From the You Have Got to Be…

…you-know-the rest file. If you thought you’d seen crazy before, buckle up me hearties, it’s gonna be a rough sea ahead.

I had thought that the part in the Carl Clark interview (see here) about collecting DNA had been a lark, disinformation…some anomaly I could not guess at, figure out how it fit into the big picture. In essence, I ignored it because it didn’t make sense.

Alas, woe is me, I have figured it out. Or however it is that I understand more and more of the big picture.

Sometimes it is one’s own preconceptions, biases, and mnemonic remnants of a world that never truly existed, merely seemed so that get in the way. These things, much like believing what you see and hear on CNN, serve as an impediment to seeing the world as it truly is. They serve up a version of reality that we are quick to latch onto because there’s a consensus and you know, despite the might-be sinister beard, that Wolf Blitzer seems like such a trusty (it’s like truthy–feels but isn’t) kind of fellow.

Basically, I have a tendency to ignore the possibility that the social dominators who loudly foist their hate-filled and self-glorifying religious beliefs may actually be so self-deluded as to believe the s— they shovel up to try to manipulate the rest of us. For example, George W. Bush is–really! truly!–spending money to try to convert Jews to Christianity in order to expedite the Apocalypse. I read that, laughed, and filed it away. Ignored the possibility that, despite also being a hatemongering greedy sociopath with delusions of grandeur, he might also actually believe it. Now my thought is, should he be successful, I don’t know whether one should hope Cthulhu eats him first, or last.

The point is, these dumbasses are looking for the Second Coming. That’s the reason for stealing blood samples. They are trying to trace lineage. The hardest part to understand about the wanton cruelty of MKULTRA and these more recent ops is how and why the people carrying them out are so damn cruel to the people they do this to when the targets are not connected to the intelligence community and/or media. They are trying to provoke God into finishing up His Plan by being absolute bastards.

My sub-reaction to what we all know deep down is true: the world is run by people who only get to call themselves eccentric due to the possession of wealth and power (ie, they are insane), is that whoever convinced them of this BS… Well, that person must be the best con artist in the history of the world. Seriously. He or she has my respect. In the vicinity of gallows humor, that’s the funniest s— I’ve ever heard.



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