Never Smile (Updated)

8 January 2014 Update:

Reason blog puts entire story in question. Intentional or unintended scare story by police that was picked up by national news outlets? Possibility that adverse effects simply due to dirty needles; unable to confirm that drug has been officially linked to the adverse effects:

Ok, new drug called ‘krokodil’ or crocodile. It’s being compared to heroin except is has a very nasty side-effect:


It also eats flesh. (That’s among the least disturbing photo I could find. Truly some look like zombie movie CGI effects. Not possible with makeup, take my word or google it).

ABC, “Joliet sisters: Heroin-like drug ‘Krokodil’ eats flesh and destroys skin, lives”, Michelle Gallardo, October 14, 2013:

What drug dealer in his right mind would peddle a drug that immediately causes such a debilitating affliction? Yes, many illegal drugs have bad side effects, but they take time to manifest.

Who, then, would do such a thing? Someone interested in population reduction (under cover of a radical, tyrannical “scared straight” program).

The original MKULTRA, besides slipping LSD to prostitutes and johns at various houses of ill repute frequented by FBN/CIA/FBI agent George Hunter White, also experimented with LSD on prisioners. James ‘Whitey’ Bulger was one such we found out recently. You will also find more details about that in Albarelli’s A Terrible Mistake, where, for example, they did testing at a prison in Kentucky.

Now I’ve got to get to a preamble again before continuing. I do not begrudge anyone their religious beliefs so long as they don’t infringe on the rights of others. As I’ve stated previously, I’ve known some Mormons and got along just fine with them.

Additionally, the Choir can sing, and I even have a few of those on my MP3 player. This is not personal nor a general statement. Just one that is necessary because it happens to very likely be the truth.

However, there are two things I am going to bring up again.

First, the CJCLDS was heavily involved in making sure that California did not pass gay marriage a few years back. This was illegal. Separation of church and state prevents that kind of thing occurring or they could/would/should lose their tax exempt status.

Of course, being a powerful lobby, that didn’t happen. Like Monsanto, they are immune.

The other thing was how CIA hired inordinate numbers of Mormons in the 1980s. The idea, or excuse, was that many came with built-in cover as missionaries, already spoke foreign languages, and, though I might dispute this in a way, their fanatical loyalty to God, family, country.

The question, like so many conflicts of interest that are ignored, is what would happen if the country’s interests and the church’s interests came into conflict? This is supposed to be a country for all people, not just the white, well-to-do, radical religious.

But coupled with this is the problem of population. Even liberal Thomas Friedman believes that only one or two billion people are capable of living on this planet sustainably, without problems.

Now imagine what the Department of Defense (many top brass are devout Catholic) and CIA (see above) would decide what the best course of action is. Throw in the millionaires and billionaires in Congress, corporate officers of any too-big-to-curtail, and you’ve got The Titanic and only those in the know keeping close to those life rafts.

Do I have the alternative solutions? Maybe a couple thanks to at least one incredibly awesome Canadian science fiction writer. Yet I don’t have them all.

(Guess I came up with one in a fiction book as well. Similar to the pingpong ball or styrofoam peanut suspended in air by fans to cool homes by blocking sunlight: glitter.)

But I believe firmly that we should examine and try them. Get Star Trek on this problem. Give NASA those dollars that are well beyond (excepting the “final solution”) our actual needs. Make greed, just until we get this under control, a dirty word. We don’t have time for profiteering when the ship is sinking. After we’re back on course, have at it.

The dinosaurs lacked an ability to cooperate in a meaningful way. As humans, we have the advantage of being able to. Let’s use it.

Five dead African-Americans, most under odd (to me anyway) circumstances. The latest, an anti-violence DJ/activist was gunned down in Wilkes Barre, PA. Witnesses are saying it was a random drive-by. Voice-to-skull, kids.

Recall again, MKULTRA subprojects 123, 124, and the destruction of the documentation so as to preserve CIA’s very existence. History is pointing out what is happening now.

Anyway, I look forward to the krokodil cover story. I’m sure it’s going to be fascinating, dramatic, and complete bulls—.

It was the Red Scare used as the excuse last time this craziness happened here. Now we have 9/11 to point to to excuse any behavior at all. Take COINTELPRO and MKULTRA and put them in a blender, and you’ve arrived at the truth.

(PS: see again Carlyle Group investment in headphones post below).


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