Government Alleges Space Alien Conspiracy in Barrett Brown Case

The government’s “case” against Barrett Brown, journalist who pointed out that the DoD report on the Collateral Murder video was misleading and created Project PM which focused on the government colluding with private enterprise to deprive citizens of their civil rights…

On that topic, see this Bill Moyers interview with a former Congressional staffer regarding Wall Street and the intelligence community conspiring to rob the Middle Class:

Bill Moyers, “The Deep State Hiding in Plain Sight,” 24 February 2014:

…took a 180 degree turn when, after having already stated that the subject of hacking group Anonymous {really a movement without leadership and we know at least partially run by FBI through informants like Sabu} was irrelevant to the case but is now crucial. Further they imply that Brown and Anonymous plotted to overthrow the government. The evidence for this that those watching the case can find in the public record? This tweet by Brown from September 2012:


Kids! Overthrow the US government lol

The link is to a music video, “The Man from Mars,” by Blondie. No word yet as to when FBI will be rounding up 80s musicians nor whether they in cooperation with the Men in Black have located the little green men who were planning to eat all of the world’s cars bars guitars. The government seems more and more unhinged every day and in this case seems to be engaging in the very kind of conspiracy theory nuttiness that Obama advisor Cass Sunstein spent so much time suggesting the government use covert action against in violation of the Constitution.

Watch the skies!

Because if you aren’t distracted by the criminals’ bulls— it’s that much harder for DC’s public-private spook junta to steal the cash out of your wallet, your bank account, your mattress and coffee urns in the back yard.




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