Statement of Claudia Mullen

“Give me a child when he’s 7 and he’s mine forever.”
Adolph Hitler

Good afternoon. Between the years of 1957 and 1974, I became a pawn in the government’s game, whose ultimate goal was mind control and to create the perfect spy, all through the use of chemicals, radiation, drugs, hypnosis, electric shock, isolation in tubs of water, sleep deprivation, brainwashing, verbal, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.

I was exploited unwittingly for nearly three decades of my life, and the only explanations given to me were that “the end justifies the means” and “I was serving my country in their bold effort to fight Communism.” I can only summarize my circumstances by saying they took an already abused seven-year-old child and compounded my suffering beyond belief. The saddest part is I know for a fact that I was not alone. There were countless other children in my same situation, and there was no one to help us until now.

I’ve already submitted as much information as possible, including conversations overheard of the agencies responsible. I’m able to report all this to you in such detail because of my photographic memory and the arrogance of the doctors–the arrogance of the people involved. They were certain they would always control my mind. Although the process of recalling these atrocities is not an easy one, not is it without some danger to myself and my family, I feel the risk is worth taking.

[The witness names a doctor with a name similar to that of Dr. B] who claimed to have received fifty million dollars from . . . as part of a TSD or technical science division of the CIA, once described to [another doctor] that “children were used as subjects because because they were more fun to work with and cheaper, too.” They needed lower profile subjects than soldiers or government people.

So, only young willing females would do. Besides, he said, “I like scaring them. They and the agency think I’m a god, creating experiments for whatever deviant purposes Sid and [a third doctor] could think up.” Sid being Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, . . . In 1958, I was to be tested, they told me, by some important doctors. . . and I was instructed to cooperate. I was told not to look at anyone’s faces, and not–try hard not to ignore–to try to ignore any names as this was a very secret project, but I was told that all these things would make help me forget.

Naturally, as most children do, I did the opposite, and I remember as much as I could. . . . Then I was told by Sid Gottlieb that “I was ripe for the big A” meaning Artichoke. By the time I left to go home, just like every time from then on, I would remember only whatever explanations [another doctor is named] gave me for the odd bruises, needle marks, burns on my head, fingers, and even the genital soreness. I had no reason to believe otherwise. They had already begun to control my mind.

The next year I was sent to a lodge in Maryland . . . to learn how to sexually please men. I was taught how to coerce them into talking about themselves, and it was [various doctors and officials named], who were all planning on filming as many high agency government officials and heads of academic institutions and foundations as possible, so that later, when the funding for mind control and radiation started to dwindle, projects would continue.

I was used to entrap many unwitting men, including themselves, all with the use of a hidden camera. I was only nine years old when this sexual humiliation began. I overheard conversations about a part of the agency . . . Once a crude remark was made by Dr. Gottlieb about a certain possible leak over New Orleans involving a large group of retarded children who were being given massive doses of radiation. He asked why [another individual] was so worried about a few retarded kids; after all, they would be the least likely to spill the beans.

Another time, I heard. . . . the director of the science office. . . . state that, “In order to keep more funding coming from different sources for radiation and mind control projects, he suggested stepping up the amounts of stressors used and also the blackmail portion of the experiments.” He said it needed to be done faster and to get rid of the subjects or they were asking for us to come back later and haunt them with our remembrances.

There’s much more I could tell you about the government-sponsored projects, including project names, cell project numbers, people involved, facilities used, tests and other forms of pain induction, but I think I’ve given more than enough information to recommend further investigation of mind control projects, especially as they involve so much abuse of the radiation. I would love nothing more than to say that I had dreamed the whole thing up, and need just to forget it, but that would be a tragic mistake. It would also be a lie.

All of these atrocities did occur to me and to countless other children, and all under the guise of defending our country. It is because of the cumulative effects of exposure to radiation, chemicals, drugs, pain, and subsequent mental and physical distress that I’ve been robbed of the ability to work and even to bear any children of my own.

It is blatantly obvious that none of this was needed nor should it ever have been allowed to take place at all, and the only means we have to seek out the awful truth and bring it to light is by opening whatever files remain on all the projects and through another presidential commission on mind control. I believe that every citizen of this nation has the right to know just what is fact and what is fiction. It is our greatest protection against the possibility of this ever happening again. In conclusion, I can offer you no more than what I’ve given you today, the truth, and I thank you for your time.

In the Name of Science: A History of Secret Programs, Medical Research, and Human Experimentation, Andrew Goliszek, Macmillan, 15 November 2003, pp. 170-2

This is obviously the real reason that the documents were destroyed (or hidden).

Let’s start with the obvious lies the American people were told:

1) Chairman Inouye stated that these practices were ended in the 1960s. Claudia explains that this continued until 1974.

2) No way any of the Presidents approved pimping out children for the proposes of blackmailing people for funding. Nonsense. And yet both Church/Tower and the MKULTRA hearings make a big deal of how “disciplined” CIA is. For whom? Who is calling these shots? It’s interesting to note that not all CIA operations are even funded by the tax payers directly. At times, industry types fund them. See William Pawley and OPERATION PBSUCCESS

as an example. It’s fairly well documented that George H.W. Bush worked with CIA before ever becoming director and yet was not one who joined and worked his way up through the ranks. Did he fund operations? Are ops like JFK and 9/11 funded by special business interests? Can Monsanto pay CIA to start wars in Africa to give excuse for invasion and the acquisition of arable land? Doesn’t take much imagination once you understand how it works and that the milk of human kindness is not at all part of the equation.

3) There is almost no mention whatsoever of the radiation experiments in the 1977 Senate hearings. As you’ll see below, perhaps one of my least favorite things to do these days is to say nice things about Democrats (much, much less Republicans) but that discussion didn’t come until 1993 when Clinton made sure to distance himself from all of this and apologized in general for MKULTRA. His distrust of CIA may have run deeper than just what happened to JFK or even being drug into wars he had no interest in. As investigatve reporter Jeremy Scahill is fond of noting (correctly) there is very little appreciable difference between our two major parties on foreign policy. The question becomes, why is that?

Moving on now to some disparate ideas that the testimony reveals as methods and then some additional personal anecdotes.

The blackmailing of officials using hidden cameras. I’ve mentioned this before, I think, but the idea that The Fellowship center, referred to as C Street House, where religious politicians go from time to time (mostly Republicans but some Democrats as well) is a prime locale for exactly that kind of activity. I won’t assume underaged, but the use of prostitutes alone is enough to hold sway over Christian, married members of Congress and the Senate. At that point you’ve got a few powerful men in near complete control of the Legislature. See again private funding of CIA operations. Koch could own the whole party this way. So could Erik Prince (now returned from Dubai with a book).

Next we have the obvious (if you’ve read much at all of this blog) similarities between Claudia Mullen’s testimony, what is often alleged regarding PROJECT MONARCH (though that frequently goes over the top; note also how Claudia recovered from being controlled once she was outside their influence), and things like WWASPs, Logan River, Diamond Ranch, etc. See those tags for more info. Note again the funding for WWASP: Republican candidate backers like Richard Lichfield. This is not to say I think they’re turning these kids into spies, merely affecting their world view for better overall control.

Next, I suppose it’s time to talk a bit more about being a Democratic political operative. This one I’ve not mentioned before. I suppose first I have to back up and give a disclaimer.

While my experiences with these kinds of folk are similar, I was not abused as a child, nor was I ever part of any suspicious studies. The effects were similar, but they began in the 2000’s, not even really back at the Ford Foundation funded New Jersey Shakespeare Festival. What happened there was perhaps some experimentation, but mostly (I believe) training for field operatives in psychological operations. That the experience made me turn to religion for a time was part of that, but that was out of the sheer weirdness, an inability to explain it at the time, and probably hypnosis from something like acoustic psycho-correction. It was not from electrodes, being dipped in isolation tanks, or sexual abuse. That said, what happened after December of 2009 was Hell. Perhaps not the Hell that Claudia and girls like her experienced, but Hell nonetheless.

During the period when I was working with the Democrats, the midterm elections of 2010, I went to many events and eventually made some contacts. Though I have forgotten his name, there was a birthday party I attended. Almost immediately, I “recognized” the guy as…for lack of a better term…one of “us.”

It is difficult to describe what life was like back then. Torment for hours, churning thoughts, tears, anger, absolute bats— crazy behavior inside your own home, and then a perfect facade of normalcy (almost) once you’re on your way out, as if none of that nuttiness had just occurred.

It feels as though every muscle in your body is under your perfect control. Not a slip. Not of the tongue nor in nonverbal cues. You are a robot…an android…a well-oiled machine that moves smoothly without revealing in the slightest that underneath it all is a spring wound so tightly that you are dangerous. Only your herculean self-control can keep the maniac inside at bay. Fortunately, you have the former and the opportunity once alone again to throw s— and curse, let it go with the dark thoughts, in order to counter balance the need to be perfect in public. They give you neuroses and then exploit them.

That was strange, that party. I noticed him and knew what he was. But I don’t think he did the same. Perhaps he wasn’t as self-aware. His girlfriend, likewise, seemed to be in similar circumstances.

So, yeah, I hate the Democratic Party with a passion. I have no doubt the Republicans do it, did it first. That’s not the point. The point is, rather than expose it, end it, the Dems decided to join them in this sick practice.

I’m reasonably certain I’ve described something of what intel apparatus field agents in general are like, but hard to be sure not having the luxury of getting them to sit down and open up about it.

This is where it is, folks. Slavery. Last time around that took some serious doing to be done with. Imagine how much harder when you can’t even convince people that it’s happening at all.

Finally, bringing it back home, it’s sick and disgusting that, rather than shut it down, the government response is to treat the victims, like Claudia Mullen, as the bad guys. Look in the f—ing mirror…if you dare.

9 March 2014 Update: YouTube video of Claudia’s testimony. She identifies Dr. B as Dr. Luther Wilson Greene.


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