Jeremy Hammond Sentencing Hearing Part 5

Preska asked for any of Hammond’s victims to come forward. Two men did. One, David Suker, you can see in this video around 2:20. He was quickly removed after it became clear he was not the victim of Hammond but rather the corrupt system that Barack Obama inherited from the Bush administration but now owns and has made what any psychopathic anarcho-capitalist can tell you are improvements.

The second gent who spoke as a victim of “Anonymous” spoke for considerably longer. He explained that not only was he “pizza bombed” (the prank of ordering pizza from various stores at once and sending them all to the target’s house) but now there is Chinese food bombing as well. He also explained that Hector Monsegur’s girlfriend had seriously hurt his feelings by coming over to his house and having sex with him. He eventually came around to this again and said to Preska, “I…I f—ed her.” He also explained that his laptop got “rooted” (and even got Preska to state that she knew what that was as he had pizza bombing). I am told (couldn’t see for myself) that Jeremy was laughing during this entire exchange.

This is because this person is the guy known on Twitter as @VinceInTheBay. He absolutely did Andy Kaufman proud. I actually helped Vince in the hallway after when, he was still going on and on about how Anonymous had screwed him over and I asked (loudly), “How do you know it wasn’t FBI did all that to you?”. He paused for a second then, “That’s a damn good question.”

His Kaufman impression was so complete that a few of Hammond’s supporters nearly started a fight with him outside. I wish I had a transcript of the whole thing. I’m quite certain Preska had his statements wiped from the record.

We went back to Foley Square and commiserated, listened to various people speak, and made contacts. It was here that I overheard Kevin Gosztola being interviewed for a documentary. He discussed for a very long time the ills of the mainstream media, the fallacy of the journalist without a point of view, and other things that, in an America where lies abound from every direction, really irritate you about the propaganda machine (though he was far kinder and more reasonable in his explanations than I just stated). Kevin is best known for his top-notch, comprehensive coverage of the Bradley/Chelsea Manning case.

Afterwards, I had lunch with several reporters. That was largely fun. However, it also (I’m an amazing study of body language) made me wonder if a certain expert on global affairs whom I like and support isn’t being overly paranoid where I’m concerned. She has a tendency to view anyone who doesn’t share her opinions with skepticism. While I understand that (see previous paragraph), I wonder if it can’t be taken too far. Amy Goodman a knowing asset of the CIA? And you think I’m the one needs my head examined? She understands global political economics but I see no indication whatsoever that she understands covert field ops in the slightest nor their importance in our current situation. Just calling it how I see it. When Larry Johnson started snickering because she seemed to be going off the deep end, I was there to defend her. I suppose that’s “proof” that I’m one of “them.” Thanks a lot, Sibel. You’re as bad as a disaffected 20-year CIA vet who still thinks that Barack Obama and Diane Feinstein are the solutions to all our problems. I wish I could smack you both, but this will have to do. You may not sound the horns and flashing lights, but I suggest that that is part of the reason we are losing. ‘Cause you know, there’s nothing like describing the plight of the Kyrgyzstani goat herder to really sway public opinion of those wondering if they’ll have a roof over their heads, where their next meal is coming from, if they’re going to be murdered by Barack Obama’s drone roll-out. That and convincing everyone that the almighty Democratic Party is here to help people are really turning things around now that we are less than a year from Lame Duckhood.

The house is on fire and we don’t have time for stupidity.

This paranoia is how the bad guys are winning. I’ve explained and explained how it is done. I’ve shown by quoting the Church/Tower report that it was historically done as part of COINTELPRO. And yet unity is completely out our grasp because we don’t all see the whole elephant and the parts we feel in the dark feel different from those of our natural allies. You are comfortable with allowing the divide-and-conquer to continue unabated. With allies like these, who needs the intel community?

Shifting gears…

Which of course brings me to the next point. Hope you’re sitting down, Jason.

There is now considerable pressure (which will only increase in the coming days) to leave Chicago and go back to the “loving arms” of Red state Michigan. Really, there is. After yesterday afternoon’s Twitter session and catching up on email at the library, I was waiting for the bus and a man who I do not know looked at me and said hello.

“I know you from somewhere else,” he said.

“Oh. Where’s that?” I replied.

“Not saying.”

(He meant last Wednesday’s mugging) “I see. Were you one of the ones who called 9-1-1?”

“Nope!” he laughed.

Thanks a lot, pal.

The message is clear: next time it might not be teenagers and my coat might not be the only thing gets cut.

Additionally, the folks back there are asking for my return.

I’m here to try to help. I can’t do that if I don’t know, for example, what the CPD/Chicago DA’s case is. That’s gotta be true of any potential supporters. Is the ability to say, “Can’t discuss that” beyond you? What the f— are you afraid of? I am one of the last people you have anything to fear from with the exception of trying to help without any goddam information, in which case I’m likely to make a mistake.

Do you want to go to prison? I don’t know, maybe you do. Maybe that’s the big political statement these days. If that’s the case, then I’m wasting my time. You and the FBI see eye-to-eye on that and have it well under control. I can go back to Michigan and save up for the move to Dallas in the hopes that Barrett Brown doesn’t likewise actually want to stay in the penal system. You can enjoy your new love affair with the Federal Bureau of Instigation being utterly useless on the inside instead of out here.

But I need to know. It’s not that difficult. Bring ten of your friends with baseball bats if you’re this f—ing paranoid. Just do it please. I’m close to being on the street. Don’t really care so long as there is a reason for being there. If you want to lose in court then there isn’t. Don’t currently have a phone as you might have already surmised.

You have the address. Would be nice to hear from you and not the FBI who has no limits when it comes to carrying out thuggery and trickery for Barack Obama and his corporate puppetmasters.

What they are really afraid of is the guy who plays music and does acrobatics. They can’t touch that. That’s not the arena of combat in which they excel. This is why they push so hard to get you to play the game the way they want: so they can control it like they did with Jeremy. Wake up before it’s too late.


More proof that I am clearly a Fed below:

This is Monday, after five days. Should have seen it when it was fresh.

Obviously I robbed myself using three junior high school drop-outs.

Who needs a phone and tunes anyway? Jacket-schmacket. Clearly I’m here to screw things up.

Seems to me any growing boy facing Armageddon would do well to accept a rogue terminator. Just don’t look gift androids in the mouth.

(That’s a joke. I’d have it translated into Turkish to make it more easily understood but I can’t seem to find an English-Turkish translator that I can trust).


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