When We Fail to Listen and Learn


Reuters November 15, 2013 – New York NY

The sentencing hearing for confessed hacktivist Jeremy Hammond who has plead guilty to charges under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act have been postponed due to an early morning attack which police are stating was carried out by a 27 year old upstate New York man they have identified as Joseph A. Camp.

Details are still emerging as to how camp managed to get close enough to Judge Preska in order to fire an assault rifle despite a joint NYPD, FBI and Department of Homeland Security terror threat exercise just a block from the Manhattan court house where Preska was scheduled to pronounce sentencing of  Hammond for hacking the servers of private firm Strategic Forecasting, also known as Stratfor. The exercise, similar to the one conducted in Boston during the marathon bombings, is drawing some fire from lawmakers who state that maybe the training is drawing attention away from the actual work of protecting the American people.

According to witnesses, Camp shouted “We are Anonymous” just before opening fire. …

I’ll let the reader’s imagination follow where the rest goes if they have the ability. It would be nice if one, just one, person would separate cranium from pelvis, but clearly that is too much to ask. I will be goddamned if I can figure out how some people so good with computers, masters of Cyberspace, can at the same time be so damn stupid, gullible, and actually serve the purposes of those they claim to oppose and fail to understand the simplest principles of how black ops work, to be seemingly completely ignorant of Spookspace. Gotta learn to live in all of the spaces if you want to survive.

To those who don’t know, Camp is a sexually abused, now unstable indivudal that FBI is using as bait to goad some people claiming Anonymous affiliation. He claims.or threatens to harass Hammond’s attorneys. FBI is using the same or similar kinds of electronics and PSYOPs that were used on Aaron Alexis, Aaron Swartz, and others. This is all-out black ops warfare and some people are taking the bait.

Now if I could just get a handle on this Meatspace thing…


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