America’s Free Radicals

Step One:

See page 1 on how to weaponize a microwave oven.

Step Two:

Recall the botched investigation into the plane crash of opponent to the invasion of Iraq and environmentally active US senator Paul Wellstone (which included interrogations of neonazis who were aiming or shooting something at the plane).

Step Three:

Use your imagination.

The device from step one, a homemade microwave weapon–very similar in concept to the homemade laser I’ve noted several times used to set fire to the Conway condo building–is how American fascists murdered both Christopher Hitchens and Senator Edward “Teddy” Kennedy.

As the pattern reveals, you can forget America’s “top cops” looking into any of those things and taking any action because they, like their counterparts at CIA, are all jockeying for comfy jobs at Booz Allen Hamilton and the like.

There is no Department of Justice in the United States. There is only the Department of Cosmetic Surgery and Opportunism. In case you still harbor any faith at all in our elected leaders to look into any of these kinds of things, I beg you to read Sirota’s article at Salon again:

Salon, “How Cash Secretly Rules Surveillance Policy”, David Sirota, June 18, 2013:

It’s not just surveillance. There are active covert operations on US soil funded by various powerful business interests.

This is where we are. Fascism is here. It is excused, swept under the rug, and pervades all aspects of life.

Finally, a photo taken today. Note that the vast majority of the expiration dates are in 1993:



YouTube, “Clinton Apologizes for MKULTRA”

I think not.


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