Newly Found Articles

First, the Russians have just gone hog wild with the microwave weapons:

Daily Mail UK, “Putin targets foes with ‘zombie’ gun which attack victims’ central nervous system”, Christopher Leake and Will Stewart, April 1, 2012 (doesn’t quite seem to be April fool’s joke):


(Only wussy wear ear protection on top head!)

Note in particular this passage:

However, previous research has shown that low-frequency waves or beams can affect brain cells, alter psychological states and make it possible to transmit suggestions and commands directly into someone’s thought processes.

High doses of microwaves can damage the functioning of internal organs, control behaviour or even drive victims to suicide.

Aaron Swartz? Excuse to torture/brainwash Chelsea Manning at Quantico?:


Then there’s this one, where the leaders of said sad country sound a bit more serious than the silly pictures in the former article:

RIA Novosti, “Russia Eyes Development of Futuristic Weaponry”, Grigori Sosoev, March 22, 2012:

And an even better passage, indicating that making earthquakes and…I don’t know, turning people into toads?… is also on the menu:

The development of weaponry based on new physics principles; direct-energy weapons, geophysical weapons, wave-energy weapons, genetic weapons, psychotronic weapons, etc., is part of the state arms procurement program for 2011-2020,” Serdyukov said at a meeting with Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Then there’s Amy Goodman’s (yes, Amy Goodman who was detained by overly paranoid Canadian border guards just two weeks before the Squidgate incident in reverse in 2009) interviewing deposed Honduran President Manuel Zelaya:

Democracy Now!, “Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya Speaks from the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa”, Amy Goodman, October 5, 2009 (six weeks before her border incident):
{28 April 2014: link changed, updated to new URL}

The money shot here (after several technical difficulties in speaking at all):

[translated] Yes. What has occurred here is truly rude treatment for a democratically elected president. This is not how you treat a president who is fighting to reinstall democracy in his country.

We have been repressed and limited to the embassy. Tear gas has been fired. Our electronic lines, our telephone lines have been cut. We’ve also been under attack from microwaves and the sound cannon, a long-range acoustic device.

What do you mean, acoustic device, a sound cannon?

[translated] There are two kinds of unconventional weapons that have been used against us by the regime. There’s a high-frequency pitch that has been used against protesters. And another weapon that has been used against us is an electronic device that issues microwaves, which is very harmful for your health. It causes headaches.

As president, do you know about this in the Honduran arsenal?

[translated] Yes, of course. We all suffered this. We all witnessed it. There’s photographs and videos of this occurring.

And who is using this outside — the tear gas, the sound cannon, whatever you call it, the high-frequency machine? Is it Honduran soldiers?

[translated] There are military forces that have surrounded the embassy. The embassy, in fact, has been turned into a concentration camp.

The guy knows they exist because when he was President of Honduras, his people used them on people he didn’t like and got pissed because they were used on him when he was later hiding in Brazil.

If nothing else, I’ve at last bothered to point out that the US isn’t the only country with subhuman pieces of s— with too much power.

The Gay South

“It’s a big enough umbrella…”

This is going to be a departure for the most part. Poltical to an extent, yes, but unrelated to the main thrust of this blog.

First, you might want to read this one. I made it private for some reason. Probably the angry final paragraph, written at a dark time. The rest, the story of “Igor” turned “Elvis”, still stands as one of the crazier Tennessee/Kentucky stories that I can recall.

The thing is, there was lots of homoeroticism in small town Tennessee and Kentucky in the 80s. It wasn’t open, it wasn’t welcome, it wasn’t discussed, but there was plenty of it.

One time my dad walked into the field house and caught me and another football player…I’m not even sure what to call it. Rough-housing? Coaches would have probably (without conscious awareness of the irony) referred to it as “playing grab-ass.” I once later, when drunk, kissed that same guy when we were both about to have sex with our respective girlfriends. He didn’t seem phased by it at all.

Anyway, dad soon wanted me to quit the team because he thought that football was making me gay. I didn’t quit.

When I was a sophomore, I wound up somehow in the same cabin as the senior and junior quarterbacks at spring training camp. They had the “grab-ass” game down to a science let me tell you. The junior, who of course became first-string the following year, didn’t date a whole lot and spoke repeatedly about wanting to join the Navy, be on a submarine. I quizzed him on that once, barely conscious on why, and don’t think I ever got an answer that explained being away from females apart from the obvious, but very much unspoken one at that place at that time.

There were plenty of others. One time at the drive-in, a friend clearly wanted a threesome. Didn’t actually happen. Don’t think the young lady was up for it.

Then there was the time, and this one I kind of regretted, a friend made a very overt pass at me. I was a little freaked out by it and said I’d see him the next day. That didn’t happen either.

Hilariously, I did track him down at a party probably a year later but a friend of his was convinced we were going off to smoke weed and wouldn’t give us a minute alone.

Then there was my long-term relationship. Whereas my family had been politically conservative, his had been religiously so. We met my final year of college. It took me a few more, living in NYC, to decide that, yes, I am definitely gay. Reprogramming myself and getting the negative stereotypes out of my head took a while. I missed out on a lot that, at least in some places, young lesbian and gay people take for granted now (I hope).

Once I made that decision, I went and found him. Hunted him down. Could have been characterized as stalking if he hadn’t been as happy to see me again as I was him. Nearly fifteen years together after an extended long distance courtship.

So, one man’s love can be another’s perceived obsession, I suppose. I was lucky that time. What happened to those days?

Oh. Right.

Disinformation Cronies

Right. Anonymous has blown the cover off of a well known “conspiracy” host, Alex Jones. Apparently his website’s IP address belongs to CIA and US Chamber of Commerce subcontractor Stratfor. Yes, the very same company I’ve mentioned here well before I ever heard the names Jeremy Hammond and Barrett Brown. Check it out here:

Realist News, “High Alert: Alex Jones IP is”, “JPMSecretAgent,” December 12, 2012:

Truth is I’ve never once listened to his show, but have heard about various pieces via others. Jesse Ventura has been on his show. I hope he knows the truth now and denounces Jones for misleading people.

There are a few others I’ve run across. The easier ones to spot usually go for one version of the space alien conspiracy or another. Talking a lot about Satanists is another red flag. Harder to spot (assuming you aren’t still suckered enough to think that there isn’t something to the new MKULTRA and COINTELPRO claims) are the ones who talk about really, really advanced technology and “sleeper” programmed assassins a la PROJECT MONARCH.

The tech issue is a tough one to parse out because there is tech beyond what most of us are aware of, but once you grep the main principle (waves and sound sent from a distance to affect body and mind plus psychological techniques in their use), it’s not that big of a deal to understand. The big deal is in raising awareness in the face a very big machine that doesn’t want it exposed because it serves power so well. The MONARCH thing is easier for me having had the experiences I’ve had:

Harassment from the shadows + PSYOPs to misdirect ire + drugs to affect logic brain function | targeting someone already mentally disturbed + the sound/waves used to remote torture and send instructions = the new COINTELPRO.

Note again that the actions the perpetrators desire from the target can vary from the simplest thing such as just being at X place at Y time to voter / legislative vote / judge & jury rigging to affecting journalistic & law enforcement decisionmaking to harassment of a primary target by the secondary one to violent action including not just murder but also suicide.

This is why this crap needs to be exposed, needs to be regulated, needs to stop. It’s illegal already under various laws, but the specific use of waves/sound only in Michigan and maybe Massachusetts.

Alex Jones is on the poopy list.

Think of the Children

First, a little reminder. The Worldwide Association of Specialty Schools, run by George H.W. “Where was he in ’63?” Bush and Willard Mitt Romney bagman Robert Lichfield was investigated and shut down in places all over the US and indeed in the hemisphere:

Reason, “Romney, Torture, and Teens,” Mala Svalavitz, June 27, 2007:

As The Hill noted last week, 133 plaintiffs filed a civil suit against Romney’s Utah finance co-chair, Robert Lichfield, and his various business entities involved in residential treatment programs for adolescents. The umbrella group for his organization is the World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools (WWASPS, sometimes known as WWASP) and Lichfield is its founder and is on its board of directors.

The list of abuses read like PROJECT MONARCH or the Manchurian Candidate stuff but for real. As I’ve stated before, the CIA was inundated with Mormons in the 1980s, according to the New York Times. The hiring was out of proportion to those who were not Mormon at the time.

In addition, one should again review the list of MKULTRA subprojects, especially in this case:

102: MKULTRA: Adolescent Gangs

103: MKULTRA: Children’s Summer Camps

112: MKULTRA: Vocational Studies in Children

117: MKULTRA: Cultural Influences on Children

119: MKULTRA: Telecontrol–Texas Christian

That last is more to drive home the idea of what the goal is: The Stepford Children. Obedient. Violent when directed to be. Warlike. Blindly supportive of military action, especially when those being invaded are not themselves WASPS. In essence, they are making sociopaths. While not to the letter MONARCH stuff, this gets a lot closer. There’s at least one study that has shown that childhood trauma can make someone less sympathetic to others as an adult. This WWASP system seems to exist for this purpose. Yes, I’m calling it out as a joint CIA-DoD-probably Booz Allen Hamilton type joint program to affect the character of American youth.

All of that is just to get to the point: They’re back! Under a new guise. Two schools in particular stand out and in one case there’s been at least one abuse-related death.

Diamond Ranch Academy in Utah:

The truth is, Diamond Ranch Academy is not a therapeutic boarding school, it is a behavior modification program that employs techniques of seclusion, forced labor, physical violence, fear based control and brainwashing techniques that violate all basic human rights and could certainly be considered child abuse, if not actual torture.

Logan River Academy in Utah:

(Under Testimonials, Professionals):

As a Psychiatric RN and member of this society, I firmly believe that Logan River Academy must not only be shut down, but must also be held accountable for the human rights abuses of the vulnerable youth who have suffered in its facility.

Note that the accrediting body is  NATSAP (pronounced, I think, NUT-sack) in Bethesda, Maryland. Check the bio of one of the officers:

Tim Campbell, Director, Government Relations and Membership

Tim comes to NATSAP after spending much of his professional life working with the Department of State. While working in the Near Eastern Affairs and South and Central Asian Affairs offices, Tim deployed diplomats to various international assignments. In the private sector, he helped manage a variety of Government contracts with the Commerce Department, Census Bureau, and Department of State. A certified Project Management Professional (PMP), he has experience in Public Affairs, Account Management, Finance, and Quality Control.

Always a fan of traveling, Tim spent a year living and working in China. As an enthusiast of all things outdoors, he can usually be found hiking any trail along the Shenandoah Valley.

Sounds like a swell guy, doesn’t he? For our friends who don’t know, CIA officers frequently list the State Department as employer due to having been under diplomatic cover.

This is what I have meant when I said there is no explaining it any other way. The US is not genetically different from Europe and Canada. And yet we are far more Violent, abusive, and in the case of Obama’s or any other Department of Justice, criminally negligent when the crooks are well-connected.

Child abuse ignored by Holder. What’s next? Oh…

Federal Judge and former head of DEA: CIA regularly smuggles cocaine into US

Just like people said decades ago and got called conspiracy theorists. And I’ll save linking up how Afghanistan went from 185 tons of heroin a year in 2001 (via the Russians) to 5,800 per year (via NATO).

You are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Decide.

MKULTRA: What Really Happened?

According to the official record, DCI Richard Helms had the records for MK/Ultra destroyed. Given the many, many indicators that this was not likely the case (that is there are many situations that seem to line up perfectly with the subprojects listed here) and that one of the targets with the longest history found herself in trouble in the early 80s, I doubt this was the case.

Inatead, I think that the documents were transferred to a private contractor. I believe that contractor to be Booz Allen Hamilton, subsidiary of Saudi Bin Laden and IL/CT/TX Bush families invested Carlyle Group. Now Abu Dhabi is getting into the act.

Apart from the many obvious signs of this, there is what I pointed out within the last month or so. They have invested in earphones to be marketed primarily at African-Americans. Why would a defense/intelligence contractor do so?

See again subprojects 123 and 124 at the link above.

See again voice-to-skull (link at top), capable of subliminal suggestions. See again acoustic psycho-correction (two links at top) and how it was studied by the US since the 80s, discussed publicly in the 90s, including consideration of the idea of using it remotely on David Koresh. See again the 1991 paper presented at a NATO summit regarding the use of NLWs for domestic political purposes.

This is the bankster/defense/intelligence/criminal solution to climate change. Start race wars is one portion of it. Make it illegal to be black.

If you’re having trouble imagining people this unscrupulous, this selfish, then I suggest you aren’t paying attention.

Music Inspired by the US Intelligence Community

Met this lady on Twitter ( @danastuartmusic ). Enjoyed her song, dedicated to the favorite scapegoat of Booz Allen Hamilton, CIA, FBI, etc. and the creative response to her having been targeted.

“Illuminati” by Dana Stuart.

Jeremy Hammond Sentencing Hearing Part 6

We had a noise event at the jail. This consists of shouting and blowing horns, beating drums, etc. to remind the incarcerated that they are not alone. This went swimmingly, though after some lengthy period of time into it, a man I’ve seen many times showed up. I’ve seen this guy at I think every goddam parade I ever attended in NYC as well as the 2004 RNC protest march. He hates the police with a passion. “F—ing Pigs” is what he shouts over and over. This time he brought along donuts hung from a stick and a partner. I just don’t see how that is helpful at all. This kind of thing makes the police more like the bad police; makes them have less sympathy for the general public; makes them more likely to blindly follow the orders of the power structure. In short, this guy is a puppet for the power structure whether he knows it or not. The results are what matters, where the proof in the pudding is.

I also learned at this event that there were some Canadians who showed up to support Jeremy. They made the trip down from the Toronto area. We therefore got to trade some Mayor Ford jokes and I think Harper came up as well (US’ lapdog).

Also met a personal friend of Barrett Brown’s. He mentioned a detail or two about the ownership of some of the stuff taken by the FBI in that case that you didn’t read in the news. Poor fella.

This was pretty much the end of it for me. I could have hung out a bit longer with any number of groups.

But I’m getting really sick of the paranoia. There was a point earlier in the evening when a man from a political prisoner support group was accused of being an FBI agent. It’s gotten ridiculous. It’s getting hopeless. They have already succeeded in getting us all to suspect anyone we know of being another fascist. Right on schedule: the Fourth Reign – American Style.

If you don’t fit in, don’t act, think, look, exactly like everyone else in the group (exactly what infiltrators are good at), then you are suspected of being one of “them.” It’s effed up and one of the two main reasons that liberals and progressives are losing and will continue to. The other being those electronics I mentioned previously.

Best of luck. Guessing I’m out of here by week’s end.