Jeremy Hammond Sentencing Hearing Part 6

We had a noise event at the jail. This consists of shouting and blowing horns, beating drums, etc. to remind the incarcerated that they are not alone. This went swimmingly, though after some lengthy period of time into it, a man I’ve seen many times showed up. I’ve seen this guy at I think every goddam parade I ever attended in NYC as well as the 2004 RNC protest march. He hates the police with a passion. “F—ing Pigs” is what he shouts over and over. This time he brought along donuts hung from a stick and a partner. I just don’t see how that is helpful at all. This kind of thing makes the police more like the bad police; makes them have less sympathy for the general public; makes them more likely to blindly follow the orders of the power structure. In short, this guy is a puppet for the power structure whether he knows it or not. The results are what matters, where the proof in the pudding is.

I also learned at this event that there were some Canadians who showed up to support Jeremy. They made the trip down from the Toronto area. We therefore got to trade some Mayor Ford jokes and I think Harper came up as well (US’ lapdog).

Also met a personal friend of Barrett Brown’s. He mentioned a detail or two about the ownership of some of the stuff taken by the FBI in that case that you didn’t read in the news. Poor fella.

This was pretty much the end of it for me. I could have hung out a bit longer with any number of groups.

But I’m getting really sick of the paranoia. There was a point earlier in the evening when a man from a political prisoner support group was accused of being an FBI agent. It’s gotten ridiculous. It’s getting hopeless. They have already succeeded in getting us all to suspect anyone we know of being another fascist. Right on schedule: the Fourth Reign – American Style.

If you don’t fit in, don’t act, think, look, exactly like everyone else in the group (exactly what infiltrators are good at), then you are suspected of being one of “them.” It’s effed up and one of the two main reasons that liberals and progressives are losing and will continue to. The other being those electronics I mentioned previously.

Best of luck. Guessing I’m out of here by week’s end.


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