3D Chess: Duck Done-Nasty Edition

Don’t actually much care about the publicity stunt regarding a fake redneck (this is TV, folks…many of the people on that show grew their beards for it, are as yuppified in real life as can be, ie: they are actors). If you want to read a decent analysis on the entire stupid affair, here ya go:


What the event and subsequent fallout does do, however, is to make a fairly decent, easy-to-grasp example of the 3D chess phenomenon. Usually by that I mean one move, eg, one staged or quickly exploited situation used to achieve multiple goals. In this case, it’s not so much the multiple goals as the way it worked pefectly on multiple levels.

What this guy said attacked gays in general. This served to generally stir up emotions and acted as a lightning rod for anyone looking for a fight. On top of that, he threw in some Bible which stirred the fearful and superstitious as well as the phony sociopathic social dominators like Palin to defend him.

Finally, some of what he said was so stupid that it, at the same time, angered intelligent people just because it made news at all and dared them to make general counterattacks against rednecks. This would serve to help candidates in the upcoming midterms up for re-election who have no leg to stand where helping the poor, the returning out of work troops, the elderly, the sick, and those in prison. You know, all those people some Marxist hippie said would show who is really who come Soul Collection Day ™.

That’s pretty much it. We are easily distracted by fireworks like the zombies in Land of the Dead. Intelligence does not seem to be much of a defense against that, not when it’s all about following whatever topic someone else decided was important and getting the web hits to your site.

It distracts from more important issues. I don’t deny that burying one’s head in the sand isn’t more pleasurable or at least less painful than dealing with reality–we are nothing if not hedonists. In that, neither party nor ism seems to make a difference either.



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