New Important Read

A website that supports Wikileaks,, has the best roundup of media/web info on disinfo and lie-making that I’ve ever seen:

Added link under Activism at right.

Note that while, yes, “Is his/her mouth moving?” inevitably answers the question, “Is this politician I’m watching on TV lying?” is effective for the yes/no portion of the answer, that guide explains what kinds of lies they are using, what it is they are trying to do, etc. It also serves as a means of locating plants within activist organizations, and sounds considerably similar in that regard to what I posted back here about the Monsanto protest last month:

The problem, of course, is how the electronic stuff I, for example, put in the post below, can be used to make a normal, unpaid-by-the-government or other powerful organization do some of those same things without realizing it.

A sudden urge to spam a forum, Twitter, Facebook over something else is well within the range of a normal person’s range of behaviors. That’s what’s replacing these older methods (as well as the “change the subject” ploy via mass shooting, bizarre behavior, etc. by similar means). Such a person could be assumed to be an informant and not be. Makes the whole thing a lot trickier and more susceptible to being ineffective as a group.

Overall, if you want to understand how you are manipulated on the Internet, on the news, in a group, this guide is a must-read.


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