Super-High Frequency

American weapons research has centered on pulsed radiation in the gigahertz frequency band for a very interesting reason. In 1972, the Department of the Army researched Soviet and other foreign literature sources and discovered over 500 studies devoted to the biological effects of SHF – super-high frequency electromagnetic oscillations. (1)

SHF may have potential use as a technique for altering human behavior. …Lethal and non-lethal aspects have been shown to exist. In certain non-lethal exposures, definite behavioral changes have occurred. There also appears to be a change in mammals, when exposed to SHF, in sensitivity to sound, light, and olfactory stimuli.

The significance of this intelligence document in terms of the medical experiments commissioned by the Central Intelligence Agency since 1976 is that emphasis in this report is placed on influencing individuals as opposed to groups.

Global Research, “Effects of GHz radiation on the human nervous system: Recent developments in the technology of political control / Analysis on Mind Control Electromagnetic Weapons”, Harlan E. Girard, January 15, 1991/May 6, 2006:

Paper presented by Harlan E. Girard, NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Coherent and Emergent Phenomena in Biomolecular Systems, The University of Arizona, 15 January 1991

“Since 1976” all the way through the 80s. Meaning the Senate MKULTRA hearings were a complete sham as far as protecting Americans from experimentation and abuse was concerned. Also the reason for all the focus on drugs. They knew they were already moving beyond the need.

Also note items 2 and 9 from the MKULTRA 1955 draft memo indicating what kinds of things were on the wishlist:

2. Substances which increase the efficiency of mentation and perception.

9. Physical methods of producing shock and confusion over extended periods of time and capable of surreptitious use.

Increases sensitivity to light, sound (perfect for torture under the guise of simple sleep deprivation techniques–though sleep dep is also considered torture by the UN) and that sudden change in preception, especially when you don’t know the cause, is certainly shocking and confusing.

As SHF does for those symptoms, the Navy’s SANGUINE does for simulating drunkenness.

Lots of other goodies at the link.


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