More Historical MKULTRA Activities

The “exegesis” of science fiction writer Philip resulted in what some have called an extremely bizarre book that also, for other authors, provides some great fodder for stories.

Here’s an example of Dick’s experiences:

Compare again with Milton Stanley Glickman and Alan Moore. Note also, that though this was 1974 and that MKULTRA was stated to have ended prior to that, that claim has already been shown to have been incorrect (paperwork shows it going on beyond the late 60s despite the Senate’s claim that it ended then) and that there were private contractors then and that they escaped scrutiny by being protected by the CIA who refused to publicly name them. Further, there’s no telling precisely when Dick may have been dosed with whatever substance.

It’s notable that Alan Moore’s fictional character Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen claims that tachyons may be traveling backwards through time. Dick also mentioned this, though he considered that it might be aiding communication from the future rather than blocking it, as Manhattan states.

I borrowed The Divine Invasion from the library, not actually having read more than some short stories of his and that years ago. I didn’t get very far before some of it started to sound very much like the claims of TIs (targeted individuals) in the organized stalking subculture:



Again, I’m seeing a familiar pattern. The first hurdle I anticipate with making an argument like this is that we tend to think either someone is suffering from some form of brain malady or their claims are true. As I’ve noted before, these are not mutually exclusive possibilities, though someone actually suffering from the former would have a great deal of trouble coping with the latter, identifying what is being done and how, and convincing others that the latter claims are true. This is precisely what makes them perfect practice targets. The only impediment to seeing that truth is the false belief that the people who do such covert ops have any sense of decency or empathy for those they torment. Indeed, practicing and training for harassing PSYOPs on the innocent is furthermore likely done in order to get the PSYOP field agent over any such feelings of guilt or remorse.

Another interesting article I had missed from Jeffrey Kaye (who has co-written articles with H.P. Albarelli, author of A Terrible Mistake, and Truth-Out‘s Jason Leopold) is this one about yet another president of a psychiatric association (see Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron of the World Psychiatric Association, who conducted what was revealed to be among the most inhumane experiments under MKULTRA at McGill University in Montreal), Donald O. Hebb who was president of the American Psychological Association in 1960:

Isolation is part of the TI experience. The government reaction to these revelations has not been good. Rather than shut down the operations behind the systemic torture, isolation, increasing agitation of the victims, they have, it seems clear, taken instead the view that the victims are the enemy; potential terrorists; dangerous individuals. Besides the ethical and moral bankruptcy this attitude betrays of both our two primary political parties, it is also illegal in that they compound the one tentacle’s conspiracy against rights with more of it via another. The implications are practically biblical in terms of how sinister it could all be easily portrayed.

The persistent interference with the development of this country (and others) runs not only contrary to the principles upon which this country was founded, but should there be such a thing as a future “star fleet” with a non-interference directive, they are violating that as well. We should be so lucky as to have future descendents trying to provide us with 20-20 hindsight for our current rash of self-defeating and ultimately stupid practices. Instead, we may just have to try and consider the words of those whose job it is to gaze ahead and tell us what one possible future is, and then decide if it’s what we want and if not, how to avoid it.

Doesn’t seem that complicated to me.



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