A Rose by Any Other Name

Based on a PopSci show I watched five or so years ago, I surmised that one of several wedges that were driven between me and my long-term partner had to do with pheremones. In the show, they ran a party and saw who wound up with whom. Largely, people chose each other based on having a different pheromone type from their own (the result of an evolutionary instinct to avoid mating with one’s own kin).

How could that same principle apply to black ops?

If you take two people who are intimately familiar with each other and alter the way one’s pheremones are perceived by the other, especially in combination with other tactics, you can at the very least cause some serious relationship problems. The person who is only unconsciously recognizing that something is wrong, because somehow they no longer recognize their beloved, is not likely to figure out precisely what that is.

From the Church/Tower hearings on COINTELPRO and other illegal operations and violations of civil rights:

Groups and individuals have been harassed and disrupted because of their political views and their lifestyles. Investigations have been based upon vague standards whose breadth made excessive collection inevitable. Unsavory and vicious tactics have been employed–including anonymous attempts to break up marriages, break up meetings, ostracize persons from their professionals, and provoke target groups into rivalries that might result in deaths. Intelligence agencies have served the political and personal objectives of presidents and other high officials. While the agencies often committed excesses in response to pressure from high officials in the Executive branch and Congress, they also occasionally intiated improper activities on their own and then concealed them from officials whom they had a duty to inform.

The previous sentences focus on surveillance. As you can see, there’s a reason for the surveillance. By focusing on the surveillance itself, we prevent the average American (and German, Frenchman, etc.) from grasping the full weight of what the NSA spying scandal truly means. It’s not about terrorism and crime prevention; it’s about corruption of power.

I drifted a bit from the relationship destruction to where I think the dialog needs to go. I assume it’s obvious how that quote relates to though.

Further, from the list of CIA MKULTRA:

Subproject 44: MKULTRA: Testing of Aromatic Amines at University of Illinois

There’s a pattern, a trail, and it all leads back to the same people who did it last time, except now there’s some focus on the private sector as well and their already exposed planning of operations such as those described in the quote.

This is a lawless country run by criminals. There is no other way to explain, describe, or interpret our current situation. The IC, including companies like Booz Allen Hamilton and Palantir do political and personal favors for our politicians in at least two branches of government and get a pass for breaking the law. It is now so bad, so corrupt in DC, that FOIA gets subverted, delayed, and thwarted and Inspectors General ignore requests to look into civil rights abuses.

The system is broken. There is no cosmetic tongue-lashing from Feinstein or Boehner that is going to set it straight. Assassination is the sport of the land. Do you think people who engage, approve, and overlook that can be expected to self-police each other? That’s an insane notion.

To summarize: government and corporate America work together largely due to massive privatization and are corrupt, have no intention of fixing it, and hope for armed conflict so they can loot citizens’ dead bodies after already taking their homes, jobs, savings and handed it over to large banks who they then slap on the wrist for a small cosmetic portion back in order to appear to actually care about the 99%. They don’t or we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Meanwhile, the real message they are sending via Alexis and now Ciancia: if you criticize the government, then you are a dangerous crazy person. The criminalitization of dissent, of free speech, of journalism.

That is, in actuality, what smells.

1 Book II: Intelligence Activities and the Rights of Americans, page 5



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