Another Unchallenged Abuse of Power

While still in Chicago, I attended a pre-trial hearing in the case of the so-called NATO 3. Three young men of five being tried together, each with seperate defense attorneys, and a very typical entrapment style government planned and materially supported vandalism non-event that the state of Illinois insists on referring to as terrorism (though this time it was Department of Homeland Security’s Secret Service instead of FBI, who were apparently too busy plotting, planning, training, subborning, supplying terror attacks and generally playing Al Qaeda blocks away).

The hearing was largely about hammering out jury instructions. There was a point where one defense attorney turned to the dictionary for guidance on the use of a term not defined by the state law (this may be the first state-level terror trial in the US because the federal government decided not to prosecute–very similar to Squidgate in that regard–though the second time someone has been charged under the statute, the first being a young black man who had rap lyrics on a piece of paper in his car) under which the men are being charged. The Assistant DA scoffed at Webster in general. I assume that the irony was lost on him.

There was also a push to drag in many Facebook posts and photos, and many other communications not directly connected to the alleged crime(s). I gather this is either a tactic to scare the piss out of the jury (some of the photos involve Jesse James style handkerchiefs over lower halves of faces) or to burden the defense attorneys with addituonal work just before trial, or more likely both.

Had I stayed in Chicago (I did not, and that’s several stories unto themselves including yet another voice-to-skull or whatever tech attempt to drive me to a suicidal protest ending of freezing to death) I would have most likely attended the jury selection, trial, etc. I just ran across this an hour or so ago:

Counterpunch, “Your Rights Aren’t Worth Crap: Locking the Public Out of Public Trials in Chicago,” Chris Geovanis, 21 January 2014:

Government officials are forcing every member of the public seeking to observe the NATO 3 trial to ‘pre-register’, produce a government-issued ID, submit to a criminal background check — and, of course, trust them with your data.

There’s also more, like how the judge has already allowed essentially every prosecution evidence request and now is making it difficult to attend, report, or take a pee during the trial lest you be ejected. This is part and parcel of the new Christie-style politicians who are so mad with power that party is irrelevant as is local, state or federal. Our nation is now run by a cabal of bullies who sometimes clothe themselves in a few social progressive issues that they talk about in order to distract us while taking virtually everything else they and their only beloved corporate partners can get their slimy tentacles on. You are being robbed by expert pickpockets in slow motion and probably don’t even know it.


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