The Crisis Actor Disinfo (Updated)

The way this circulates (and I don’t even need to check to know that CIA/Stratfor puppet Alex Jones is likely pushing this meme) I have to assume it’s not just some folks getting it wrong but rather a concerted effort to discredit anyone who questions the official accounting of what occurred.

Let’s take the best example, the Boston Marathon bombing false-flag attack. Here’s one of the circulating photos attempting to say that the same “actor” died at both Sandy Hook and Boston marathon:


There are at least a couple of problems. This is Sandy Hook Elementary’s principal Dawn Hochsprung and she is deceased. First problem, there is no woman named Dawn nor Donna among the Boston Marathon dead. Second, so far, no one has been able to identify the source for the photo on the right. This implies–at least for now–that it’s fake.

Check out the analysis here:

Heres a second one, this time supposedly the same survivor of three domestic terror attacks (note: I do believe all three are false-flag). These are clearly three different women:




These photos came from a video. I found the link to YouTube on a very spammy, spyware-laden website. The triple purpose of spam, infecting PCs, and propagating myths leads back to the intelligence community from a motive and m.o. perspective.

Finally, let’s look at why, despite my disbelief in completely staged domestic terror attacks (certainly some undercover agents are going to do something to increase the op’s goals; the typical one tends to be providing and covering the presence of additional shooters) I think it likely that the Boston Marathon bombing was false-flag.

1) Several CIA connections to the Tsarnaev family:

2) Evidence that at least one of the brothers was an FBI informant:

3) Understanding how well acoustic psycho-correction works having both seen it at work on others and having had it work on me without my realizing it until after whatever hypnotic suggestions were made occurred (usually this consists of getting me to point A at a particular time when I thought it was my idea). If they thought it might be able to calm Koresh, certainly it could also irritate and likely more easily since he was already behaving strangely. This device is about as close to Doll House-style filling your head with whatever they want (including other forms of disinfo) that I am aware of. See acpsycor and especially acpsycor2 links at top.

4) Keeping 3, above, in mind: the shooting death of a witness with ties to the Tsarnaev brothers. Shot dead in the head by an FBI agent just before he was allegedly to sign a statement. They claim (no reason that part can’t be true) that he became agitated and, being an extreme fighting competitor, posed a threat to the agents present. Note however that this is precisely how I said they pushed Barrett Brown over the edge after terrorizing his mother: acoustic psycho-correction:

5) The likely pervasive use of this and related technology and methods for many different uses beyond false-flag terror as I’ve detailed here many, many times by various powerful organizations.

That’s it. Asking questions is good, but look out for the red herrings.


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