In Defense of Monsanto

(Not really, but you’ll see what I mean.)

“A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself.” –Ferris Bueller

If you’ve read much at all of this blog then you know what I know. Most of what we are seeing is because of population. The 1% of the top 1% are afraid. They’re afraid of what a significant portion of the rest of the world is going to do as scarcity, like climate change, becomes impossible to hide any more.

They are of course not alone. You’ve got a sizable portion of the planet who thinks that these are the end days. There is every conceivable conspiracy theory as to which group is responsible and why.

One of those problems then, is what to do when food becomes scarce. One of (or the only?) tangibly offered solutions is to make it cheap and in bulk. Enter Monsanto. Further, the connections to the Defense industry (as, for example, manufacturer of agent orange) further puts what they have to say at the front of the line. Humans are good at killing other humans. They are good at telling stories about saving other humans. They are not so good at making those stories a reality.

Who is offering alternatives? Who could offer alternatives? Someone really smart, I suppose.

Our last three presidents all have IQs in the 140s (yes, even that one. While I’d be one to lean toward cheating as well, watch the speech segment in Farenheit 9/11 given to what he calls his base. Largely an act that draws fire and ire from the left without actually getting to the root of the neocon policies drawinf upon his strength as an entertainer and class clown. Brilliant Peter Sellers impression really). When I’m at my best, mine scores in that range as well (sometimes down in the 130s).

But someone with a 168? Scary to most of us. Practically alien in terms of thought to most of us. Undoubtedly an incredible memory accompanies a brain like that and already has some dazzling ideas that are in reality practical.

But that person is also viewed as a threat by those who have already made up their minds (largely because they view his message as “give up all your money”; they didn’t listen to the big J, why would they listen to a little J?). In order to avoid some of what they believe are future uprisings, they will offer free/cheap food that, while not the healthiest, is viewed as better than nothing at all, providing pacification (it’ll likely also be drugged) and at least the appearance of helping. The point of modifying the food is to make it grow faster, better, etc. There is always a trade off when you do that, in this case illness-causing side-effects. Takes humans 10,000 years to adapt to major changes in diets.

But the point is twofold: why we need people that smart out of prison and working on big problems and why he cannot be allowed to be a slave to the intelligence community. We are slitting our own throats by allowing either.

I’m a capitalist, believe it or not. But I also believe in something approaching equilibrium, checks and balances. That’s what this country was founded on and it is currently very, very imbalanced.

Free Jeremy Hammond and save the world:

Help his friends get to New York next month since we don’t know how it’s going to turn out:

(And they are all going to be on their best behavior in the courtroom, aren’t they? I did it being zapped, drugged, PSYOPed, and ruined. Surely you can manage.)


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