How They Get You

On its face, the statement below will seem like the obvious. In a sense, it is. But, first, we don’t think about it in the moment. Second, some of the less mundane methods used to achieve it are still beyond the knowledge and belief set of most people.

There are three (well, maybe four)  ways to get people to do what you want.

Somewhere, in the files of our intelligence community and military, there is a document that has a statement very much like it toward the front of it, on the first page. I’ll name them as I would were I drafting it.


The first way is, of course, the carrot. The seeking of pleasure. This is the primary drive for most every action in our society. Sex and reproduction, with millions of years of evolutionary reinforcement behind it, plays such a role that our government and media can’t stop talking about it one way or another.
Work also falls into this category. Work and get paid or, when that work is when you’re your own boss, for the satisfaction of cutting the grass, repairing your vehicle, whatever. Usually, though, it comes in the form of money.

In the case of the shooter of Ronni Chasen, a man only ever identified as Harold by the media, he reportedly told neighbors that he was being paid $10,000 for a “hit,” that is an assassination. And yet investigators never actually discovered that anyone had actually said that to him. As I’ve noted before, I think it likely that he received, and believed, that message via voice-to-skull or a similar technology. This, as will some of the other examples, shares overlap with what I called the fourth possible method, which is simply hypnosis, or other means of subliminal suggestion. Addressing the unconscious directly, and bypassing the conscious mind altogether. That Harold was conscious of the offered reward implies that he was at least partially aware of it all, but that he came to believe the “magic voice” in his head, came to accept the delusion they gave him, that may have required MKULTRA’s “substances that make the induction of hypnosis easier,” or something else to cloud his judgment.


Similar to seeking pleasure is avoiding pain. In this case, I point to Aaron Alexis, the Navy Yard Shooter. He was unable to cope with the discomfort that being targeted by electronic and possibly pharmacological means to harass him. He chose, or was chosen because he was more inclined towards, aiming his ire outwards, at others. He seemed to believe those responsible were actually where he wound up going armed. This is similar to Harold in that his condition included a delusion that would have altered considerably what occurred if it had not existed. This is, in my view, a good reason to consider that it was not simply random brain malfunctions responsible. There were people using these means and methods behind these events.

One could also bring up people driven to suicide. Aaron Swartz is the example I’ve used here many times. Though he was harassed by prosecutors, that was what both made it possible (see below) and what made it plausible that it occurred naturally.

I refer to this event as the “hat rack;” that is, something to hang their hat on once they use the psychotropic or psychotronic device to invoke the emotion desired, in this case, depression, despair. In Barrett Brown’s case, I believe it was instead anger over having harassed his mother resulting in a YouTube video in which he named an FBI agent and they used that as an excuse to jail him. It assures that the target isn’t wondering, “Why am I suddenly feeling this way?” and may even help to enhance whatever it is they are trying to invoke and then exploit.

I speak from extensive experience as a target of both. Attempting to trick individuals into being angry at the wrong person or completely demoralized are two possible goals when field agents employ these techniques.


The third way, which again overlaps with the fourth and in other ways with the Carrot and Stick, is to simply make you believe what they want so that you’ll do what they want. Broken down, this is various Carrots and Sticks employed but in a less obvious, more nuanced fashion. Change someone’s politics, for example, and you’ve convinced them that some combination of achieving a desirable result or avoiding an undesirable one, makes this particular philosophy superior to whatever it was they put faith in before.

While this can be achieved by the Big Lie, that is pounding ideas over and over regardless of the facts, it can also be achieved by altering the target’s perception of reality. If emphasis in the media is placed on “Muslims bad,” then you can pretty much go grab all the heroin, oil, natural gas you want while increasing national debt beyond what is healthy for the country’s future while at the same time raking in as much of that negative debt for yourself and making anyone who disagrees with your great wealth robbery look like a traitor or whathaveyou for questioning your brilliant method of vacuuming up all the wealth of at least two countries (the one invaded and the one paying for the invasion).

And let’s not forget using the very same methods on Muslims in order to reinforce your phony narrative.

But I’m getting off the point here, though just to re-emphasize the bigger game afoot. The original COINTELPRO sought to take undesirables and pit them against each other. The idea, directing the targets’ own energy in any direction but the one actually causing the problems would mean that the problem makers would be free to continue their problem making. Doesn’t make sense from a standpoint of not being one of the problem makers, but then sanity and wisdom is not what I currently view as being in large supply in DC these days.

Similarly, MKULTRA was always, really, about controlling ones own citizens. The crap about making spies was how they got funding, made excuses for the kinds of things detailed in the three “Statement” posts below. It was always about you. You are the third example. You matter because they spent so damn much money trying to figure out how to control and manipulate you. You are important if for no other reason than they made you so.

Which brings me to a largely unrelated point. I may have to leave Chicago today. I never know for sure if I need to say some things, so I just wind up saying them.

I am sorry. Wish I could have been there. Assuming there even is going to be a there, that is a hearing or trial or whatever. I won’t say I think there’s a valid reason for the complete radio silence on this topic, though I suppose that’s possible. I won’t say I’m not hurt that I haven’t really learned anything I couldn’t have learned elsewhere, over the web. I am.

But I will say that I’m not angry about it.

Look, people I knew for half my life couldn’t do what they normally would have done in the face of this stuff. How could I possibly fault a complete stranger? I hoped, but I knew it was a longshot. I’m sorry if any of this adds to the burden. Not at all what I sought to do, quite the opposite.

And, yes, it burns my ass that they may have won this round. It bothers me more than a little that they continually succeed in dividing everyone in general. This is not the path to victory and I see it every day, the division.

But they won’t win. Not in the end.

Just know…if I’m not there that it isn’t because I didn’t want to be. I really, really did.

(Just f—ing win.)



  1. Hood luck mate.

  2. Good luck, that is.

  3. Sorry to break the bad news, but Cointelpro never died. They just changed the name.

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