Stratforgate, PRISMgate

Yet another piece of the puzzle falls into place.

In order to make any sense of this at all and to curb accusations of being this or that, I’m going to have to explain some things about my politics. I’m an issues guy.

I support socialized medicine because it works in the vast majority of countries that call themselves US allies. None of those countries have met with the kind of doom that has preceded the rollout of so-called Obamacare. I say so-called because it is essentially the same legislation that Willard Mitt Romney signed into law in Massachusetts when he was governor. While I don’t know for a fact that as-is it’s going to be a net positive, what we typically do (that is, pre-we-all-lost-our-minds) is to try out laws and see where they can be improved.

Second, I suupport gay marriage. I consider the Obama administration a late comer to that (they only supported civil unions back in ’08), though so did I for different reasons (I figured if we left the word ‘marriage’ out of it but gave the same rights, it might not seem like an attack on religion to those terribly uncomfortable with their own sexuality).

So, score two for the Obama administration and to some extent the Democrats, despite the strange death of my grandmother (done to provoke violence, a “joke” about Sarah Palin’s comments about it being a plot to kill grandma) and finding out that my ex got married on 11/11/11 on Facebook after the most horrendous treatment at the hands of people who work for the President (after working for OFA in ’10!), who also destroyed that relationship in the first place. Principles are principles, even if I will be purposely left out in the cold due to concerns over highly illegal covert operations being made public.

But then there is that. Who seems more apt to fight against surveillance (tip of the covert iceberg really)? Not the Republicans. Not the Democrats either who have defended attacks on civil liberties. Who then?

The Tea Party of all people. Libertarians like Ron Paul. They don’t like it, consider it…well, whatever reasons they give, they still oppose it.

Then why aren’t I a libertarian/tea partier? Because along with the freedom to not be spied upon by the Federal government, they also want the freedom to discriminate (at the very least, think more allow hate crimes) against any group they don’t happen to like. That may include “courtesans” (I get the impression that escorts are moving toward that term), gays, atheists, Muslims, the poor, racial minorities, and immigrants and foreigners. That’s not acceptable. This country was labeled the Great Melting Pot for a reason. An advantage, we can learn important things from other cultures so that we don’t stagnate as a society (which is in part exactly what’s happened).

To my eye, however, it appears as though the Federal government is, rather than protect people from hate crimes, actually engaging in them. This means that it isn’t functioning properly, but removal of the capability to fight radical hatred would leave people at the mercy of some groups that would jump at the chance to get some free hits in against anyone they fear.

Having said that, there’s even one * thing I agree with that dinosaur of a party on, the GOP. We spend too much.

What I don’t agree on, is what. Our defense, intelligence, and security spending is out of control and seeks to devour us from within. Compared with education, which constructively creates a better America, it is towering in size. The GOP constantly complains about it, gets education shrunk, and we get dumber with nothing to show for it except Technicolor™ explosions on CNN.

Because none of these three, two, or single parties (depending on how you define it) is doing a single thing about climate change (apart from tricking damn near everyone into killing each other), the single largest issue the entire human race faces (and believe me, there are some members of the conservative elite who believe it, in fact it scares the s— out of them) plus the cloak-and-dagger nonsense, I voted Green Party in 2012. Thankfully, it was for Jill Stein and not Roseanne Barr (different issue, but she’s been sucked in this week by MONARCH disinformationists and is likely doing more harm than good. But we have the CIA, the Carlyle Group, our elected officials, and, I’m sorry, but the silence of those who know better to blame. Essentially, people like me will now be considered terrorists for whistleblowing on the CIA’s behavioral modification and false flag programs because people would rather attack victims than bullies, generally out of fear).

I say all of that so you know that when I defend Edward Snowden, it’s because he should be defended for what he did for his country regardless who he voted for or supported. Further, it’s easy to see why he was a Ron Paul supporter. Paul speaks my language, uses the right words, it’s just that they don’t mean the same thing to him and his constituency that they do to me. What is freedom but the ability to think that you can do whatever it is you want without being stopped or punished for it? I disagree that discrimination should be a freedom; that’s stepping beyond personal and into affecting others. We have to get along and it’s (supposed to be) Johnny Law’s job to see that peace is kept (as opposed to hoping for war and even false-flagging them into being, which is what many are now doing).

Right. Back to Stratforgate.

9/11 happens. Private spook corporations look for ways to expand, exploit that. Three of them, Stratfor, HB Gary Federal, and Palantir (owned by Ron Paul’s biggest supporter, a billionaire) band together because they are smaller than, for example, the oldest: Booz Allen Hamilton. BAH is owned by the Carlyle Group, which as I’ve said already on the blog, included George H.W. Bush as a board member for a while and subsidiary BAH had former CIA director and neoconservative Jim Woolsey on their board for a while. All in all, we’re talking defense and intelligence being performed and invested in by the same big company. BAH was founded in 1917. Waaaay before 9/11, yes?

Others who have gone over to BAH have included democrats. It’s not just a republican spook group. It’s big.

Team Themis, meanwhile, at least one libertarian among them, Paul’s top donor.

How to swat Team Themis out of the way? Competitor. Opposing political views. Hm, BAH, thinks. Need to embarass them.

What else do we need to do? Here’s an investigative reporter, Barrett Brown. He’s not afraid to point out the lies. Whether they come from the Pentagon, the White House, Congress, FOX News or the New York Times, he will write what’s on his mind. Crap, he even knows his history:


He’s gotta go, they think. We are deep into that same playbook right now, BAH says to itself. But how?

We’re always (the big pieces of the intelligence community and its private partners) looking for talent. Here’s someone who might just be the world’s greatest hacker. He’s got an IQ of 168! He’s also one of those activist types. Would be great to tame him if possible, make him ours, or at least neutralize him for a time.

Bingo! We trick the hacker (using voice-to-skull and probably a phony anon) into taking data from part of Team Themis, and get him to give the data to the reporter. Everyone gets screwed except us because we’re working it covertly.

And so Barrett Brown faces up to 105 years in prison, Jeremy Hamond plead guilty to avoid spending the rest of his life bouncing from state to state prison awaiting what would amount to double, treble, quintuple, etc. jeopardy.

Incidentally, they also charged Barrett Brown’s mother and she’s plead guilty (how they got Brown upset enough so that voice-to-skull would get him to make the angry video). Also, both Jeremy Hammond’s brother and father have been set up. All of this is that power that Ron Paul supporters rightly fear: the ability to get anyone to do whatever you want through coercion, blackmail, (and behavioral modification technology and techniques.) Slavery really.

Having finally realized that they got screwed, Team Themis seeks revenge by getting Edward Snowden to embarass NSA, Booz Allen and the federal government in general using the same sort of behavioral modification stuff used on me, Bradley Manning, Aaron Alexis, Miriam Carey, Aaron Scwartz, etc. (Also, suspect Clint Eastwood’s talking to himself at Romney event wasn’t in fact the act of a knowing liberal inftrator, but hey if you guys love this Frey effect/subliminal stuff so much, best of luck next time).

As you can see, there are many uses for voice-to-skull and subliminal audio beyond making people shoot each other (c’mon, Roseanne).

That’s basically it, except for a complete explanation as to how I seem to end up where I do: in the middle of it.

* Okay, two. 2nd amendment even though I don’t own, won’t own a gun myself.


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