PRISM Absurdum (Update 2)

Where to begin?

(Updates at bottom of post).

Note to the new reader: I tend to do dumbed down on issues like this. It’s not that I don’t care about specifics, it’s more that I am trying to handle larger sets of data, look at a larger picture as my likely confusing paragraph below will demonstrate. It sounds like a soap opera plot due to the recurring characters popping up in seemingly unconnected ways.

The Stratfor leaks have revealed some interesting things. For one, a Stratfor employee apparently left the company and went to work for Pierre Omidyar, who owns both PayPal (which Wikileaks claims, seemingly correctly, is still holding one or more frozen accounts) and the new news outlet where Glenn Greenwald (NSA, PRISM, Snowden, who worked at Dell, CIA, Booz Allen Hamilton) and Jeremy Scahill have gone to work on, one assumes, drone stories and/or those dealing with assassination.

Additionally, there seems to be some evidence that a Booz Allen Hamilton board member works for Pierre.

In addition to this, we now know that Snowden’s documents number over 50,000 pages and that only about 550 heavily redacted ones have been reported on. About 1%.

There is an outcry from some folks…—.html

…about this cherrypicking trickle and why it exists. Reasons given typically amount to editors deciding what is in the public interest and does no harm. Some folks are skeptical of those making those decisions. Additionally, Edward Snowden requested that such care be given, according to Glenn Greenwald.

One sort of example given is, the technical details on how data is obtained. Certainly there is a strong argument to be made there. Even if you think revealing trade secrets to the Russians is an ok thing to do, there are going to be people who disagree and they will shut down the newspaper, arrest everyone involved, turn public opinion against them, and likely worse.

Obviously, between the PayPal account issue and the connections between Pierre and two “private CIA” firms have some people wondering if there isn’t some other reason for withholding the documents.

(For those who don’t know, my belief is that Stratforgate happened because Booz Allen Hamilton wanted to hurt a competitor, Stratfor, and capturing the “world’s greatest hacker” and the world’s greatest private security firm investigator were bonuses. Similarly, the fact that Snowden worked at Booz Allen Hamilton makes them look bad and PRISMgate might have been Stratfor striking back at BAH. To understand how that could be and Snowden not even be aware of it, read this, where FBI consulted with the Russians on acoustic psycho-correction, capable of planting ideas in human heads from a distance. The US already had something similar and was following Igor Smirnov’ work in the 80s anyway. Similarly, this was likely how FBI, after threatening his mother with prosecution, pushed Barrett Brown over the anger edge resulting in his ranty YouTube video that got him arrested. Again similarly, there is to my eye some evidence that Chelsea Manning was likewise manipulated, perhaps as a means to try to trap Wikileaks and Julian Assange. The mental break down prior to Cablegate and the attempts at brainwashing at Quantico after lend some credence to the idea. Again, note, these people may have wanted to do these things {there have been a lot of things I’ve wanted to do in response to the awful treatment I’ve received but haven’t} but would they had it not been for the use of these devices to push them further? This is the small part of all of this where I fit in because–believe it or not–it’s been used on me for years: )

But why is it that any of this is a question in the first place? There are several, but the biggest ones relate to NSA’s, as extension of the Executive Branch, the Department of Defense and defense sector, partners with other intelligence agencies, as agent for ranking members of the Legislative Branch (which also occurred under COINTELPRO), and its very extensive private partnership extending to companies that–can there be any doubt?–used data obtained via NSA for political, corporate, and financial gain for themselves and for their clients, completely unrelated to terrorism or tenuously (eg, exaggerated threats, RUMINT, etc.) in many.instances when it seemingly was.

Abuse. Corruption. The fact that ALL domestic data is collected whether it goes to foreign countries or not. That everyone is being watched whether they have any real connections or not. This government is without a doubt the most corrupt of my lifetime. By far. Example after example. They simply cannot be trusted to carry out anything at all in secrecy much less that sector which prior to this madness we are currently witnessing, most reasonable people agreed should have some measure of secrecy. It’s become too profitable and strayed way too far from the original stated mission to allow to continue this way.

If, instead of using surveillance to go after people using their first amendment rights to free speech and addressing grievances with their government, or seeking damages from corporations who have done harm to the air, water, and health, then they might have had a case to make. Instead, they sold out the American public to special business interests and then used the power to try to silence those they sold out. It’s nearly unbelievable, and I expect that’s the main reason why there aren’t (yet?) throngs of people with pitchforks and torches at the door of the Capitol.

Their excuses ring hollow. They screwed the American public. Repeatedly. To say then that they are somehow–in secret!–looking out for our best interests is absurd.

The best defense against criticism for a government is to treat its own citizens well. They haven’t. They aren’t. They won’t unless forced to.

But look again at the common denominator here. If, as I suggest, all of the people facing exile, prison, etc. were manipulated using acoustic psycho-correction or similar (see also the 1991 paper presented to NATO on using such devices for political use until it sinks into your head that it is actually being done) then the PRISM stuff may very well be a controlled, trickling, limited hangout designed to hide the worst of what is happening:

· Michael Hastings is still dead and even some more mainstream news is thinking (correctly or not) that it was CIA.

· Aaron Swartz is still dead and there are no consequences for it for those responsible.

· The surviving FBI informant who detonated bombs in Boston is still being prosecuted, possibly facing the death sentence, without there being any significant questions about what the hell really happened that day. The informant part plus the family’s several ties to the CIA are alarming at best.

· The domestic drone rollout, now peppered with stories of Amazon and Domino’s, when they are clearly for surveillance and murder, goes largely uncovered by the mainstream media in any significant way.

· The creation of NDAA prisons, when we’ve already seen how politicians and bureaucrats abuse the powers given them, provide for permanent detention. Who’s talking about that, asking any hard questions?

· Bizarre incidents like the ones involving Aaron Alexis, Jared Lee Loughner, James Eagan Holmes, Lloyd Woodson, etc.

· And here’s a new one for the blog, DHS CBP whistleblower Julie Davis:

…who says they purposely let through a bunch of people without utilizing the proper protocols…i.e., the War on Terror is a sham. See what they’ve done to her.

All of it comes down to “trust us” on the part of people who have already proven untrustworthy, under a system that never was intended to run on trust. It’s f—ing unbelievable.

Well, believe it.


Omidyar, just now, on the so-called PayPal 14:

Ultimately they are on trial only because he wants them to be.

It doesn’t look promising. It looks like another corrupt government crony, limited hangout. Another disappointing end before it begins.

Update 1:

Pierre Omidyar today:


Update 2:

And Wikileaks’ preferred link:



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