On the Existence of Superior Beings

Cos I know what faith is
And what it’s worth

Watched an interesting interview today with a UFOlogy journalist. Unlike Alex Jones, I don’t think this guy is a government disinfornation crony. I think he’s sincere. Though never having seen a UFO himself, he has studied the subject for fifty years and talked to many who have.

Before I go any further, let’s review a couple of things.

1) Area 51 is reportedly a weapons and aircraft testing area. Research and development. There are, just as the Germans during WWII tried to create a giant fan to knock down planes, going to be some really off-the-wall, strange, likely huge wastes of taxes (but at least amusing and educational through the failures), projects that are not going to look like stuff we see every day. That’s just a given.

2) I believe, and that fact above combined with similar, later activity under MKULTRA and general psychological operations, would seem to bear me out on the so-called Men in Black. In two instances, 1947 and 1949, a person who had witnessed something strange, had a knock at the door. Upon opening it, there were three in one case, five in the other, men. The men were wearing dark suits and sunglasses with what appeared to be orange skin (keep in mind this is after The Wizard of Oz which had a man with silver skin, though that nearly killed Buddy Ebsen). They walked in and out in unison repeating something along the lines of, “You didn’t see anything.” The purpose was the same as later appeared as item 1 in the draft 1955 MKULTRA memo that escaped DCI Helms’ order to be destroyed: to discredit the witnesses. Fear that the Soviets might start wondering what was going on in the area and concentrate spies in there meant that someone (OSS/CIA? Booz Allen Hamilton? It was founded in 1917) ran a psychological operation to discredit the witnesses and prevent that happening. It is possible that the success of those two ops actually lead to further exploration and expansion of same and has since played a role in propaganda, information/disinformation wars, PSYOPs, coverups, etc.

3) Later during the Cold War, there was a lot of “whose is bigger?” going on. CIA funded abstract art even though they thought it was crap aesthetically just to say Capitalism was better for creativity than Communism. The Soviet Navy once engaged in a goods exchange at sea with the US Navy and gave them condoms far too large for humans to use.

Whose is bigger? Who is “God’s chosen” or will history say was correct? Who would an advanced civilization from another planet side with?

We turned some things like Area 51 around and instead used it as advertising: the aliens are here and they chose to contact America. Very similar to the men who stare at goats stuff in that it was part tax-grab, part educational, and a large part keeping up with the other side.

Not to be outdone, the USSR created the phony autopsy film to nudge the US into thinking that the USSR had access to advanced technology. Probably, they figured we’d scurry and pour money into making some and then they’d just steal it via one of their well-placed spies in the US government.

Those three points show that there were reasons and a concerted effort to obfuscate the truth, both towards external enemies and towards internal citizens.

4) It is a very, very large, mostly inhospitable Universe out there. The distances between us and some other species are quite possibly so immense that by the time either of us reached the other, whatever it was we saw via telescope is ancient, really ancient, history. Extinction or evolution of not just the visitors, but the visited, would be very likely. Just finding us in the may-as-well-be-infinite number of systems out there would be a task unto itself. Traveling would be the other.

5) If, and I say if with the knowledge that there are other explanations, some already given above, there are visitors who are not from this earth, then the most likely identity would be time travelers from Earth’s future. They would have a vested interest in the past. They would know where to find us.

6) I include this half-jokingly. If they existed, I’d think by now I’d have been abducted by government agents and introduced under the hopes that it would serve to finally make me STFU. “Do you see, now, assh—? WE aren’t calling the shots. So shut it!”

Of course by now I wouldn’t believe it was real in any case. Seen too many theatrics, heard and read too many lies.

I don’t happen to believe that to be the case, but as a victim of the new COINTELPRO who is mostly viewed with extreme skepticism even in these strange times of Snowden, NDAA prisons, the USG and future Amazon rollout of drones, torture, false flag terror and more (here’s one difference: we know it existed for a fact)…can’t bring myself to dismiss millions of people who have seen something strange. But then maybe that’s the point of this post. Let’s compare:

· A benevolent and/or malevolent force that is all powerful

· This force does not intervene directly, openly, in the affairs of the planet but rather does so subtly, often through the use of human beings despite its supposed omnipotence.

· Requires some level of faith to believe in.

· Though there are examples where this force has allegedly intervened, there are also examples when it didn’t.

What did I just describe?

One thing I won’t do is argue the merits of believing in something larger than yourself. There are benefits to that even if the beliefs are delusional and it has an evolutionary basis. I suppose, for now, that’s where things sit with me as well even though there is very little paranornal or supernatural about buying kitty litter and saying hi.

If there’s a lesson here beyond letting people believe harmless beliefs, maybe it’s grow up. I don’t mean that the way anarcho-capitalists do, that is stop thinking, kill your imagination and joy, and join the self-murdering herd on its journey to extinction by way of serving Wall Street while destroying water, air, economy, etc. I mean stop waiting for Superman to show up and save the day. Because it sure looks like he’s not coming. In which case, it’s up to us. Stop waiting and do something. If he shows up we can all mock him for being late or make him proud having taken care of it on our own. Either way, clock’s ticking. Don’t ask for whom the alarm clock rings, just wake the f— up and save the planet already. Believe what you want, but do that.


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