Jeremy Hammond Sentencing Hearing Part 1

I’m going to skip around a bit. First, I’m going to present some of the cast in this off-off Broadway farce (which, don’t tell anyone, but I hear may become a musical next!).

As you know, recording devices are prohibited in court rooms unless you happen to be the State. This is so if something happens that embarrasses the State, skeevy bureaucrats can “fix” it, make it as if it never happened. They control the horizontal and the vertical, but it should be noted that there very much is something wrong with your television set. It’s a b.s. machine that eats away your brain like cotton candy does teeth.

As a result of this recording caste system, I had to sneak a few photos using a camera that was in my mouth and the clicking of which sounded suspiciously like the suppression of giggles and guffaws. The results are below:


Judge Preska


kangaroo-court (2)

The Prosecution and FBI


Security provided by the US Marshalls


In addition, there was a West Point journalism class taking up some portion of the first three rows on the prosecution side and already inside the court room when the rest of humanity was allowed to enter:


I have some doubts that many realized they were sent there as a display of power and to try to even out a courtroom where the criminal element, that is the klepto-class, apart from a few MSM reporters, the DA, the Judge, an FBI agent, were too frightened to attend. By the end of the hearing, the entire gallery was filled and a few of the students had to squeeze over as Hammond supporters could no longer fit in the defense side.

In any case, I’m certain that some of the resulting journalism papers at such an old and distinguished institution, coupled with the Conservative American desire to see America’s youth learn, will provide some interesting reading.


With that out of the way, I’ll next step back a bit and talk about what lead up to it.


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