Jeremy Hammond Sentencing Hearing Part 3

Once we filed into the court room (the hearing got moved to a larger room in order to accommodate a larger crowd) as previously noted, we found the West Point journalism class field trip already seated. A New York Times reporter covering the story, along with a few others such as HuffPo, were seated in the media section that was complete with PCs.

We waited for a time and eventually Jeremy was brought out. He simply turned to the group seated behind him when he entered and said, “‘Sup?” This initiated some laughter on the part of his friends.

The beginning of the discussion centered around some documentation issues. The “guilt report” that was slammed on the defense a mere few days before the hearing by the prosecution contained only a few contentious issues apparently. First, it stated that Jeremy’s employer was not interested in having him back after his arrest. This was apparently not the case. Second, it stated that his family was non-responsive to the government’s requests for information. This is a typical ploy, I take it, when family of the accused do not volunarily help the injustice railroad to run over their kin without the intervention of things like law, lawyers, due process, etc. The arrogance of the United States Government is perhaps the only thing we actually can agree that they excel at any longer, unless it is also how to make a large number of people so angry at us as a country that we cannot ever again expect domestic tranquility, an end to perpetual war, or for reason and truth to ever again raise their heads in this land of the lost. This is the country that Dick Cheney and Barack Obama want.

The next piece was due to legal action from the New York Times. There were several redactions to the public version of the record and they, due to some strange illness no doubt, I base this assumption on the Gray Lady’s allergic reaction to the truth in recent years, wanted to see what was written under the black Sharpie. As we will see, it was the URLs and corresponding names of the countries that Jeremy Hammond and Hector Monsegur aka “Sabu” hacked for the FBI.

Once the redaction situation was done with, the attorney for the Times left his place and the hearing proper began. This is also the first but not last place where it gets a little weird. The beginning of the defense’s case for leniency started with a reference to climate change and a speech given by Brad Werner. During Q&A, he was asked what could stop it. He said only resistance could. Literally, a top climate change scientist is saying that only dissent, ranging from protest to sabotage, against nonstop corporate destruction of the ozone layer will save the world. Why is this weird for me? Read this fiction piece and note when it was written:

“Like A Mother’s Eye”.

I had no contact whatever with his attorneys apart from sending in my letter to the judge asking for leniency. At this point, I didn’t even know if my letter got submitted because I never heard back from them. (I learned later that it was included. For some excerpts of letters from Ellsberg, Italian journalist Stefania Maurizi and others, see this link). This is far from the first time that such a strange coincidence has occurred. Fairly recently an author joked that I must have been looking at his unpublished book. I’ve already pointed out the bizarre similarities in sense of humor and interest in government dirty tricks and lies with Barrett Brown and the donation to Wikileaks that coincided with Bradley/Chelsea Manning’s timeline (not to mention dating ‘Eva’ for several months before I knew about ‘Chelsea’). You might wonder why all of this, if it isn’t coincidence…why? Seems like someone is trying to convince somebody that there’s more going on than it appears and that it is possible to manipulate events. Doesn’t that seem possible?

The next phase of the defense relied on explaining what Stratfor was up to (violating the civil rights and access to the courts of American and other citizens on behalf of various corporate entities while simulataneously working for the Obama administration). This, too, being a victim of COINTELPRO type activities on the part of the US government and its private partners made for a closer to home issue than I expected. The legal questions generally seemed to center around the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), an outdated law that is so broadly worded that violating the terms of a end-user licence agreement and many other things users do on a daily basis without even realizing it, can be considered violating the CFAA.

They also pointed out that murderers, sometimes murderers who killed over a dozen people, received lighter sentences than Hammond was facing. They left out that pedophiles frequently do as well, most likely due to not wanting to offend the US government’s proclivities toward kidnapping children and sending them off to places like Saudi Arabia.

This notion coincides with what every NYPD detective I ever spoke to said about the FBI: that the police could not keep criminals in prison because they were all FBI informants. Literally, the crime rate in NYC (and one must therefore assume, other major cities as well) was due to the FBI wanting to know things and then doing absolutely jack-squat-s— with the information in terms of shutting anything down. The exceptions, of course, anything that tries to give the 99% a livable wage and anything that tries to prevent ecological disaster. When it comes to stopping such villainy, the FBI is the world’s greatest.


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