Honduran Hellscape

Just returned from a NYC trip. Among the “couldn’t help but notice” events while I was there was last Thursday’s The Drug War: Policing and U.S.  Militarization at Home and Abroad. Though presented by the Center for Constitutional Rights and at the Unitarian Church of All Souls, there were about a dozen or more organizations with sponsorship that varied from antiwar, legalizing marijuana, to reforming police practices.


What was not clear from the ad I saw (I was thinking how Afghanistan’s 30-fold increase in heroin exports from 2001 to 2011 or so cost Tony Blair but still has gotten no real news coverage in the US, go figure why) was about Honduras where the abroad portion was concerned. The situation there is similar to Afghanistan and Iraq, however, in several ways.

For one, there was the slaughter of several people on a fishing boat. Among the dead, teenagers and a pregnant woman. The Honduran government declared them drug dealers and the US government has stonewalled an investigation called for by 58 members of Congress, stating that is was not US forces responsible. This is another glaring example of the passing off of responsibility through the revolving door. This was also remarkably similar to the Blackwater shooting in Bagdad and the video of US troops shooting journalists that got released by Wikileaks. There is also a video of this event, many journalists have seen it, and stated that it is clear that the boat did not fire, did not pose a threat. Contrasted with the billions of USD spent to fight the drug business and the allowance of drug boats and planes in the same and similar ports, the conclusion is obvious: we run the international drug trade.

Hondurans are being forcibly pushed out, murdered, and forced to work for the drug cartels. This goes on with the quiet approval of both Protestant and Catholic churches in the region, the governments of Honduras and the US, and for the benefit of US, Canadian, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese corporate investors. Essentially, Hondurans are being treated like Native Americans were/are in the US. Apart from the cocaine and marijuana crops, Honduras of course also has oil and natural gas. Rather than purchase it from the owners of the land, naturally the US makes deals with prominent Honduran millionaires who do things like host drug plane landing strips.

Honduras currently has one of or the highest murder rate in the world. This is what we do. You can’t even really lay claim to it being done for our benefit (you want to know how some neocons sleep at night, this is the lie they tell themselves) because you know all the resulting wealth is going upwards, being stuffed in the mattress, and not being circulated or reinvested in our economy. This is why the bailouts were actually a failure or at least only partially effective. Then you have the cheap labor battle (in which Democrats argue for an increase in minimum wage but have abandoned unions, ensuring the continuation of the trend toward wholly corporate-backed politicians because Joe Citizen cannot afford to buy him back on $10/hour). Etc.

Bill Gates recently argued that the widening gap between the rich and poor was not going to be a problem. The situation in Honduras is a prime example of why it is. Government and multinational wars waged on people for the purpose of taking their land and property, under the guise of the Wars on Terror and Drugs. It’s all a sham with the United States being the most facetious country in the world. At least Putin doesn’t pretend to not be a prick. We can call it what it is over there. The US, however, spends great resources pretending to be something other than what it is. Though as the balance of power continues to shift, even that facade is slipping and politicians, bureaucrats are more and more showing their utter disdain for those they are supposed to serve, up to and including making it known that they just might have you killed if you complain.


The other portion of the panel discussion was dedicated to police quotas resulting in over-incarceration for the benefit of the private prison industry and racist policies of the 1%. Stop and frisk sometimes boils down to NYPD asking people to empty their pockets. Not realizing the nuances here (a small amount of weed in possession has been legal since 1977), they pull it out. The loophole used is that it’s fine to keep the marijuana in your pocket, but as soon as it is in public view, it’s illegal. An incredible number of blacks and latinos are incarcerated simply due to this. Meanwhile, those who stole homes, futures, retirement funds, etc. are treated to bailouts and offers for more pillaging as well as the protection of not just police and polticians, but the intelligence community and US military as well, including the FBI which now admits that it is no longer a law enforcement agency but rather a counter-intelligence one. Strange, because as a inspector general report pointed out, FBI agents and Chinese military intelligence agents engage in sex frequently, and despite IG recommendations that that stop, it hasn’t.

But who then is the target of this counter-intelligence/counter-terrorism agency? Right. You are. If you aren’t improving Goldman-Sachs’ quarter, you are a terrorist, clearly. Not only does the utter absence of top cops mean you can steal anything, but the presence of the American Stasi means you can “fix” anyone who notices. We are moving toward a Thugocracy/Theocracy/Corporatocracy all at once.

What is also clear is that illicit drugs are already legal as far as the world elite is concerned. The fact that it is still technically illegal simply means they can charge a premium. This has long been the plus side of embargoes: you can secretly sell what the country needs at a much higher profit mark-up.

See? All that posturing and pontificating, railing against countries like Iran…it’s just about them. Their profit, their backroom/under-the-table deals. They do not give a single solitary s— about you or your family. Not enough people realize how the corruption affects them, nor how true, nor how corrupt DC really is. Those that do often misdiagnose the problem and think that reducing Uncle Sam to nothing will cure all our ills. They will, of course, hand it all over to Monsanto, Lockheed-Martin, etc. Because who’s going to tell them that they can’t run things? They practically are now. This is the gordian knot.


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