to buy what they make, and not even enough of what they used to make that is now made overseas.

The pro-ecology movement, destroyed by the FBI. Now we approach the point where the only solution any politician, spy or soldier can come up with is Thomas Friedman’s 1 billion Earth population. The FBI agents I’ve rubbed elbows with in the field, well most of them, are the kinds of sociopaths that look forward to helping reduce population. They literally are the kinds of people who Himmler sought out: bullies, supreme liars, sadists. These guys work on the counter-terror and counter-intelligence side so many have likely transferred in from CIA who likewise thinks genocide is the best answer, as long as those removed aren’t Mormon.

(Yeah, that’d be a fun planet for future space aliens to visit, I’m sure. Nanoo-nanoo, where’s everyone else? Oops.)

So the question becomes, how do you get these messages across to the average American (who has on the world-scale, an IQ lower than 100, the average)?

Monsanto made Agent Orange. Monsanto hired Blackwater to go after protesters. Monsanto is creating a monopoly on food, so they can screw us. Monsanto steals farms, exports jobs.

All of those are also true (and at least one I know because of Scahill). And they resonate beyond the echo chamber. Why does a food company hire mercenaries? Why are they attacking Americans’ free speech? Why was there a law passed specifically to prevent criminal–not civil–charges from being brought against Monsanto? Isn’t that a gigantic red flag that something is very, very wrong?

That’s where I think the arguments should be, though to be fair the march was largely about getting Barack Obama to make good on just one of several failed campaign promises: to label GMO food as such.

Now I’m switching gears a bit.

Wondered why these scumbags even let me come to Chicago. Now I know.

The likely FBI dude was so damn FBI that I can only think he was there to distract from the one to three other ones I picked out.

Really, he’s got that look.


And then there was of course the obvious doppelganger, but not a big deal.

Just keep your distance. I’m cool with it. Not only are they trying to make it appear that I’m an informant, they are probably actually hoping they can in some capacity make that happen with their toys. And of course if there’s one thing I want, it’s to ruin their plans.

(BTW, how’s Achmed’s $1B Kazakh Storage Facility and Falafel House doing?)

Just let me know, as I said to N—, somehow when and where the next legal proceeding for anyone with the same last name is. Would like to be there to show my support. We don’t have to talk.

This is what I think of the best laid plans of assholes:



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