Triple Threat Times Two

Right. Three data points generally creates a trend. While that doesn’t prove anything, doesn’t even make for a theory, it does afford a hypothesis.

1) Aaron Alexis – directed anguish due to belief that he was being tortured electronically and remotely, outward. September 16, 2013.

2) Miriam Carey – sought some kind of relief by (perhaps) turning to the White House for help or maybe just made a wrong turn. Shooters in that case (also very likely subject to voice-to-skull, subliminal audio, whatever it actually is being used to accomplish this stuff) shot her. October 3, 2013.

3) Josh Marks – very similar to both Alexis (had a run-in with UIC police in a “manic state”) and Carey (was under psychological care), directed his anquish inward and, apparently, shot himself in the head. October 11, 2013.

There’s set one. Three African-Americans dead, all under failed (?) psychological care (I mean why should we believe that the mental health industry has the answers with three blatant failures in a row?).

Note that there is absolutely zero indication that any were physically held and tortured in order to do these things (in other words, MONARCH is disinformation just as I said a few posts below, the Manchurian candidate style physical torture is not required, just FBI informant style harassment and PSYOPs coupled with drugs and ranged electronics).

See again, MKULTRA subprojects 123, 124, “African[-American] attitudes” studies.

Next, middle schoolers.

1) Sparks, Nevada School Shooting by a 12 year old boy – teacher among those killed. October 21, 2013.

2) Fenway Park, Boston, MA – knifing death of 24 year old Danvers HS teacher by 14 year old boy with box cutter. October 22-23, 2013.

3) Vancouver, WA – Prevented shooting after 11 year old brought gun, knives, 400 rounds of ammo to school. October 24, 2013.

That’s three more. Again note, highly unlikely they were held in cages and brainwashed. Not necessary. Works on anyone.

See MKULTRA subprojects 102 “Adolescent Gangs”, 103 regarding studying children’s Summer camps.

All pertinent information destroyed by order of the director to avoid destruction of the CIA.

Don’t be afraid. Be pissed. Be pissed at the worse-than-useless Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and those who are just as interested in murdering the “mentally ill”…

…as they criticize the other party at the same time for cutting funding.

The great double Democrat hypocrisy.

Then be angry at the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Defense, and companies like Carlyle Group’s Booz Allen Hamilton. Because that’s who is ultimately responsible. NSA helps, of course, with psychological profiles of the targets from surveillance and locating them.

MKULTRA thrown in a blender with COINTELPRO. Why do they hate us? For our freedom and for taking up the precious space that the world’s oligarch’s think they own. We are all Native American tribes in their eyes now, and headed for the Trail of Tears and extinction if people don’t wake up and soon.


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