Sometimes They Eat Their Own

Just a quick rundown of what seems to be at the heart of the situation when our intelligence community decides it’s time for one of their own number to go to the Great Beyond.

In the case of CIA/DoD chemist Frank Olson of Fort Detrick and Sidney Gottlieb’s Technical Services Division, we don’t know for certain. The official story was that Olson went to NYC to speak to a psychiatrist due to psychological issues and he jumped from the window of his hotel to his death.

Not entirely buying into this official version, Olson’s family pushed the Nixon and Ford administrations for answers. Little by little, the story morphed as more and more of the truth came out.

Eventually it was revealed that Olson and several others all drank from a flask of alcohol laced with LSD. Gottlieb stated that those present were notified of what had been done (intentionally) soon after.

Only Olson and maybe one or two others had difficulty after. Only Olson’s continued to be a debilitating problem. This lead to his going to New York and his subsequent death.

As more information was drawn, it was revealed that Olson was actually given his drink from a duplicate flask. His was either laced with a different substance, a different amount of LSD, or a combination of the two.

The question of course becomes, why? The best guess according to Albarelli’s book is that he grew a conscience. Not that he actually gave away any secrets. Simply that he, in his own head and heart, had lost faith in what it was that they were doing. It is possible that the potential mass drugging of Pont-Saint-Esprit or an interrogation at which Olson was present was the cause for this, or a combination of seeing or realizing that perhaps the true targets of MKULTRA was not dangerous enemy spies but, as is stated rather clearly in the introduction of the CIA’s book on guerilla warfare, the American public or the citizens of allied.nations for special business interests, not for the freedom of all as the propaganda would imply.

The further truth of Olson’s situation remains somewhat hidden, but the rumor seems to be that George Hunter White, who was at the epicenter of the surreptitious drugging of US citizens with LSD under MKULTRA, and another more mysterious operative known as Pierre Lafitte, threw Olson out the window.

Apparently the only rule of Spook Club is not to feel for other human beings.

All of that is to come around to re-mentioning a few others. Richard Kuranda, a fellow intern at the Gerald R. Ford Foundation-funded New Jersey Shakespeare Festival indicated to me that he believed his father was killed, and did not commit suicide as the official determination concluded.

Similarly, I’ve already suggested that Colby’s death was likely not accidental and reminded people that G. Gordon Liddy explained how he gave “them” the chance to hit him rather than allow it to happen near his home and wife. He told someone what corner he’d be on at a particular time. They didn’t take him out, he clammed up, did his time, and was rewarded. Colby, similarly, went canoeing by himself. As I noted, Colby (along with a former KGB officer) consulted on a PC game called Spycraft. Spycraft‘s plot revolved around a multinational private spy corporation called Contractor (using the Russian word). Regardless of what else, it drew attention to things like what we have now: Top Secret America. Despite the growth in 2004 and 2005 in the wake of 9/11, some companies, like the Carlyle Group owned Booz Allen Hamilton has been around a long time. In that example’s case, since 1917. Kind of opens the door to all sorts of interesting possibilities (the identity of the original real world MiBs, for example, from 1947, 1949 who tried to convince their PSYOP targets that rocket/plane/weapon testing was actual space alien activity? Oh, my but that’d be hilarious).

If you don’t think the government and its private partners are concerned over what mass media does, you aren’t paying attention. See MOCKINGBIRD, for exampl e, and TruthOut’s reporting on how the Pentagon strongarms Hollywood into telling stories the way it wants them told.

All of that was to A) save you having to click on links for all of those things because I’ve already more or less covered them here and B) to add another to the pile.

Miles Axe Copeland, Jr., father of The Police drummer Stewart Copeland. I was actually searching for the argument or debate between The Police lead singer Sting and Miles that happened in Rolling Stone the 80s after Miles was interviewed when I ran across these other things I’m about to relate. In the interview, Miles suggested that Sting’s music could be used by CIA to spread propaganda. This enraged Sting who wrote a rebuttal. Then there was, I think Miles’ reply to that and it ended.

Anyway, background on Miles is that he was OSS and one of the first CIA officers as a result. He was heavily involved with Operation Ajax, that resulted in the Shah of Iran being a US bag guy and that lead eventually to his overthrow and the mess we have today. I don’t expect that result was what Miles had in mind.

Which might be the point. He went to Booz Allen Hamilton after leaving CIA (as a NOC). When later the news of Watergate perhaps having been related to a CIA operation and official word stating they had nothing to do with it (They clearly did. Schlesinger found this out mostly the hard way, by opening the safe in his new office. This plus younger officers complaining, Sy Hersh stories in the news, and the lawbreaking discovered lead to the Family Jewels mostly being made public and the Church/Tower hearings), Miles was among a few who spoke out stating that CIA lead the burglars into a trap. (This may become important over the next several months by way of example.)

To put that in context, note that Albarelli’s book contains the anecdote about the entire Nixon entourage being dosed with LSD (source: CIA’s own files) on the way to Moscow to discuss a reduction in nuke stockpiles, the refusal of CIA and/or DoD to destroy some hazardous biological and/or chemical substances as part of Nixon’s paring down of NBC weapon strategies as part of a good faith effort to get the Soviets to do likewise, and of course pulling out of Vietnam against the wishes of the military-industrial-Congressional complex. (I don’t like defending Nixon in part due to the usual secret wars stuff, Cambobia, etc, but I can’t argue with those policies listed). In short, Nixon made some enemies on the far right by giving the smallest resistance to the MICC. The Radford Affair must also be noted, in which the very same Navy admiral who Bob Woodward reported to as an ONI attache mere months before becoming a reporter, ran a spy in the Nixon White House.

The John Birch Society (founded in part by Frank Koch, father of Charles and David “Maybe the Shutdown Wasn’t Such a Good Idea” Koch) mode of thinking was and likely still is rampant among top military brass and in some corners of the US IC. To sum that up: If you aren’t completely in the bag for no taxes on the rich and corporations (who have no loyalty to country and citizens, merely their bottom line per officers’ fiduciary responsibility, that is by design) and yet on the other hand funding the defense industry like there’s no tomorrow, you are a leftwing pinko commie bedwetter (thank Imus for that phrase).

Was Miles disillusioned? This kind of pattern continues.

Robert Baer, twenty years at CIA, decided, I think, that he was serving Exxon more than Lady Liberty and that the interests of one, or at least how those interests are carried out, do not always align. Turned down the opportunity to get involved with what would later become Arms-for-Hostages and/or Iran-Contra.

Valerie Plame-Wilson, per the movie Fair Game, saw her carefully nurtured contacts in Iraq get betrayed when invasion took the place of covert ops (largely historically done so that you don’t have to invade). Not only hurt CIA’s HUMINT efforts in the short term by losing those individuals but also long term because word gets around about not trusting someone who betrays those they swear to help. (This is one reason I think that most of what we hear, take Syria for example, is untrue; the intel is based on intent now, not on finding the truth; we are in full stab and shape making mode, not in probe and view mode. Put another way, very similar to my arguments elsewhere regarding potential behavioral modification efforts, they don’t actually care so much who you are {surveillance, intel gathering and analysis} anymore so much as who they can turn you into {behavioral modification, propaganda, PSYOPs}).

In a very, very similar vein, John Kiriakou blows the whistle on abuse of detainees for what can only be a desire to obtain false confessions. He goes to jail. People who engage in the worst abuse and ordered it remain free (and it gets ignored due to the timing of the Boston marathon bombing coinciding with release of the report implicating top Bush administration officials for the torture program–though I note again our “top cop” Holder suggested we’d all be better off sweeping the whole thing under the rug).

1990 is where Miles’ story gets really interesting:

Wikipedia / Enemy Within, Seumas Milne, :,_Jr.

In the introduction to his book ‘Enemy Within’, Guardian journalist Seumas Milne wrote that in the Spring of 1990, Copeland warned British miners union leaders Arthur Scargill and Peter Heathfield that the CIA and MI5 had been involved in kick starting a media campaign against them and helped to frame corrupt allegations against them.[5]

Copeland died in February 1991.[6][dead link]

Go pro-labor and see what happens?

I’ll add that in Sting’s biography he only devoted one page to The Police. What left him with such a sour taste?

I’ll also add that Sean Connery, it is sometimes reported, really wanted out of the Bond franchise (we’re talking around Goldfinger here, early on) due to Broccoli’s “business ties.”

It’s not what it seems. I don’t call it The Matrix as Jon Rappaport does, but I see why he does. For something closer–in a very nonliteral, figurative sense–of what I mean by “Spookspace” (as opposed to Meatspace and Cyberspace) see the Nightwatch book trilogy or pair of movies. It’s not “magic” in the supernatural sense, merely psychology and trickery.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t something casting a shadow on the door of a cottage on the shore…of liberty.

Now, where did I leave the Chalk of Destiny? * 😉

* That joke woulda killed in Spookspace.


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