MKULTRA: What Really Happened?

According to the official record, DCI Richard Helms had the records for MK/Ultra destroyed. Given the many, many indicators that this was not likely the case (that is there are many situations that seem to line up perfectly with the subprojects listed here) and that one of the targets with the longest history found herself in trouble in the early 80s, I doubt this was the case.

Inatead, I think that the documents were transferred to a private contractor. I believe that contractor to be Booz Allen Hamilton, subsidiary of Saudi Bin Laden and IL/CT/TX Bush families invested Carlyle Group. Now Abu Dhabi is getting into the act.

Apart from the many obvious signs of this, there is what I pointed out within the last month or so. They have invested in earphones to be marketed primarily at African-Americans. Why would a defense/intelligence contractor do so?

See again subprojects 123 and 124 at the link above.

See again voice-to-skull (link at top), capable of subliminal suggestions. See again acoustic psycho-correction (two links at top) and how it was studied by the US since the 80s, discussed publicly in the 90s, including consideration of the idea of using it remotely on David Koresh. See again the 1991 paper presented at a NATO summit regarding the use of NLWs for domestic political purposes.

This is the bankster/defense/intelligence/criminal solution to climate change. Start race wars is one portion of it. Make it illegal to be black.

If you’re having trouble imagining people this unscrupulous, this selfish, then I suggest you aren’t paying attention.


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