Jeremy Hammond Sentencing Hearing Part 4

When it came time for the prosecution to take its turn, we heard a whole different story that largely failed to mention Stratfor at all. It is difficult to come up with justifications for breaking the law, especially when the whole point of locking up the accused is to hide previous lawbreaking by the government and to pressure an individual into helping with more of it.

Instead we heard about the online vandalism of some websites, most especially the state of Arizona’s and how, Jeremy Hammond, being the cruel, heartless, monster that he is, revealed the home address of a man who retired from beating the s— out of n—–s and spics for a living. How Jeremy could possibly be so callous to a poor old man who served his community in such a stellar capacity is beyond me. It is not, however, beyond the Obama administration to defend such practices. It was at this point of the proceedings that I had that same thought that’s been occurring to me over and over since moving to the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago: Obama’s problems stem not from being half-black but rather from being half-white.

Interestingly, the prosecution also made little mention of the hacking of foreign websites. This sounded like it was nearly the biggest piece of all. They did make clear reference to it, albeit unintentionally, when they described and characterized Hammond’s behavior as if they were describing precisely what Edward Snowden and others helped to unveil with regards to the practices of the NSA and its cadre of subcontractors and what it was that the FBI was up to with this case. Then they said it twice: “There is nothing altruistic about it,” “This was not altruism.” I was at this point laughing and taking notes. The irony of a criminal government being hung by its own words is a precious and hilarious thing even if, in part due to the fact that they have no limits on lies, funding and underhandedness means not a single one of them will ever be held accountable.

I would do a separate post on Preska’s statements, but it was impossible to tell where the DA’s nose ended and Preska’s rear end began. We again heard the tale of woe of one retired skull-crackin’ protector of the white and affluent and nada about people like myself who have been run over by Washington’s greed and illegal activities.

What I did learn, what I had not realized or remembered, was the they essentially burned Stratfor to the ground. Not in the literal way that the US government burned the Conway’s condo building to the ground on the morning of December 23, 2009 in order to try to turn me into a violent radical, but in the virtual, e-meaning of the word. The FBI, Sabu, and Jeremy didn’t just steal Stratfor’s data; they also deleted it after taking it. The financial loss to Stratfor was in the millions of dollars. The embarrassment must have also taken a toll given that one of the company’s officers is a former high-ranking CIA official. Looking like amateurs must have really upset them.

When Preska declared that Hammond, Sabu and the FBI had taken down a member of Top Secret America, I had a physical problem. My legs suddenly tried to–repeatedly!–force me to stand up. My arms likewise wanted to force my hands to slap palms together repeatedly. It was with a great deal of effort, despite the presence of those US Marshalls already alluded to, to prevent my body from doing that which would have gotten me expelled before the end of the event, before the #lulz really started coming.

For Jeremy Hammond’s allocution and explanation, see here. It makes a great deal more sense out of it all and see, apart from my contention that Booz Allen Hamilton had a hand in all of this, just how close it is to what I’ve been saying. Speaking of which, it’s probably worth repeating/restating.

“Team Themis” is three intelligence contractors: Stratfor (Strategic Forecasting; used to read their stuff back in the 90s), HB Gary Federal (not to be confused with HB Gary) and Palantir. Palantir is especially interesting because it is owned by Ron Paul’s largest donor for his bid for president, Peter Thiel, who wants to abolish the CIA. They also, as a CIA subcontractor, targeted Glenn Greenwald and his family well before Edward Snowden made headlines. Precisely why and how is something I still do not know the details of.

But what does that mean? It means that while Booz Allen Hamilton (96 year old defense/intel contractor; subsidiary of the Carlyle Group) represents our one party Republican-Democrat system, Team Themis is the Tea Party, the libertarians. The FBI specifically targeted a competitor of Booz Allen Hamilton who was also linked to a political opponent of Repubublicans and Democrats alike. This was, among many other things, a political hit job.

That Snowden, a Paul supporter, worked at Booz Allen Hamilton, and that they were embarassed by that, implies to me that his departure was initiated as revenge by Team Themis. They struck back that way. Hammond, Sabu, and Snowden were, to the extent that they did not do what they did purely from free will, purely out of choice, were pawns. (Just as I am of someone by writing all this. Lots of other things I’d prefer to do, but can’t because of the gun to my head).

I hate to interject this here, but it needs to be said. We (that is the 99%) are going to lose unless the COINTELPRO stuff is recognized, pointed out, examined, exposed, etc. Further, the more advanced means of making this stuff happen and getting away with it must also be understood.

I attempted to explain, in the simplest terms, the Stratfor-Booz Allen Hamilton angle in all of this. Simply, carefully, and calmly, to a smart man, a supporter of Hammonds. His eyes almost immediately glazed over. I continued anyway just to see if there was any way at all I could overcome these old Soviet nonlethal weapons in action by talking. Apparently not. Here are the four things requiring reading until you “get it”:

1 – Voice To Skull

2 – Acoustic Psycho-Correction part 1

3 – Acoustic Psycho-Correction part 2

4 – 1991 NATO Paper on Political Uses for Electronic Behavioral Modification Technology

This is the ace in the hole, the reason why there can and will not be any progress beyond the cosmetic designed to make you think you’ve got a fighting chance. This is the reason progress is losing, will always lose. It’s bigger than you think. Take away the toys and level the playing field. Don’t do that, and expect a dystopia that you haven’t even experienced in your worst nightmares yet.

Who gives a s— how it sounds? The truth often sounds ridiculous, especially when there is so much effort put in to distorting and obfuscating it.


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