More on Moore

Follow up to the previous post.

First, this excerpt from A Terrible Mistake. You don’t have to read the rant after, just the anecdote. Focus on:

“Surely a man of your many talents can perform his own miracles. Can’t you?”

Now, Alan Moore’s second encounter with MI5 or MI6 agent “John Constantine”:

Years later, in another place, he steps out of the dark and speaks to me. He whispers: ” I’ll tell you the ultimate secret of magic. Any c— could do it.”

Note to North Americans, the c-word doesn’t have the same meaning in the UK and typically can be exchanged for how we use “dope”, meaning a dopey person.

But see the similarity? What did they do to Alan Moore? Which of his ideas did they find threatening to the social order?

And most importantly, know now where some portion of your tax dollars are going: to making sure that having a fair shake, being able to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, remains a myth. To using psychopaths to interfere with the arts and free speech. To undermining democracy, which both the US and UK governments are so fond of pretending that they have a monopoly on. Spinning the idea that there’s a supernatural power and that they control it, so don’t even think of rocking the boat or…poof!

It’s a sham.


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